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  1. I totally did not see how Taylor Swift pulled off that last touchdown! She is that good!
  2. It's like a Trump superpower. Somehow he sets the bar for himself so low a cockroach couldn't crawl underneath it, and when he meets that low standard his minions think he is a genius. Everybody else is expected to be superhuman, never getting tired or frustrated or confused about anything, otherwise they are a doddering old fool. WTF.
  3. Biden has long been known for verbal mixups. These likely result from the fact that he has overcome a serious stutter, so his verbal processing is more convoluted in his brain that those of us who have not had to contend with that issue. Voters will have to decide what concerns them more, the occasional gaff such as saying Mexico when you mean Egypt, or Trump repeatedly confusing Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, or insisting that he ran against and beat Obama, or that Washington won the Revolutionary War by taking out British airfields, and on and on. I do wish the Ds had come up with a younger, more dynamic candidate. I think Biden has done a pretty good job, considering all the obstacles and crises he has had to contend with, but at this point he looks and sounds really old. That is superficial appearances, but it unnecessarily concedes some ground to Trump. I hope it doesn't turn out to be like Ginsberg hanging on a little too long.
  4. Plagiarism is a career-ending offense, if not a capital offense, if done by a liberal, a member of a minority, or an educated elitist. It is a badge of honor for MAGA types.
  5. Getting too hot will do that to you.
  6. It would be informative to see who wants to hear the appeal, and who does not. Unfortunately we usually don't get to see how individual justices vote on these things.
  7. I doubt that his legacy is really almost done. I hope that what we are seeing happen, which provides much of the "dark energy" that Trump is channeling, is a convulsive last gasp of the old attitudes that were so inflamed by Obama's election. I sometimes wonder how much people's values can really change as they age. If you were raised immersed in racist ideals, can you really leave those behind or do people just learn how to disguise it? Anyway I think fewer and fewer people have grown up surrounded by Jim Crow values, although I know there is still some of that in circulation. Real change takes generations.
  8. Well, except for the Herman Cain Award recipients of course.
  9. Less dramatic than assassinations perhaps, but under the scenario Trump is proposing an outgoing president could openly sell pardons or even top secret military information to the highest bidder, as long as there wasn't enough time left in his term to impeach and convict him. On January 18th he could advertise "going out of business: pardons for sale for only $100,000" and no-one could do anything about it.
  10. I don't agree with the insinuation that only stupid people support Trump. I think there are a lot of reasonably smart people who are more concerned about power and inflicting their priorities on the country than they are about democracy or political/legal "norms". People who see the Handmaid's Tale as aspirational rather than dystopian, such as Michael Johnson. Or people like Ted Cruz or Steve Bannon, who seem (to me anyway) to seek to take advantage of the chaos Trump creates to enhance their own wealth or power.
  11. He's a never-Trumper. Tool of the deep state. In George Soro's pocket.
  12. If the choice is binary, either someone is absolutely perfect or irredeemably corrupt, it seems only perhaps Winsor passes the test. As an imperfect person, I tend to see shades between the two extremes.
  13. I have learned things here, or at least become more aware and understanding of some other points of view. Even if I still disagree with that point of view, I may learn that it isn't as unreasonable as I first thought. It's difficult to discuss some topics at work, and anyway people at work (and my friends too) mostly are academics, and so they tend to lean a certain way. There are a couple who are quite conservative, but I learned long ago that it is best to avoid discussing certain topics with them, and we get along well as long as those topics are avoided. Same-sex marriage, for example, has nothing to do with my work, so it would be stupid to wreck a friendly and productive work partnership over an irrelevant disagreement where we will never change each other's minds. For the same reason I would never bring up these topics at the drop zone. On the other hand I can come to Speaker's Corner and hear a variety of opinions about a lot of topics from people who are for the most part well read and quite articulate. Sometimes quite amusing as well! Even BH occasionally prompts me to go look things up and develop a counter-argument, even if I don't always end up posting it. A very few people would post nothing but irritating drivel, but putting them on "ignore" makes the place much more entertaining.