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  1. Hi all, hope you're well! A little bit about me; i've always fancied the idea of flying and been an adrenaline junkie (done quite a lot of bungee jumps - although i know skydiving is quite different from it). I'm half way through my university undergrad degree - thought i could spend most weekends learning how to fly and invest the time and money into skydiving from now. I went for my AFF in the UK. Done 2 jumps only (AFF level 1 & 2). Although, I'm quite petite and weigh just about 42kgs. Not as fit as i'd like to be. I found the rig a little bit too heavy and the jumpsuit i was given really lose. They added additional weight by giving me a weight belt. Found this a bit heavy to handle as well. When I went for my jumps - after exiting the aircraft i was really worried about the weight + if me and the instructors were falling at the same rate. During my first jump i had a stable position and arch - felt weightless. It was great excluding the wind on my face (that i know i can get used to) and the noise and sensory overload the first few seconds. My second jump wasn't good - i didnt feel weightless, felt like i was falling really fast and felt like i was fighting the air... couldn't hold a steady position either... if it weren't for my instructors holding me i'm not sure how badly i'd have flipped around. After both the jumps i'd feel really exhausted and would find it super hard carrying the canopy back (Literally just a 8 min walk). I have decided to take some time off and work on my fitness - joined the gym, eating better, getting some yoga done. I can't stop thinking about skydiving and wanting to go back and learn how to fly and getting through the challenges i'm facing due to my weight. It's like a challenge... something i just have to do. despite not liking my jumps to an extent where i'd say I LOVED them... just confused if skydiving if for me or i'm being stubborn trying to do something I can't...