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  1. If indeed you do hold a MBA I apologize. I also wonder why you choose to advance an incomplete definition of "recession", at least as far as the Business Cycle Dating Committee (the only official entity that has authority to decide whether or not the economy is in a recession) is concerned. Actually, I don't wonder why. That is consistent with your usual MO.
  2. Considering that 10-20% of known pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion (= miscarriage), and the true rate including the first month or so when most women do not know they are pregnant may be over 50% (link), I would really like to see these Republican attorneys general haul God into court and charge her with murder.
  3. I'm sure that when the Business Cycle Dating Committee or the National Bureau of Economic Research want to have an ex-DZ owner with no background in macroeconomics, or any other qualifications for that matter (except a lot of time on his hands that he likes to spend "owning the libtards") they will give you a call.
  4. It's worth remembering that oil is the starting material for a lot of products other than fuel. It might not be so easy to turn wind or geothermal energy etc into plastics or pharmaceuticals or the other myriad things that are made from oil. Perhaps it might not be wise to just burn it all and figure out what to do to replace it later.
  5. Don't forget about inflation! All those greedy proletariats thinking they should get a share of the wealth their labor is generating! That can only drive up costs! Next thing you know they'll be demanding things like health insurance and sick leave, and that will just cut into the hard-earned dividends the hard working investors are entitled to.
  6. The take-home message of the Rittenhouse affair is, if you see someone entering a school through a side door while carrying an "assault weapon" you should not do or say anything, as they might just be there to protect the textbooks. If you do try to intervene and get shot for your trouble, you are the bad guy. You cannot make any conclusions about someone's intent based on the circumstances, even if you see them shooting they might just be defending themselves. In America the person with the biggest gun is always right.
  7. It says a lot about the general quality of your posts when you have to explicitly let us know that this one is a joke.
  8. Old joke: A baby seal walks into a club...
  9. Well yes, but beyond that is a widely entrenched American ideology of "freedom" that emphasizes "personal liberty" above all else. People in other civilized societies recognize some balance exists between personal liberty and restrictions needed to make for a workable/liveable society. Indeed, they recognize that these two things are not always zero-sum affairs. For example, fewer firearms corresponds to less violent crime which results in more freedom to go out and do things without fear of being killed. Universal health insurance results in greater freedom to change jobs (or start your own business) without exposing yourself or your dependents to the risk of being uninsured, which is especially problematic if you or any of your dependents have a pre-existing medical condition. A large proportion of Americans, though, only recognize things that directly benefit themselves, and mostly in the short term. Almost anything that requires a measure of personal sacrifice, even if the result is a benefit to the whole of society, is pretty much a non-starter.
  10. I sometimes wonder if gas companies have it somewhere in the back (or middle) of their minds that keeping prices high will also hurt the Democrats at the polls, and help Republicans who are more inclined towards giveaways for the fossil fuel industry and much more hostile towards competing renewables.
  11. Also included: that Musk is on the first flight to Mars, and he never comes back.
  12. I like that he's bringing the fight directly to DeSantis. What do all you California residents think of him as Governor?
  13. I still think Biden was the right person to run against Trump in 2020. The country needed an alternative to the 24/7 insanity of the Trump administration. "Boring but serious" got the job done. I don't think it will work again though. The Democrats need to put forward someone who is rational, charismatic, energetic, and younger, someone with the drive to lead an alternative to Trumpism and Republican white nationalistic Christian fundamentalism. Most Americans, I hope, don't see the Handmaid's Tale as an aspirational vision of the future. Surely the Democrats can find someone who can stand as a credible leader and offer a vision of what this country can be. Biden isn't that person, he seems unwilling to take on Republican lies and dirty tricks. Perhaps he is still too stuck in the hope that Republican politicians will, in the end, do what is right for the country.
  14. Military aptitude test. Why do you want to join the military (check all that apply)? 1. Travel to other countries. (X) 2. Meet interesting people. (X) 3. Kill them. (XX)