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  1. 434

    Kids wingsuit costume?

    Is there anyone who produce kids wingsuit costumes?
  2. Disqualification false starts. False start is when last feet leaves exit before startsignal!
  3. Here you see the WBR finish line system. Two plumbed lines, and when you lay under and see one, you see straight up. First person to cross the finish line win his heat, and goes on to next round, until there is no more competers to beat! Timing is just a reference or we need to fill inn with jumpers who is disqualified. This year it was two who had less than 30 seconds canopy time, and we had to fill in the bronze final with the two best loosers from the quarter final. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150231323975868&set=a.10150231323810868.316223.43724640867&type=3&theater We also use photo finish for close races https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150231325130868&set=a.10150231323810868.316223.43724640867&type=3&permPage=1
  4. 434

    Wingsuit Soaring

    Easy, stop bending your knees like it was fasion style flying
  5. 434

    Wingsuit Soaring

    Marvelous flying. Still in stonage, just wonder what is happening the next 5 years.
  6. 434

    'Speed matters'

    The American style you mean
  7. 434

    Apache X

    Higher flight and straight line = shorter distance.
  8. This is not about the race to land a wingsuit, and it is a bit more complex than you think. Just wait and see our updates and progress. The first airplanes, hangliders and paragliders, started on ground, and there was a lot of people who laughed laud about their ideas ;-) The skijump you are talking about was great, and a good start.
  9. Our plan is to take off from an Airboard which will have two stages at a steep hill, fly a qualified distance and land on the second inflatable stage that will protect your chest besides have snow runners to make your sliding to stop more controlled. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYVm-iu1L88 http://www.vimeo.com/18954315
  10. 434

    Article on landing wingsuit w/o parachute

    The russians have engineers and stem cell scientists who is teaming up to make the first flying human ;-)
  11. 434

    Article on landing wingsuit w/o parachute

  12. 434

    Article on landing wingsuit w/o parachute

    The only problem with skiies that is springloaded to handle a constant pressure, like you have when you skijump, because of ground to air factor along the ground, you will meet different pressure during a longer flight away from the ground profile. It will make them quite unstable and dangerous. Skijumpers takes off and land all the time, so will it be considered a skijump landing or a wingsuit landing? In my eyes skijumpers can jump 1 000 meter, no problem if they only find the right profile. If you want to consider it as a wingsuit landing it have already been done.
  13. 434

    Article on landing wingsuit w/o parachute

    Here is the type of landing gear you can land "safer" with. An solid airbag that give you some kind of protection, a smooth touch down. I am sure with a small budget you can design å board that will be easy to integrate with the wingsuit. http://www.vimeo.com/15152569
  14. 434

    Article on landing wingsuit w/o parachute

    You also have to remember the ground factor, which give you the graound to air factor.
  15. 434

    Article on landing wingsuit w/o parachute

    You will get the media attention for being first, thats it! Ordinary people will not see the difference between landing a wingsuit, small parachute, or hanglider. You guys have to get real, and understand you will look like an jack ass daredevil. Anybody knows any rich daredevil? You will not get rich! With the hunger to be the first with the wingsuits tech today, it is more a suicide mission, hungry for the attention such a first landing will give. However, I can not deny I had many dreams and thoughts about how to land without a parachute, even before the modern wingsuit was released.