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  1. Yep, we all know Hillary is a crook and Bills bitch, and Obama is the root of all evil. Well, if nothing else can be proved, ghasp, maybe this can say something about his true nature. https://youtu.be/f0NZt_-eB9o
  2. The problem is not Trump, but his supporters and those who vote for him. How can someone support Trump who they know lie day after day so frankly and so open, and so clear. I just do not get it. The world have a serious problem,
  3. This guy doesn't seem so bad after all now, does he? Quite funny, truth be told. He seems human and a nice person. You know how Trump is, when you start to miss this guy!
  4. 434

    Is Trump crazy!

    And fake news is ? Exactly something that is so defused that even you can not explain it!
  5. 434

    Is Trump crazy!

    Google and and and and and https://www.facebook.com/228735667216/posts/10156085457687217/ Everyone who criticise him is biased ? Seriously how long can you cope with this shit? Ron, wake up
  6. 434

    Is Trump crazy!

    Asking people who jumps out of a perfectly flying airplane, is maybe not the right crowd to ask?
  7. 434

    Is Trump crazy!

    So, what do you think about your Potus now?
  8. 434

    John Mc Cain

    Usa need more politicians of his kind! Devastating to see not one tread in SC honour him! https://youtu.be/Csu_e0fAnAQ
  9. Wow what a ride? So how is it going with you Trump supporters? Wtf was you guys thinking at all in the beginning of the world biggest and worst reality show ever? Jeeezz
  10. So far can not see Freeman have done anything illegal or wrong, as he say he was fishing for women, and in a stupid way. I wonder if Meeto have hit the dropzones yet? It used to be quite an arena for Instructors to fishing women in different ways and styles.
  11. Another question Have USA ever tried to affect other countries elections? I think the answer to that question is a yes, and then the next question will be, why shouldnt you expect other countries to do the same? Even intelligeince is shared between the different countries and different parties and trying to protect each others interests. All in the best of interest of the Nations of course. There will always be back doors opens for those who is willing to use them.