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  1. Congratulations United States of America, good to see there is still hope! still a long way to go, but I have trust in the good will win at last. So far a good speach
  2. Wow, as an non Us voter and just a spectator as the rest of the world, all I can say wow, Im totally speachless after seing him after his speach this morning. It turns out as we or I thought it was going to be, but still,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. Waiting for some good news, and hopefully it will a significant win by Biden. The world need a rest from Trump now.
  4. So here we go again, who will win the election in the craziest democrazy in the world? This have turned out to the greatest live show ever, The president of Unitet States of free America and the world! All we can do is to pray, and pray for the right reasons. I say this even I am not religious, It is time to pray, god help us all.
  5. Trump continue to say a vote for Biden is a vote for China! I promise you, for every vote americans do for Trump, is a world vote for China. 4 new years with that clown, will ruin Usa´s reputation for good.
  6. Playing with explosis as A kid, underage drinking (should be seperated from bying underage alchohol, since In my eyes a bit more serious), experience pot smoking, drunk driving in Z-hills (was told, just get behind the railway track, the police can not follow you btw I was 19 and had my brothers id so I could buy alchohol, and get in to the local bars) trespassing became my crime for 18 years after that trip to USA where I made my first jump from Orange city antenna. Driving to fast stopped by police on higway, where the cops pulled the guns on us. However my crimes have been in Usa false id, Underage drinking, trespassing, diu, driving to fast, and pot smoking. We also jumped intoxicated as well a few times but that is not a crime?
  7. 434


    It all comes down to how many times he have played golf compared to Obama! Should not be a brainer or what?
  8. 434


    Where is the hate? The man is above lunatic, no secret since he proves it every day. Some just do not see it, and I find that strange.
  9. 434


    You claim he is not a cry baby? He need diapers man, huge diapers,
  10. We all know the american "I love you and hello my friend how are you" by now ;-) So ;-)
  11. Jesus christ they are humans as everyone else, and have done mistakes, have egos, and have priorities. However, about Trump, it is not speculations, it is no lies, or at least of it is the truth about him, and he still get elected. Paid off a porn star, and laying about it, say he can shoot somebody on the street, and his woters would still vote for him, greedy on behalf on you? Or was it him, his family and "friends" first of all? Make Me great again? OMFG, I really do not undertand how it is possible,,,,, goes far above my head. But he also managed to piss off every single one of USA allies, and make a couple of old eniemies friends.
  12. Where have all the pro Trump gone? Last poll 4 years ago Hillary and Trump it was 51% or so in favor Trump? Cant find it now, but would be nice to see that poll again if someone find it.
  13. Hahahaha slick and smooth,what could have possible gone wrong. Weed killer Dick
  14. Well, thats a bold statement, calling the opinion of SC international group of readers for meaningless! It will not change the world, but interesting to see the opinion on those who can vote, and those who can not, if anything is changed since last election. The pro klan of Trump was quite aggressive here last time, now Im wondering if they still feel as strong as they did.
  15. So who will vote Trump this election?