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  1. you can have a reserve hooked up as a main to see how it flys. I wouldn’t chop a good canopy just because my reserve was due though adding completely unnecessary risk. some dzs use a hanging harness on the ground. much less risk of falling to your death
  2. most likely because they been running it on top of their helmet for years before the vmag and don’t want to change anything
  3. I jumped from a 210 rental to a 170 sabre used gear but now mine around that jump number. my exit weight was around 200 and put my wing load around 1.1-1.2 which was ok for me but i was also 32 at the time. I have done a canopy course beforehand as well. if i was in your shoes, i would see about getting something used that fits 210-190 with the plan of maybe buying a new container in a year. After jumping for a year or so you’ll have a better idea of what you want and it’s better to beat up used gear. if you haven’t taken a canopy course yet i would prioritized that as well as it will help improve your landing.
  4. one other thing I thought about is AFTER the TI chops his main you have a situation very similar to a horseshoe malfunction and you can treat it as such. only exception is you still have a main and reserve. two trys then deploy main. it would probably be easy to lose altitude awareness in this situation so this is likely your best bet
  5. there’s way too many variables to have one solid answer. the only thing consistent in this situation is there is a person entangled with the drogue. do whatever you can to make the situation better, equipment can be replaced. chances are the TI will chop before you exhaust your other options to free yourself and reach for your knife. at that point do whatever you need to, to live. they won’t be happy if you cut their equipment but they’ll be even less happy if you burn in.
  6. if the drogue is inflated with someone tangled up in it, the cameraman is not tracking anywhere. but yes the TI duty is the safety of the student so they will chop it and it will be all your problem.
  7. A wings W-14 is the size container I’m jumping at the moment. It is made for a 190 main but my 170 sabre2 fits in there fine. my reserve is a PR-176 but you might be able to get an optima 193 in there
  8. A wings W-14 is the size container I’m jumping at the moment. It is made for a 190 main but my 170 sabre2 fits in there fine. my reserve is a PR-176 but you might be able to get an optima 193 in there
  9. I’m using a sony 20mm 2.8 prime with an ultra wide converter on it. I have heard of people using sigma lenses that take great photos but the auto focus is slower.
  10. if the second and third one are both “a” lines, “b”s ect. I can see them rubbing each other right on the soft link causing faster wear. I don’t see a 180 twist being an issue on one line but there’s no reason to leave any of this there since it’s so easy to fix. will it cause issues with flight?.... “maybe” It’ll be better if it is right before you use it. thats my 2 cents anyway.
  11. I find it harder to look at my handles with a full face helmet on. not significantly harder but enough to be noticeable. a fogged up visor could be one less variable they don’t want to deal with or train for. much easier to pull goggles down if needed.
  12. don’t forget about the people screaming “go” behind you even though they don’t know if the spot is good
  13. I’m flying a W14 wings right now and I think the 170 sabre2 in it right now fits kinda soft. I was thinking of trying a 150, can you shorten the closing loop enough to maintain decent pin pressure or would it be a belly only rig?
  14. You’ll get better over time. When you get your own rig you can practice anytime if you have the space
  15. Series of a canopy opening I took earlier this year edit it appears adobe likes it out of order