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  1. Later I've looked at other videos of deployments I had and figured it out I'm actually not waving at all. Somehow I've used to it and never actually thought I'm not doing it. Good news is that bug was quite easy to fix when you are aware of it. Also, since then I'm analyzing every opening using 360 camera and I'm noticing two dominant patterns even when my body is in optimal position Dbag sometimes starts spinning while lines are stretching (after one or two rubber bands, so in the early phase). I've changed the rubber bands, even changed the rubber band type and still sometimes dbag just starts spinning, maybe in 2 out of 10 jumps. Lines stretches properly, everything comes out (and it looks ok) and suddenly whole cocoon make 180deg (so I'm assuming there is also some sort of packing error, maybe I'm inducing cocoon hesitation) While packing I'm double stowing with 2-3cm lines left on the side, and during the last couple of pack jobs I'm following instructions similar to this one (video), except I don't have semi-stowless d bag. In short: Take outer cells and turn them in toward the center Open and expose the center cell I would appreciate any advice you may have for me :)
  2. Here comes (probably) a better angle it looks like to me that I had a poor body position after tracking (braking only with one hand, and keeping the other one on the PC)
  3. Thanks @Deyan, I have around 340 jumps in total and 75-80 jumps on this canopy.
  4. Hi people, During this weekend I had a quite aggressive line twist, at least from my point of view ATM. This is X-fire 124ft (loaded around 1.57) made by Icarus World. I'm not 100% sure what went wrong and what caused this situation, so please shoot your opinions and advises :) Thanks!
  5. Yup,that was my case :) Icarus World sent me a kit with A2 lines and now everything is fine :)
  6. First of all thanks for the reply @riggerbob. Yup, perfectly calm. Also twists are for sure an issue, but this was happening even after straightening up the lines. EDIT: Not sure if my feet are crossed. My friend helped me with some calculations and it seems that inflated PC (24in) is producing around 150N of drag force in normal full flight. Attached the same issue (manifested even more) from a different angle. See the pink x-fire on the left. xfire.mp4
  7. Hi, I'm experiencing quite weird behavior of my x-fire 124ft during full flight. Canopy is constantly wobbling around and sometimes it looks pretty scary. During the first several times my assumption was that turbulence is pretty hard but then I've realized that other skydivers aren't experiencing the same issue. So I've decided to jump and record behavior of my canopy in order to investigate the issue. Here you can see one of the jumps. What I can see is that PC is still inflated and it's pretty tense, so maybe this is part of the issue. What do you think? Additional information. Canopy have around 50 jumps This is my 5th or so jump on this type of canopy WL is 1.58 This is not just happening near the ground One more time link to the video Thanks
  8. Gavrilo Andrić

    Skydive Feniks

    Skydive Feniks is located at Lisičji Jarak airport (LYBJ), 13 km north from the city of Belgrade, near Padinska Skela. The airfield is a general aviation hub offering to both skydivers and spectators a chance to relax and enjoy the wonderful world of aviation. Whether you’re looking to make your first tandem skydive or are a seasoned skydiver looking for a fun bunch of jumpers, we hope you will join our community and enjoy it at least as much as we do!