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  1. Any chance you could post the video here so the rest of us could see it as well? Thanks!
  2. If you decide to go with something custom, please talk to a master rigger (if you're not one). Don't do something like this (it can kill you).
  3. doesn't help (they never seem to have had the trim charts there). Try asking on facebook maybe (, I think it has better reach for these things?
  4. Something I've noticed just now on a longer video ( From Sigma manual (not claiming they use Sigma): Not a TI, how stupid or irrelevant do you think flying proximity was?
  5. Javelins have freebags "pinched" at grommets. Avalons have them separated but have a channel between them which separates the closing loop from the fabric and also limits the distance between the grommets. There are more variants out there I guess. Vector freebags have separate grommets, nothing separating canopy fabric from the closing loop and require locking pull-up cord to limit the distance between the grommets while packing. Why? I know it's obviously "because the mfg chose to do so" but I would like your opinion on pros and cons of different variants, especially the fabric/closing loop separation or lack of it. Thanks!
  6. Strong:
  7. At a certain point in time, Vector switched to a "Jav-like" closing loop location (inside, next to the reserve). I agree that with most Vectors it will be on the bottom closing flap, but posting these for awareness/completeness.
  8. Could be a V349 with a Velo or some other xb?
  9. Logo will increase the pack volume. Dacron lines will also increase it. Some people mod their dbags (e.g. by sewing some material inside) to make everything fit better (I'm not suggesting you should or shouldn't do this).
  10. Is UPT aware of all instructors? Not sure if examiners report the new ones to them.
  11. What would you say would be the minimal length of the hanger to still be functional? If the clamps can slide over the hanger you could essentially "slide" the canopy to inspect few cells at a time. Wanting to make a setup at home and constrained with space a bit. Edit: Only just noticed that mark said it could be as short as 6 feet if you can slide the clamps, I was hoping that 2 meters would work, so I guess that means it will. Please still feel free to add your opinion, the more input the better. Thanks!
  12. True, for the canopies I've compared above (X-Fire and Raptor) I assumed that longer cycle on Raptor + greater vertical speed meant that Raptor was steeper. Though I just checked the trim charts and yeah, Raptor really is steeper (trimmed more nose down). The fact that they're two completely different planforms and shapes in general remains. Does anyone know of any example of two canopies where one has a longer cycle but is trimmed more flat than the other one? I know it's a far fetched question, but can't hurt to ask.
  13. Also, if the main closing loop is attached to the bottom of the reserve rather than the bottom flap you can more easily fit a smaller canopy (as the loop will go over the dbag first and hold it in place). I know Vector went back and forth between the two designs, not sure where they are at now (or for the rig you have).