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  1. I tested it on different Insta360 and they all work Mods, can you remove the disclaimer in my original post?
  2. haha I didn't want to start a business around a mount and I would rather give the design to prevent an accident. The 2 small pieces are 10$USD each and the extension is 50$USD. The more you order the cheaper it is. You should see the unicorn mounts people are using with this camera, it's not even funny how snag hazard they are. I have a friend who lost a gopro on a jump using the standard gopro mount and to prevent it from happening again he used epoxy to glue a new one on his helmet because losing his gopro is worse than a reserve line stuck in it... For those wondering, I tried on many occasions to make him understand that his mount was problematic but to no avail.
  3. Disclaimer: I'm still waiting for confirmation that it fits on more than 2 Insta360 one r I'm dropping this here in case people would like to fabricate them. 3D printing process = HP PA 12 (MJF) Screws: 2x Button head #10-24 x 1/2 3x Nut #10-24 (add 1 more for extension) 1x Button head #10-24 x 3 1x Button head #10-24 x 1 (extension only) 3x Washer #10 (add 1 more for extension) Mount helmet G3.stl Mount helmet Kiss.stl Mount camera - Long2.5.stl Mount camera.stl
  4. I'm dropping this here in case people would like to fabricate them. Compatible with the Vmag system except for the magnets hole The mount use the existing holes in the helmet 3D printing process = HP PA 12 (MJF) Screws: 1x Socket head cap screw M5-0.8 x 20mm 1x Nut M5x0.8 2x Button head #6-32 x 1/2in 2x Nut #6-32 4x Countersunk screw M3-0.5 x 8mm 4x Nut M3-0.5 Ebay N52 magnet 20x10x4mm with 4mm hole You need the poles to be inverted for them to work. I had to invert 1 side and drill a countersunk using a diamond bit Phantom.stl Vmag camera short.stl
  5. Most likely, no you won't be able to have it on you. Cameras are snag hazards and are reserved for experienced skydive with 200+ jumps If you really want a video, having a cameraman in front of you is a better option. You'll get the outside perspective and he will film all your reactions. You should contact the DZ where you will do your tandem to confirm with them.
  6. People will be wondering how the system was stored all those years and if damages are present It would be best to get all the components inspected by a rigger then get his feeling on the value of the system and post the rigger inspection with your ad to prevent unnecessary questions.
  7. I'll bite, here are some of my shots I also use it to film landings of others by removing it from my helmet
  8. Most popular ones are from: L&B (Viso or Ares). Most cool factor / new kids / data acquisition are: Aon2 X2 (I own it) Dekunu One I second the wrist band option Yes definitely buy an audible as a backup device. Most people use 3x freefall alarms and 3x canopy alarms. I have the cheapest one Aon2 Brilliant pebbles and it works just as well as the most expensive one
  9. YAY brand war Full disclosure, I have a Mars M2 pro (non switchable mode like the M2 multi) As long as you're able to get the settings right for your type of jumping, I would jump all 3 without hesitation. If wingsuit is involved, I would gravitate toward a unit that allow for that mode which at this time is Cypres Mars has been around since 1999 therefore not so new anymore. My guess as why the Mars is cheaper is because it's made in Czech Republic where the cost of living is cheaper and they don't use the Euro
  10. In which area are you in Canada? Around Montreal (Ottawa to Quebec), it's not a problem to mingle with people. There will still be some shit talk between DZ but in the end it's harmless. The only thing that will get you shunned is if you violate safety rules. All DZs operate differently so you need to adjust to that and you may find it taxing before obtaining your A.
  11. This ties in well with my reply on your other post Like others have said don't be in a hurry, after 8 years it's almost like your starting from scratch and you will likely change canopy often until you settle for one size. Used gear market is mostly in the skydiving groups on Facebook, you can also find some in the classifieds here I'm giving you a few links to get you started. You can read articles from and skydivemag which are very informative recommend gear to be,there speak with a coach.
  12. I'm just a fun jumper, I don't teach but I usually try to interact with them after 10-20 jumps. From my experience, most are eager to learn. I would say that 5% got into the sport because of wingsuit BASE and are only interested in that topic because they saw it on Youtube and Skydiving is BASE jumping right. They usually don't last long or they change their mindset with wingsuit BASE as a goal for everything they do. We have a lot of BASE jumpers at my DZ and they are good at pushing skydiving first then, in time, they will open up about BASE. What scares me the most is the 60-100 jumps A-B license holder buying their first rig or 200+ jumper buying their second rig and relying completely on a rigger to choose the equipment that will save their lives. There's a lot of easily accessible information on the internet to help you understand what all the options are. From what I gathered, those jumpers are too lazy to put in the effort to research and READ about the equipment. They usually don't know what reserve they will be using in case of a cutaway. They have no clue what a RSL / MARD is. They all say they have a Cypres in their rig when it's a Vigil or M2. I usually don't bother asking them if they know their activation altitude at that point. I will gladly transfer knowledge to someone that is eager to learn. I do it even with someone that doesn't want to know anything except jumping to give me good conscience if they ever find themselves in a malfunction.
  13. Finally got to testing the mount. It's AWESOME, you should see the faces of everyone on the plane when you pull the camera to start it prior to jumping, priceless. They are now multiplying at my DZ since Grellfab went under. It's a breeze to install on the helmet and it doesn't move unless you pull straight out. I don't find that the mount interfere with my risers I heard that first generation are sometimes cracking at the camera mount when over torqued but mine doesn't show any weakening
  14. I own a Curv 1.0 2015 and jumped a friend's Vector 2017 (no chest ring though) with the same canopy in it Hands down comfort goes to the Curv. The bio yoke, and the curve of the container makes it very comfortable to wear. I hated the way the Vector padding would put pressure between my scapula. Under canopy, the Vector leg straps were not as comfy as the Curv for me. It feels that the Curv is able to spread the load on a larger surface than the Vector can. The way the excess leg strap are stored is more comfortable compare to the Vector when walking. I like the look of the Vector better. On the Curv 1.0 there is a lot of waviness from the side panels around the reserve tray. There is no internal riser cover on mine but it's been fixed with the 2.0 My rigger doesn't like packing the Mojo because of the intricate steps to route the RSL lanyard and all the precise folds required for the reserve bridle. It could be because he's more used to the Skyhook and I'm the only one with a Mojo. I honestly like the design of the Mojo better, I feel there's less chance of misrouting and disconnecting but I'm not the one packing it. Both are great, but Curv for comfort and Vector to fit in the herd People started buying Curv at my DZ after seeing mine and when the time is right to order another container, it will be a Curv for sure
  15. I'm from Canada so balloon jumps are not "really" legal. Balloon operators must land with the same number of passengers from take off to landing but in the case of skydivers, it's a little different. When I organize a group, the general rules are: 1. No noob, to prevent injuries 2. No social media photo can be posted 3. Passengers must stay inside the balloon (50% max ratio jumper / passenger) 4. No BASE rig allowed As IJskonijn said be prepared to land in an unknown location. Pilots are great at spotting good fields though. Bring a second pair of shoes and socks because morning dew will soak them when you help packing the balloon. I strongly suggest that you know how to pack your parachute to pack yourself after the jump. I have 3x under my belt and going for number 4 tomorrow. It's awesome, I find it very sketchy when you have to climb on the edge of the basket and it reminds me of my first jump for the fear of letting go. There is no noise, no wind when you're on the edge and for me, it takes a lot of will to let go but once you do,. WOW