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  1. This ties in well with my reply on your other post Like others have said don't be in a hurry, after 8 years it's almost like your starting from scratch and you will likely change canopy often until you settle for one size. Used gear market is mostly in the skydiving groups on Facebook, you can also find some in the classifieds here I'm giving you a few links to get you started. You can read articles from and skydivemag which are very informative recommend gear to be,there speak with a coach.
  2. I'm just a fun jumper, I don't teach but I usually try to interact with them after 10-20 jumps. From my experience, most are eager to learn. I would say that 5% got into the sport because of wingsuit BASE and are only interested in that topic because they saw it on Youtube and Skydiving is BASE jumping right. They usually don't last long or they change their mindset with wingsuit BASE as a goal for everything they do. We have a lot of BASE jumpers at my DZ and they are good at pushing skydiving first then, in time, they will open up about BASE. What scares me the most is the 60-100 jumps A-B license holder buying their first rig or 200+ jumper buying their second rig and relying completely on a rigger to choose the equipment that will save their lives. There's a lot of easily accessible information on the internet to help you understand what all the options are. From what I gathered, those jumpers are too lazy to put in the effort to research and READ about the equipment. They usually don't know what reserve they will be using in case of a cutaway. They have no clue what a RSL / MARD is. They all say they have a Cypres in their rig when it's a Vigil or M2. I usually don't bother asking them if they know their activation altitude at that point. I will gladly transfer knowledge to someone that is eager to learn. I do it even with someone that doesn't want to know anything except jumping to give me good conscience if they ever find themselves in a malfunction.
  3. Finally got to testing the mount. It's AWESOME, you should see the faces of everyone on the plane when you pull the camera to start it prior to jumping, priceless. They are now multiplying at my DZ since Grellfab went under. It's a breeze to install on the helmet and it doesn't move unless you pull straight out. I don't find that the mount interfere with my risers I heard that first generation are sometimes cracking at the camera mount when over torqued but mine doesn't show any weakening
  4. I own a Curv 1.0 2015 and jumped a friend's Vector 2017 (no chest ring though) with the same canopy in it Hands down comfort goes to the Curv. The bio yoke, and the curve of the container makes it very comfortable to wear. I hated the way the Vector padding would put pressure between my scapula. Under canopy, the Vector leg straps were not as comfy as the Curv for me. It feels that the Curv is able to spread the load on a larger surface than the Vector can. The way the excess leg strap are stored is more comfortable compare to the Vector when walking. I like the look of the Vector better. On the Curv 1.0 there is a lot of waviness from the side panels around the reserve tray. There is no internal riser cover on mine but it's been fixed with the 2.0 My rigger doesn't like packing the Mojo because of the intricate steps to route the RSL lanyard and all the precise folds required for the reserve bridle. It could be because he's more used to the Skyhook and I'm the only one with a Mojo. I honestly like the design of the Mojo better, I feel there's less chance of misrouting and disconnecting but I'm not the one packing it. Both are great, but Curv for comfort and Vector to fit in the herd People started buying Curv at my DZ after seeing mine and when the time is right to order another container, it will be a Curv for sure
  5. I'm from Canada so balloon jumps are not "really" legal. Balloon operators must land with the same number of passengers from take off to landing but in the case of skydivers, it's a little different. When I organize a group, the general rules are: 1. No noob, to prevent injuries 2. No social media photo can be posted 3. Passengers must stay inside the balloon (50% max ratio jumper / passenger) 4. No BASE rig allowed As IJskonijn said be prepared to land in an unknown location. Pilots are great at spotting good fields though. Bring a second pair of shoes and socks because morning dew will soak them when you help packing the balloon. I strongly suggest that you know how to pack your parachute to pack yourself after the jump. I have 3x under my belt and going for number 4 tomorrow. It's awesome, I find it very sketchy when you have to climb on the edge of the basket and it reminds me of my first jump for the fear of letting go. There is no noise, no wind when you're on the edge and for me, it takes a lot of will to let go but once you do,. WOW
  6. Ah sweet AC, it must be nice to pack in the cool air My DZ doesn't have it, humid and hot it is but we have a roof. The other DZs around me are preventing us from packing inside due to Covid-19 so in the grass, under the sun it is...
  7. I found those German training on youtube, it looks a lot like the allied training I didn't find anything on sex swings from that era though
  8. How many jumps do you have? What type / size are you jumping at the moment? It sounds like you're very new and I would suggest renting if you can instead of buying at this time. As an example, my home DZ offers these rental sizes to allow us to downsize safely when we're ready to do so. Navigators: 280, 260, 240, 220, 200 Sabre 2: 210, 190, 170 Navigators are student canopies and are very forgiving for landing. I injured my ankle on the 4th jump, walked with a cane for a week and when I came back 1 month later, I was scarred of the ground. I'm the same weight as you but it took me 24 jumps on a N240 to be able to time the flare properly. As soon as I was nailing the landing on every jump with different wind conditions, I felt confident that I could handle a smaller canopy. For me, there was little differences between the N220, N200 and S2 210 and I quickly ended up on the S2 190. I remember that I hated to rent gear, I had bruises from every jump but it made more sense financially to rent until I was stable in sizes. I bought my first rig with a Pilot 168 and the piloting skills foundation came from the additional time I spent under the N240.
  9. Thanks for clarifying that the MOJO was designed to be installed without touching the container and is less invasive than the Trap. I didn't think about it when I wrote my reply. I was resizing the harness at the same time so it needed to go to RI and the MOJO was so new that I wanted to make sure it was installed properly.
  10. My Curv didn't come with the MOJO MARD but for me it was worth it to pay to get it installed. As gowlerk said, it's YOUR decision and all opinions have little values since we won't be jumping that rig
  11. I'm also having a hard time visualizing your issue Curv 1.0 2015. Main has been packed for almost 4 months so not as springy. My guesstimate is 1-2lbs to pop the pin in both configuration. The amount of bridle under the right flap doesn't make a difference for the required force to extract the pin.
  12. If you want to have nice stabilized videos for showing off, you're probably better off with a post production software like Reelsteady. For your hero 4 it could make sense but if you upgrade to a hero 7 or 8, you'll need to deactivate hypersmooth to get the most out of the software. According to reviews on the interweb, the hero 8 has an issue with the 2 flip tabs that are used for mounting. The tabs allow for movement and I don't know what this means with high wind if you don't use a case.
  13. I bought one but have yet to jump it and I did get my hand on it yet. Still sitting at a friends house where I shipped it. Here's my previous post on it with no answers since the product is new. I put as much info in that post for future reference.
  14. I don't know if this was reported or not as I have a lot of issues with the display on Chrome Version 79.0.3945.79 (Official Build) (64-bit). We've been having some weird glitches at work over the last few weeks but this seem to be a problem with The forum seems to be hidden behind logo and I can't access it. The menu on the right is static and when you scroll down it stays in the same location in the browser. The main articles / photos on the main page are a little weird looking, not centered left or right.