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  1. Thanks for clarifying that the MOJO was designed to be installed without touching the container and is less invasive than the Trap. I didn't think about it when I wrote my reply. I was resizing the harness at the same time so it needed to go to RI and the MOJO was so new that I wanted to make sure it was installed properly.
  2. My Curv didn't come with the MOJO MARD but for me it was worth it to pay to get it installed. As gowlerk said, it's YOUR decision and all opinions have little values since we won't be jumping that rig
  3. I'm also having a hard time visualizing your issue Curv 1.0 2015. Main has been packed for almost 4 months so not as springy. My guesstimate is 1-2lbs to pop the pin in both configuration. The amount of bridle under the right flap doesn't make a difference for the required force to extract the pin.
  4. If you want to have nice stabilized videos for showing off, you're probably better off with a post production software like Reelsteady. For your hero 4 it could make sense but if you upgrade to a hero 7 or 8, you'll need to deactivate hypersmooth to get the most out of the software. According to reviews on the interweb, the hero 8 has an issue with the 2 flip tabs that are used for mounting. The tabs allow for movement and I don't know what this means with high wind if you don't use a case.
  5. I bought one but have yet to jump it and I did get my hand on it yet. Still sitting at a friends house where I shipped it. Here's my previous post on it with no answers since the product is new. I put as much info in that post for future reference.
  6. I don't know if this was reported or not as I have a lot of issues with the display on Chrome Version 79.0.3945.79 (Official Build) (64-bit). We've been having some weird glitches at work over the last few weeks but this seem to be a problem with The forum seems to be hidden behind logo and I can't access it. The menu on the right is static and when you scroll down it stays in the same location in the browser. The main articles / photos on the main page are a little weird looking, not centered left or right.
  7. Thanks for the info, the mount looks nice. I bought the Vmag since it was on sale a few weeks ago but testing will wait till next year. I found this video from Brian Germain and its easier to see the features than the videos on the official website
  8. One of my friend has around 150 WS jumps with a Storm 170 WL 1.1 and had 3 cutaways that looked exactly like yours. Check this thread, all advice are in there and you can browse in the wingsuit specific forum for other inquiries.
  9. There's a good FAQ on reddit for the first jump and getting licensed. It should answer all your questions I especially like this one "Can I wear my [insert superhero who can fly here] costume?"
  10. I got this reply from VMag but I'm still interested in the comparison with Grellfab if anyone know. Arrow colors In red: a line caught in the camera for whatever reason In blue: the force required to pull the camera off the mount In green: the resultant force in the system where friction will probably play a role Line-snag-test.pdf
  11. Anyone has experience with the VMag chin mount on a Kiss? The mount looks super secure and it's very nice to be able to remove the camera while keeping your helmet on but I'm wondering how it will disconnect if a lateral force is apply in the event where a line pulls on it sideways. How does it compare to Grellfab?
  12. Awesome scene from Star Trek. 2:26 of that clip is a much better view of the system Lee was referring to. I can't wait to get the same thing.
  13. Sylvie, I'm curious did you start AFF? Where?
  14. I made a wood copy of the Burton quick lace handle to use with a standard pullup cord. The price was a lot better at 0$ than the PUCA tool considering I lost it on the first day. If you make your own, paint it bright orange The Burton handle goes for 17$ for 2.