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  1. tabouare

    Flying with Rig in New Zealand

    Have a look at this.
  2. tabouare

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    As part of AFF training, we had 20 min of tunnel. I was doing fine in the tunnel but as soon as I was in the sky my legs were at 90 degrees. What worked for me was to practice on a chair, elevated from the floor. I find that when you practice on the floor, you have a bigger surface in contact to stabilize your whole body. When you move one part of your body, it doesn't affect the rest of your body as much because friction is more important. On the chair, you only have a small surface touching and you can feel the interaction of your arms and legs. If your try the chair, make sure that you are placing your hips on it and not your chest to simulate free fall position. By doing this, I was able to build muscle memory from looking at my legs and feeling how much I was pushing on them.
  3. tabouare

    Brilliant Pebbles

    I have the first generation and it's installed in a Kiss It's plenty loud for me, you have plenty of options to set up the type of alarm sound and length. The software works flawlessly and customer is the best I've ever seen and you can't beat the price of that unit. Battery life is plenty long. When going up the alarms can be deactivated and you get only 1 beep at around 100ft. The alarms will all sound when coming down. There's no detection of fall speed to mute freefall alarms like other manufacturer but honestly I kind of like it. It reminds me of my hard deck on every jump. With the Kiss, I need to remove a screw to get it out of the helmet because the adapter mount doesn't allow the USB cable to enter the connector from inside. I find this part annoying but I don't change my alarms all the time. According to Aon2, Gen 2 will eliminate the need for the custom adapter mount for the Kiss but I don't know if that issue will still exist. I also have a X2 and they put bluetooth on that one so maybe in the future it will be implemented. All in all, I'm very satisfied with that product
  4. tabouare

    Save $$ buying direct from LB??

    Quite often the product is manufactured in another country and there is a different import fee on top of the item price. You get burn a few times then you start looking into the total landed cost. As an example my last purchase was for a Pilot ZPX. On this particular purchase, I was able to avoid the import fees because I was cooperative with the agent and I didn't tell her that the canopy was made in South Africa. After 15 min of searching, she got tired of looking at websites that didn't provide the country of origin and decided that it was coming from the US. US =1750$ original price of purchase CAD = 2425$ include shipping and paypal fees because transferwise was not available with this seller US import fee 0% Taxes = 345$ Total landed = 2770$ South Africa import fee 10% Import fee = 243$ Taxes = 400$ Total landed = 3068$ And yes the tax amount changes because they tax the import fees. Look at duty calculator websites to see your landed cost prior to purchasing anything in a different country to see if it's worth it.
  5. tabouare

    Save $$ buying direct from LB??

    Did you factor in shipping and import fees?
  6. tabouare

    Shelf life on containers?

    There's a BPA skydive the expo 2019 video that explain the aging process of harness in a DZ in the UK. I can't remember the specifics without re-watching the entire video but they are installing new harnesses every 2000 jumps because they saw a 50% reduction in strength of the webbing. UV exposure and the environment was playing a major factor for them. Remember that the webbing used in skydiving has a high tensile strength. Riggers could comment on the strength of each and every webbing type but even when it loses 50% there is still a safety factor present. According to Paragear Type 8 when new= 4000 lbs Type 17 when new= 2500 lbs We won't go into the fact that webbing can be loaded differently due to body position but a rough estimate would be: Safety factor = strength of weakest webbing / exit weight I think this is the video in question
  7. Do you think about it all the time? yes Was it hard for you to make the decision to start? no, wanted to go up right away How do you pay/afford it? AFF I thought about it for a week and said fuck sound financial advice I have to budget myself during summer and not just dump cash into it like there's no tomorrow How do you juggle your life outside of this community, family, wanting to travel, fixing up the house, hanging with other friends? Life is about balance, don't put all your eggs in one basket. My girlfriend doesn't jump, for her 1 tandem and it was ok. We plan for activities for her also and we block certain weekends for those activities. In the summer I try to go only 1 day during the weekend so the other day is free for something else and yes it's hard to plan sometimes when the weather is not cooperating. Have y’all ever know someone to stop, and if they’ve regretted their decision or not? I know a few people that stopped after completing AFF. They miss it but I don't think they regret their decision. They put effort into something else. As I said life is about balance.
  8. tabouare

    Best Audible for a KISS Helmet

    I have a Aon2 brilliant pebbles in mine. It works flawlessly for me. You need a 3D printed mount to fit it but the drawing is available on Aon2's website. The only annoying part is that you need to remove it from the mount every time you want to set new alarms since it use a cable and an app on your phone to setup. For the price it can't be beat though.
  9. tabouare

    How soon did you start buying gear?

    My dropzone supplied all the gear(Alti, jumpsuit, audible, helmet) to jump free of charge except the rig but I wanted to jump my own stuff. 7-8 jumps - Motorcycle goggles so it would stop hurting my face 14 jumps - Gloves because winter 21 jumps - Full face helmet (KISS) + audible altimeter(brilliant pebble) 32 jumps - Freefly jumpsuit (Vertex) 35 jumps - Altimeter (Aon X2) No rig yet but planning on buying that this winter.
  10. tabouare

    Anyone jumping a newer vortex

    Your colors are awesome they would look so cool with my new suit . I was thinking about a Vortex rig for the longest time but you convinced me. I attached my old Red design as well for inspiration for others.