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  1. Oh totally! I am just an avid researcher and like to know as much as possible before making a decision. I agree that waiting until I have the skills and knowledge before jumping a camera are more important!
  2. Thank you all for the replies. I think I will be able to deal with the lower angle for my first camera. Maybe once I get some more jumps under my belt I can add a top mount also.
  3. Anyone that has had any experience with this product have any positives or negatives about it? I have heard that the footage can be not as great compared to a top of the head mount? I have also heard the opposite. If anyone has some footage taken from this perspective I would love to see it! I like the idea of a chin mount compared to a top of the head style but I wanted to get some more input before I make a decision one way or another...Thank you for any info you can provide.
  4. Just wanted to update this post to say I found a local jumper that had a Viso II+ for sale and jumped on it. It will do well for me as my first digital Altimeter. Maybe in the coming years if the FFDS DigiAlti becomes the "one to have" I can upgrade then but for now a tried and true L&B alti will be what I use. Thanks again for all the replies.
  5. I just went with the $99 full package that you linked because it came with the one I was looking at and all the other great videos also! Can't wait to get home from work and download them all!
  6. Ok I figured this would be some good info. I am pretty sure I am going to purchase this one tonight and see how it goes. The reviews are great and I like his teaching style so if anything I am sure I will learn some good tips etc. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Hello I have been watching Brian's YouTube videos and have been thinking about purchasing his video series that is pretty much a canopy course on the ground. Has anyone had any experience with it or any reason it would be good or not so good to get? Just FYI I am still very new with only 36 jumps and have yet to be able to take an actual canopy course. Thanks in advance for any input! Here is what the series is about for anyone that isn't familiar:
  8. Thank you for that point of view. I agree that if I really want to "get good" I need to spend some time in the how to convince the wife to up my allowance haha J/K
  9. I was wondering why most people that jump with a gopro have it mounted on the top of their helmet instead of a chin mount system such as a V-Mag style mount? Is it safer or just camera angle? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  10. Hello I added my youtube link to my profile and it shows up when I look at my profile that I have youtube linked but when you click the link it just redirects you back to the profile page and not to the youtube link I have provided? Not sure if this is just not working correctly? Thought I would let you all know just in case. Just tried it for instagram and the same issue...
  11. Correct I have a Cookie G4 and it fits just fine!
  12. If it hasn't been suggested before it would be great if we could get the VOG audible alti added to the Gear section? It is fantastic and I think a lot of people would agree and write reviews. Here is the site for it if you wanted to check it out:
  13. Disregard this! I didn't look at the sticky post before writing this! Sorry.... Hello I was wondering what the process would be to get something added to the Gear section of the site? I have a VOG altimeter and there are a lot of people that love them and ask all the time about it but there isn't many places with good reviews so it would be great if we could get it added here possibly? If not no worries...Blue Skies.
  14. I have stared at my Stella Analog alti for almost a whole skydive and the VOG was dead on the whole time! During landing patterns it makes it a no brainer what altitude I am at, it clearly says one thousand...six hundred etc. so I know exactly how high I am without having to take my eyes off the landing. I would recommend it to anyone...just an fyi it ships from overseas so it takes a bit to get to the US but they were quick to reply to my emails when I got worried it might not have made it to me. The picture is what the app looks like. You can choose what altitudes you want it to say. I just keep them all on. P.S. I don't swoop either lol