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  1. Hi all, I was in the sport around 2012 and had my own rig but its been years since I've last used it and recently at skydive chicago and when I spoke with some of the staff, they said you either gotta jump it or sell it! So I'm selling it, but I've been out of the sport so long I have no idea what to list it at, I just want whatever is fair and to help get it back in the air jumping out of planes! Its a Mirage G4, has about 45 jumps, with a Cypres AAD (not sure exact model number), an ICARUS safire 2 169 canopy, and a PD reserve - I believe 145 sq ft, used once (last jump, my packer did a poor job and reserve worked!). I've attached some images. I've never sold a rig before, should I bring it in to a DZ to get an inspection before hand, or is that typically done at same time when the rig is delivered/handed off? Thank you!
  2. What day are you getting into Chicago? I'll be driving down from there for a cpl days but I haven't decided when I'm leaving yet. I was tentatively thinking this weekend (~22ish). And I would advise against a costly rental car. SDC dropzone has everything on it you'll need for an extended stay.
  3. They're $6 at skydive chicago but I usually make it 7 or more. If he does it twice I pay $15. Three times probably $25. Four maybe 30 or a lil more? I just round up. If he's fast, nice, gets the packjob done in time, opens well I have no problem paying the guy a little extra to ensure my safety and time are valued. A bit off topic, but have you guyhs ever brought a first time jumper to a tandem and tell them that you let someone pack your chute. They usually guess its like $20-50 for a pack job and are shocked when its under ten!
  4. +1 to the look at other peoples equipment being a good idea. Last year I was jumping in Skydive greensburg IN in a C182 and it was me and a tandem w/ the photographer and as soon as I was about to board the plane the photographer pointed out that my leg strap had a twist in it and wasn't flat and snug around my leg. You'd think one would be able to notice a twist in your legstrap but I really didn't and who knows what could have happened when I deployed. Keep a vigilant eye during pre-boarding, in the plane, and under canopy to help conduct a safer skydive.
  5. In a business setting interview, the interviewer should only ask questions that relate directly to the job and your ability to perform well on the job. An interviewer is not able to ask if you're a single mother, whether you're divorced or not, where you live, or how often you like to skydive. Furthermore, questions should also rely on valid predictors of job performance. Predictor questions should have evidence supporting their reliability and validity in predicting job performance. Under employment law guidelines, discrimination is considered to be present regardless of intent. Intentional discrimination, or disparate treatment, occurs when a manager or organization intentionally discriminates. Cliffs: If you feel you weren't hired because of talking about skydiving, that could be considered discrimination.
  6. Omg, a flat spin. That would be a nightmare. is a video of one. You can see how incredible disorienting and dangerous a flat spin is.
  7. This is cool. If there was a way to make it bigger so I can print it out as a poster that would be awesome. Also, it must have DOOR and BEER in it (and probably get rid of "also" as well). Next beers on me if anyone is able to get it done
  8. I need the option for "Have medical insurance and don't know if it covers skydiving!"
  9. I'm an indiana skydiver, let me know what to send and to who and I'll be glad to help.
  10. Both otters and the skyvan were busy today. The chopper arrived tonight and will be doing jumps starting tomorrow.
  11. Ill be getting in tonite for a couple days...hopefully the weather holds out. Sunday looks great though. Should be fun! Can't wait to jump the skyvan for my first time. If anyone wants to jump with me and my newbie friend (~45 jumps each!) come say hi. My name Kevin is on my black/white/red mirage rig!
  12. I haven't heard about the changes but wouldn't mind a flight attendant and a beverage cart on the way up to altitude
  13. I ordered a pd 160 reserve in June from them and got it in July, although it was stock colors. Not sure what is taking so long :'(