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  1. Did The drop guys, wow what a thrill. My wife also did it for her birthday, lol
  2. Yes i do have some pics & a vid of the Spit ride. Should I post them in this forum?
  3. Yes, have booked the cam now. I guess it'll be on a USB stick?
  4. Thanks for quick reply. I get it. Shame though as a pro camera guy cost a few bob. I'll see how the land lay's when I get there. looking forward to it. Gradually ticking off my bucket list. Done a parachute jump, then in a balloon, best of all...flown in a Spitfire (top of the list) Just a flight into space now
  5. Hi. I'm having a first tandem dive next Monday, and wondered if I'd be allowed to use my go pro attached to my head or anywher? Regards Bob.