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  1. Yeah, it is personal preference I guess. I got my reserve at 0.8 and main canopy at 1.2. I had once a severe linetwist, and the spin under canopy was faster then expected (like half brake toggle input one side). Guess it will be much faster at 1.5. Check the Fatality reports of USPA, some of them would be alive if they had bigger canopies.
  2. This guy jump 250 All-T and he is killing it! BIT - BASE inspired travels - YouTube
  3. Moved to Germany, and picked this one as my DZ in the region. I like the people, organization and the overall feel of the dropzone.
  4. KMZ file for dropzone in Northern Serbia - Aeroklub Kikinda
  5. It's exactly what D.B.Copper did... ... except he got 200.000 U.S.Dollars
  6. This is Lisiciji Jarak, Dropzone in Serbia capital - Belgrade
  7. haha hey, no trouble with chicks, just with the skydiving topic :)
  8. Girls like it my ass ... most of them think of you like weirdoes! but who cares
  9. You can find all that on www.skydivingmovies.com look for the videos with five stars and ask for author permission :D
  10. Attitude was about 3000-3100 ft. Before this I've had 12 static line jumps, just like millitary does, but now i'm enjoying freefall =) My first solo freefall was actually my 13th jump, and it went just great. So I guess 13 is my lucky, istead unlucky number :> @Skymama/Marios: Thanks guyz, site is great! Found allready lots of usefull information! Cheers!
  11. Hi guyz! I'm from Belgrade, Serbia. Started skydiving recently (act. October last year), and last weekend I did my first freefall! check it out! => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE3puqeHrw0 cheers!