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  1. I agree. My mom has had this surgery multiple times on both wrists. Never has been successful and I'm sure that has to do with the fact that she has never even attempted PT after the surgeries. She still wears wrist braces. Please don't take this as discouragement about the surgery. I'm sure you will do just fine and heal up right nicely.
  2. Looks like it worked. Thanks!
  3. Brooklyn Leigh was born today at 2:31 p.m. 7 lbs 10 oz and 18 1/4 inches long. Little shortie like her daddy! I tried to upload a pic but as I figured it's too large.
  4. You'll get to see her soon. Follow up with the doc said today that if she hasn't went into labor by Tuesday the 1st, they'll be inducing on that day. I'll make sure to post pics if they're not too large to upload. Never could figure out how to shrink them.
  5. Thanks for all the wonderful responses. This is a great time in our life and I'm extatic that I could share some of the options with you guys. If you liked Brooklyn Leigh, you're the winner. Jess initially picked out that name and hasn't budged much. Gotta keep mama happy :-). Our 4 year old son is also stuck on Brooklyn. Can't break either if their hearts by changing it now. With that said, in a few weeks or less we'll be welcoming out first born daughter into the family and I can't be more excited. I'll make sure to post pics post deliverly. Thanks for all the kind words and ideas. I knew I could count on you guys. :-D
  6. That would be different. I like it
  7. How about Serious Leigh Pritchette? Or when we were on the Jenna wagon and Jess wanted to name her Jenna Tala. That took some quick explaining. :-D
  8. This conversation will definitely get printed out and put in her scrap book. Even Goonie's horrendous attempts at picking up women. That'll be highlighted with a note saying, "stay away from guys like this or I'll be cleaning my gun ALOT!"
  9. Brooklyn will likely get shortened to Brook when she goes through that stage of wanting to be like "everyone else." Personally, I don't think the full name (Brooklyn Leigh) flows as well when said out loud as your second option. However, since people are rarely addressed by all three names, (unless they're eight years old and in trouble!), I'd give my vote to Jenna. I've always liked that name, and know plenty of strong, talented women of that name (one is a Navy officer, the other a Marine pilot). Incidentally (to other posters), my cousin has a daughter named Kennedy. I've also known a couple of Indias, a Portland (yes, a woman), and of course we've all heard of women called Georgia, Virginia, Dallas, etc. Jenna was the very first idea and we both loved it but all of our family and friends kept joking about it being a porn name or stripper name. I'd hate for her to grow up constantly hearing that.
  10. My dad was so stuck on the name Fred when he and my mom found out they were pregnant. She once asked him, "what if it's a girl?" His response, "we'll name her Fredricka." So glad I turned out to be a Fred.
  11. See, this is our problem. It's so tough to choose which one. My wife (Jess) originally picked out Brooklyn. We've been stuck on that name for the last six or seven months. Then just last week I had to make things complicated with Abigail. They both sound great, but Abigail Leigh does flow better in my opinion. I've already thought about her wanting to shorten it later to either Brooke or Abby or Abbie. They all still sound great although Brooke is definitely more common than Abby. On a side note, the middle name has to be Leigh because I always wanted all of my children to share the same middle name. We already have Garrett Lee.