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  1. JohnMitchell

    Three People Narrowly Escape in Tandem Collision (Video)

    I have seen tandems track up the jumprun line when the student's legs were pointing straight out. IDK the seconds of separation or jumprun speed in this incident. I have more questions than answers at this point. Perhaps the cameraman could tell us more. My wife had a similar incident when videoing one of my tandems. A new sit flyer backslid up the jumprun line, to a point underneath us. She barely missed his open canopy, yet we had left with plenty of separation.
  2. JohnMitchell

    Family and friends advice

    I pretty much ignored my family and got all new friends. Worked well for me.
  3. JohnMitchell

    Tipping your AFF instructors

    You can if you want, but it's not expected at most DZs. I've worked at a DZ or two (as a TI) where tipping was the norm. But even there I think AFF students were NOT expected to tip. Tandem passenger = customer being served. AFF student = future skydiver and friend.
  4. JohnMitchell

    A shout-out for John Mitchell

    I'll bring some to LP. Ya gonna make it?
  5. JohnMitchell

    A shout-out for John Mitchell

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for the kind words. I can't imagine what my life would be without skydiving and the amazing people like all of you in our sport. We live a life most people can't imagine. To Marshall, nope, I wasn't on those demo jumps in SFO. But it would have been fun. Come up to Kapowsin and make some jumps this summer. To anyone who gets tapped by Brian Giboney to do one of the profiles? Do it! I was a little hesitant to do it, being just an average weekend warrior jumper, but I had a lot of fun with it. And I'd love to hear all about YOU.
  6. JohnMitchell

    Beginner suggestions

    Wear comfortable clothes. Your shoes should be athletic shoes, such as running or tennis shoes, not heavy boots. Depending on the weather, bring an extra layer, such as a sweatshirt without a hood. It's usually colder at altitude. Gloves, googles, helmets, etc. will be furnished by the jump center. Smile when you jump out.
  7. JohnMitchell

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    Colorado Jones, welcome to our sport, with DZs with great turbine aircraft that only want to do tandems, and great small DZs that just don't have the lift capacity to keep up. After you get your A, I hope you have a chance to travel and experience other DZs. I'm lucky to have a home DZ in WA state with a good amount of tandems, a busy AFF student program, and a big community of fun jumpers, with the lift capacity for all. The DZOs themselves love to fun jump, so they make sure to get everyone up in the air. I hope you can get some help from your current DZ and feel like staying in the sport.
  8. JohnMitchell

    Who's a rigger in SLC, UT?

    Shameless bump to the top. No one in SLC?
  9. John Richardson, JR, up here in the Seattle area had a ball and socket job a few years back. I think he's doing pretty well, jumps some and doesn't seem to have a problem. I'm one of those rotator cuff guys that made a 100% recovery. Good luck.
  10. JohnMitchell

    Fear of Landing

    Well, DZs vary, but if she's beyond AFF but not licensed yet, she can jump solo, no instructor, or with a coach. Your wife has a problem that I've seen many times and I know of no easy fix. Sometimes going back on the radio for assistance can help. Good luck.
  11. JohnMitchell

    Who's a rigger in SLC, UT?

    Is there anyone in the city that does repacks, or does my friend need to go to Ogden or Toelle? Post or PM, whichever you like. Thanks.
  12. JohnMitchell

    Do you have my goggles?

    I haven't had too many problems with that. The goggles I use have an upper and lower bungee strap, one going above the ears, the other going below, which makes them super secure. The bungee cording is extra long, with sliding adjusters in the back that I adjust the fit with. Also, that way, there is plenty of slack to put them around their neck when suiting up, or for pulling the goggles back down to around their neck under canopy. Like I say, I've enjoyed using them, and my passengers, esp. the ones with contacts, seem happy with them. I would attach a picture, but I can't find that function any more. Have they changed
  13. JohnMitchell

    Age of active TIs

    Part time, 400 jumps a year, lol. I get what you are saying its just funny perspective. Yes, it does sound funny. For decades, I had a full time J-O-B, 5 days a week, kids, western Washington weather, etc. to contend with. And every year I made a steady 200 jumps, year after year. Now I'm retired and the kids are moved out, and we downsized to a smaller home closer to the DZ. Plus we find ourselves taking month long trips in the winter to do tandems in Hawaii. So now it's around 400 jumps a year, and loving it. When I started jumping all those years ago, I never thought skydiving would ever be a career path for so many people. But, of course, tandem jumping changed everything. Used to be 1000 jumps was really something. Now there are so many people making 1000+ jumps each year. I can't imagine having 44,000 jumps by now.
  14. JohnMitchell

    Age of active TIs

    61 and still active TI. I work part time though, making about 400 jumps a year, so burnout is quite unlikely. I also like to mix it up with AFF and fun jumping. Not a bad life.
  15. JohnMitchell

    Do you have my goggles?

    When I'm doing tandems, I'll clean the goggles and them put them over the student's head and around their neck. I've seen the look of pride and satisfaction on their faces as they show their friends "Hey look, I have my own goggles already." Then the other students start searching and find their goggles on the main attachment hook and strain to put them on while the goggles are still hooked to the harness. Ain't hard to just give 'em the goggles right up front, I've found.