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  1. Because the pilot thought he was doing a great job, and he wasn't.
  2. All aircraft altimeters are adjusted to read MSL. Pilots should adjust their altimeters to read the field elevation before take off, not zeroing them like skydivers do. Pilots are supposed to be able to do the math in their head. It's not confusing to an experienced jump pilot. Jump altitude + Field elevation = MSL altitude for jump run. Sounds like you had a very new or very stupid jump pilot. If you were planning 5000' and you only got 2500', I would guess your field elevation to be 2500', not the 1223' you posted. Overall just a total screwup. IDK the range of adjustment on aircraft altimeters, but 1" of Hg = 1,000' of altitude. I used to jump at 5000' above sea level (Utah) and I doubt if the plane's altimeter could have been adjusted to barometer setting of 24.92. (std. being 29.92" Hg).
  3. Coaches are not allowed to do harness hold exits or pull for the student.
  4. On ALL AFF jumps the instructors are prepared to pull if the student does not, and long before the student pulls the reserve. I've done it plenty of times, but never had to past a Level 4. And from the first jump they are trained "2 extra tries to find the handle, if not, pull the reserve".
  5. Your shoulders looked level. I don't brake at all after tracking, just wave and pull (did you not wave off?).
  6. I would love to teach a 2 stage flare in the FJC. It's easy to teach "Ready - Set - Half Brakes - Flare" instead of just "Ready - Set - Flare". But it has to become FJC doctrine, and that means overcoming resistance from multiple instructors and management. Hell, I work with instructors that can't be bothered to say "Ready" or "Set" before "FLARE!" At any DZ it's important for procedures to be consistent among the instructors.
  7. Wouldn't he have to jump from 25,001 feet to break Luke Aikins' record?
  8. Good to see you, if only on
  9. right now my biggest problem is my goddamned left knee which is getting replaced next week, then IDK how many months rehabbing it to jump again. I went to LP this summer and didn't make a single jump because of this damn thing. Anyway, that's my world.
  10. I have seen tandems track up the jumprun line when the student's legs were pointing straight out. IDK the seconds of separation or jumprun speed in this incident. I have more questions than answers at this point. Perhaps the cameraman could tell us more. My wife had a similar incident when videoing one of my tandems. A new sit flyer backslid up the jumprun line, to a point underneath us. She barely missed his open canopy, yet we had left with plenty of separation.
  11. I pretty much ignored my family and got all new friends. Worked well for me.
  12. You can if you want, but it's not expected at most DZs. I've worked at a DZ or two (as a TI) where tipping was the norm. But even there I think AFF students were NOT expected to tip. Tandem passenger = customer being served. AFF student = future skydiver and friend.
  13. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the kind words. I can't imagine what my life would be without skydiving and the amazing people like all of you in our sport. We live a life most people can't imagine. To Marshall, nope, I wasn't on those demo jumps in SFO. But it would have been fun. Come up to Kapowsin and make some jumps this summer. To anyone who gets tapped by Brian Giboney to do one of the profiles? Do it! I was a little hesitant to do it, being just an average weekend warrior jumper, but I had a lot of fun with it. And I'd love to hear all about YOU.