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    Too many connections ?

    Hey there, It's a bit of an annoyance we've been dealing with related to the MySQL server. We are working with the hosts to determine the cause and fix any future occurrences.
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    Bugs & Functionality Tracker

    This was something easy enough to do. Post numbers will now show in the top right of posts.
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    Bugs & Functionality Tracker

    Thanks for the feedback. We actually still have the functionality, where you can track custom streams of information. With the new system you're able to create a custom feed or use a generic feed such as content you posted or posted in. For the latter you can go here: (It can be accessed under Activity on the menu under "more") On that page you can select exactly what you want to see in the feed, by default it will show you all content that you've participated in. You can then also refine it to only show items you haven't seen yet, change the period of time you want to see and how you want it sorted. Perhaps we should change the location of these features, because they were intended to be used as a core part of tracking items. But we have the activity area a bit hidden... There's a lot one can use the activity streams for in refining specific data.
  4. Administrator

    4 Upcoming Halloween Boogies

    Skydive Arizona - Halloween Boogie (25 - 27 Oct 2019) No registration fee - discounted $22 lift tickets Organizing by Arizona Dream, AZ X-Force and Arizona Airspeed Crazy 8s event brought to you by Arizona Anthem Canopy training by Justin Price Nightly Entertainment and Free Boogie Beer! Annual costume contest with Epic prizes! Free Curv container for Best Costume! Sugar skull face painting, Hot air balloon jumps, DC-3 jumps and more! Skydive Sebastian - Halloween Boogie (2-3 Nov 2019) NO registration fees! What you'll get: *Wicked FF, RW, Angle, and WS organizing *costume jumps *tricky contests *spooky games in the air & on the ground *treats from our sponsors So book that flight or make it a roadtrip, and don't pay any registration because its all on us! Keep an eye out over the next two weeks while we announce all the s͏p͏o͏o͏k͏t͏a͏c͏u͏l͏a͏r details about LOs, events, sponsors, and prizes! Spaceland San Marcos - Halloween Boogie (24-27th Oct 2019) "Two Otters and a Super Caravan to keep your happy butt in the air!!! We're filling in our list of organizers. Here's what we have so far.... Freefly - David Lange, Carly Barto, Konstantin Petrijcuk, Tyler Perkins Belly - Louis French, Scott Latinis, Doug Feick, David Bowen Wingsuit - Anthony Kimball Zoo dives, contests, shenanigans - Brian Casserly (AKA Pussfoot) Saturday night entertainment - Derek Lewis - Saturday night - Costume contest!! It's easy to play! 1) dress up 2) show up 3) impress the can win free jumps! Register at West Tennessee Skydiving - 28th Annual Halloween Boogie (25-27 Oct 2019) Inverted Biplane Jumps, $100 a slot, $50 for video Michael Mullins Super King Air, 7 min to 14,500ft -$26 a slot (half price early bird special if you manifest before 8 AM) -Helicopter Jumps Coach Jumps are always free to students who are trying to acquire thier USPA "A" License -Balloon Jumps - $150 Rental gear is not available for balloon jumps. Must have USPA A license Registration will be $35 this includes 5 raffle tickets (you can purchase as many additional tickets as you want) Dinner, free beer, and free Jell-O Shots!! The winner of the costume contest on Saturday evening will receive one weekend of free jumps courtesy of West Tennessee Skydiving (does not include gear rental) Mark your calendars guys and don't miss out! Let's have us another amazing boogie this year!!!
  5. Administrator

    Has run it’s course?

    Just a reminder that we are still very open to making adjustments to the forums to help users in cases where they feel certain functionality is missing or something worked better on the old site. Of course, moving to new technology is always a challenging, you gain a lot but may also lose some aspects that the old software had. We definitely have no regrets moving the system, as the old system was barely breathing with how outdated it was. The developers last update was over a decade ago - the site would have run into the ground. With that said, there are things we'd like to enhance and fix on the site still, of course. But we've typically worked with users to address most of the concerns. I'm going through old threads at the moment and ensuring that nothing was missed, and creating a tracking center where you can see the status of changes and suggest additions to our tracking list. I realize a lot of what we do is happening behind the scenes and not really seen by the users. If you have suggestions or comments about aspects which put you off the new design, I'm always happy to listen and make adjustments where it makes sense to and where possible. Please feel free to add feedback and suggestions here particularly:
  6. Just wanted to create this topic to help track suggestions and feedback in an easy and condensed manner. I believe in having transparency between user requests and the actions we take with them. In this thread, I will keep track of various suggestions and feedback and provide a status on it. Additional suggestions and feedback may be left as replies to this thread and will be included in the main topic / added to the tracking, so please feel free to provide feedback on any issues that aren't listed in the tracker. In Progress Pending Completed
  7. The following video was posted on social media last week and shows a harrowing scene of a wingsuit jumper suffering a collision shortly after exit. The collision appears to knock the jumper unconscious, as he then begins to spin uncontrollably as he descends in freefall. The spin amplifies the lower he gets - until finally his AAD activates and saves his life by crucially firing while he is seemingly unconscious. You can follow or contribute to this conversation in the following forum post: A forum post from a user has shed some light on the situation... "If I remember correctly group of 4. Leader fumbled exit a little. The 2&3rd guys start flying the planned direction right on exit. The 4th guy has the time and awareness to see the leader and starts diving to the leader. Guys 2&3 now correcting from intended flight path toward leader, intercepted by guy number 4. None of them are new guys. Super lucky that the guy who had the AAD fire walked away with no major injuries. The guy who hit this guy is a good friend of mine and is very heads up and a skilled 4-way flier with more WS jumps than FS. The example here is that if it can happen to guys like him it can happen to you." - Slimrn The topic of AADs can sometimes be a controversial one, many experienced jumpers believe they don't need them and some even view dropzones that have AAD requirements negatively. However, this event goes to show that sometimes the AAD can play a crucial role in saving your life, especially in the case of midair collisions which result in a loss of consciousness.
  8. Administrator

    Logout doesn't work

    The logout feature should work... The only time it should remember your info is if you select it to when you first enter the username and password (and that's related to the browser, not really the site). If you accidentally chose for it to remember your details, you can go into your browser and clear the cookies and cache etc. This will remove that information. @paradude You can find the logout button by clicking on the dropdown to the main user menu top right (next to your avatar) and then at the bottom there is a sign out option.
  9. Three people were lucky to be left alive after a collision between a TI, tandem client and a cameraman. The incident, which was uploaded to Facebook, shows an initial clip of the cameraman's point of view as he makes contact with the top of the TI's canopy. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the cameraman was supposed to be recording the next tandem but had insufficient exit separation between himself and the previous tandem. The cameraman involved in the incident commented on the video on social media with the following: Regardless of fault, this video serves as a good lesson as to why exit separation remains a crucial factor in reducing collisions in flight. There were no reports of serious injury from the incident, which was only inches from a very different ending.
  10. Administrator


    The ICARUS WORLD ōm-7 is a 7-cell, semi elliptical tapered canopy specially designed and engineered for wingsuit pilot, but it's also suitable for all skydivers looking for the reliable performance of a contemporary 7-cell canopy. His hybrid* construction (ZP, F-111), 2+3+2 nose configuration (external inlets partially closed, central inlet fully open) and parabolic low distortion reinforcement tapes allows the ōm-7 to deliver all you would ever wish for from a top-notch wingsuit canopy: Soft, on heading openings Low pack volume Great flight performances Powerful flare The RESULT is a "fun-to-fly", enjoyable, practical, easy to pack, outstanding 7-cell wingsuit canopy as well a parachute with enlightened performance for all other facets of modern skydiving.
  11. The following scam has been reported: We have disabled this account. Remember: DO NOT do business with anyone who offers to send you payment for a higher amount than your selling price with the understanding that you'll send back the balance. Be suspicious of anyone claiming to be acting on behalf of a "client" or another "customer". Be suspicious of anyone claiming to be from Nigeria or West Africa If you agree to accept a check payment, then do not send anything, gear or "change" before the check cleared. And be careful, if you manage to clear a fraudulent check then you may be liable for the damages if the bank finds out later. Make sure your bank authenticates the check. If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.
  12. Administrator


    After years of research and design, the Cookie G4 helmet is now available for sale. The full-face helmet is certified to Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard XP S 72-600. To achieve this standard, helmets must pass impact and snag resistance testing. New features - Ventilation control: The user can now adjust airflow into the helmet using the chin bar actuator (two switches inside the helmet). - Additional head coverage: The G4 offers more coverage at the back of the head compared to the G3. This is especially appealing to dynamic tunnel flyers. - Quiet: The new design seals the visor to the helmet for a much quieter flying experience. - Easy maintenance: The closing mechanism is similar in operation to the G3 but designed to offer little or no maintenance for the life of the helmet. - Cool: Two rear ventilation ports allow hot air to leave the helmet and the liner is a breathable material, providing a cooler experience.
  13. Administrator


    The Vapor is a slightly tapered 7-cell zero-porosity main canopy that provides great overall performance from opening to landing. It may well be one of the best performing 7-cell ZP canopies on the market today. The Vapor is a great choice for the jumper that desires a soft on-heading opening, solid flight performance, easy landings, and smaller pack volume with great all-around performance.
  14. Administrator


    The Helios is a lightly tapered, low aspect ratio, 7-cell hybrid main canopy specifically designed for wing suit pilots. Hybrid fabric with zero-porosity top skins and ribs and F-111 bottom skin to reduce pack volume. The Helios was designed to provide quick on-heading openings with sporty flight performance and powerful landings to provide the performance needed for worry free wing suit flying. The Helios provides positive, on-heading openings with a minimal snivel to reduce the potential for line twists in the burble caused by disrupted airflow behind the suit. The Helios has outstanding flight characteristics including moderate rear riser force to increase glide performance from a long spot and modest front riser force to increase speed for an even more dynamic landing. Consistent openings, great glide performance, and powerful landing performance that will all be retained over its life due to hybrid material use. If you’re a wing suit pilot looking for a hybrid 7-cell you’ll enjoy IPT's Helios.