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  1. Administrator

    classified ads

    Was your ad initially a paid ad? If it wasn't, then there is something wrong that we need to adjust. The way it works currently is that there are packages we can set up. We can choose whether an ad package has a paid or free renewal. The problem is that while we can select for paid ads to have free renewal, we can't offer the ability to renew as a paid feature again. So it's a bit of a double edged sword. We can make it renew for free, but that isn't going to work for those looking to renew as a feature again. Or we can allow for paid renewal so featured ads can be renewed to be paid features, but then those looking to renew for free suffers. We're trying to find a way to offer both options. But we're also limited by the plugin that we are using.
  2. Administrator

    ad to do it??

    Unfortunately that email is being sent from our old server. Any email that contains a modify.cgi link in it can be ignored. The people receiving the error are users who had ads running on the old server. We told our hosts to stop the service but they evidently did not. To do renewals on the new site, click the drop down next to your name (top right) and click "My Renewals", if there's nothing there then your ad is still good. We're working to shut off the old mail server to prevent this outdated mails getting sent out.
  3. Administrator

    New Format Email Replies

    Thanks! We did some testing yesterday and came to the same conclussion. There's some permissions either in the database or the file server that need tweaking, which will also help a lot of the spam issues. Since the issue is preventing us from adding plugins. Our dev is working on it trying to find the area to adjust and then things should be better.
  4. Administrator

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Thanks for the feedback guys. There's a few comments here that are very helpful and will assist us in making the neccessary changes to resolve many of these comments. Will update here as we resolve.
  5. Administrator

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Thanks! We've resolved the first signature issue and there will now be a separation between post text and signature. We're looking into the issue about signatures not being brought over into the profile fields.
  6. Administrator

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, our priority first is to resolve the classifieds submission problem. Then get started on the rest. Will update you.
  7. Hey everyone! As you have probably noticed, we've moved over to our new content management system. We're exciting to bring you these changes which will provide more mobile support, easier navigation and more functionality. We're going to be continuing in our focus of making the site better moving forward and are looking forward to what lies ahead. You may notice adjustments, additions or removals of things you're used to, and we realize that it isn't easy having someone come in and rearrange your living room, but we're here to take your feedback and hope that the new website makes your experience better than it was. This has been no small task and there are sure to still be some bugs that pop up, but we're dedicated to resolving them ASAP. The way you can help us help you, is by letting us know of any problems you come across on the site. Errors, broken styling, problems with images etc. Simply comment in this thread with your experience, attaching screenshots where possible, and we'll be sure to make the fixes, and make the site a better experience for you. To make things most effective, you can use this template when reporting problems: Bug Description: URL that it occurred: Time of occurrence: Action being performed (where relevant): To give us feedback unrelated to bugs, please make a post in the suggestions and feedback forums.
  8. Administrator

    Notification Test - WT

    Reply received.
  9. Administrator

    Write for Us strives to be at the forefront of disseminating information about skydiving and the skydiving industry. We are always looking to partner with writers to supply us with current and relevant safety, training, gear and information articles. If you’ve got an idea for an article we’d love to hear from you! Our articles reach over 100,000 absolute unique visitors every month. This is by far the largest audience and the widest distribution of expert and new skydivers reached by any skydiving related publication - whether online or offline. There’s no better way to get your name out there, establish yourself as an expert in your field or simply 'give back' to the the skydiving community than by writing for us. We’re always interested in fresh content that’s relevant to skydivers. If you have an idea for an article and would like to bounce it off us before setting out to write, feel free to send us an email (with a short description of what you want to write about). For more information read the Article Submission Guidelines, which includes information on: - submission requirements - what we’re looking for - assignment of rights - compensation - how to submit your work Of course, if you have any questions about contributing content to, email the editor (
  10. Administrator

    How do I change which notifications I receive?

    Users have full control over which notifications are received for content. In order to customize how and what type of notifications you receive. Click on the down arrow next to your name in the top right hand corner of your screen. For mobile users, you will need to expand the menu on the right and click on Account Select Account Settings On the right, under the title Other Settings, click on the Notification Settings option On this page you'll be able to customize and adjust your site-wide notification settings.
  11. Administrator

    Notifications Testing

    Look for a TEST in your notification email template.
  12. Administrator

    Notifications Testing

  13. Administrator

    Notifications Testing

    This is getting exhausting now...
  14. Administrator

    Notifications Testing

    Another test... After changing email disabled.