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  1. Not sure if anything similar was posted elsewhere, but this one is popular outside of the US;
  2. If more people knew the 'g' part of that acronym then they probably wouldn't be doing it quite so much...
  3. (Re-posted here from S&F to this preferred forum category.) Does this happen because the new & improved site is so wildly popular now ? Occurred approx 4pm (GMT+11) on 31/10/2019 lasting at least 10 minutes.
  4. Moved to Error & Bug Reports
  5. Agreed on both. I believe this can cause more harm than good. A generation from now someone will be trotting this out as the new reason for the difference in success rates; "We were taught differently !" and thereby discriminated/disadvantaged or may certainly claim to be. Lest we forget how IQ testing methods and outcome studies have been accused of racism. The article mentions that English scores were likewise also notably different and alluded to additional subjects as sub-par. To me this is more suggestive of the quality of general education and/or the diligence of the student, possibly affected by socio-economic factors and certainly not exclusively a mathematics education problem. Even if we assume a worst-case causality that a genetic component exists I don't believe it should carry quite such a strong stigma. The traits discussed are not the full measure of a person's worth or ability to succeed in society. My math will never be as good as some academics on this forum and I'm fine with that. Having limited natural ability in the subjects that we typically measure can still get you appointed (or elected) to hold office in many countries.
  6. Must be the same guy who worded the letter to Erdogan; Puerile locker room bravado...
  7. Alrighty then; perhaps for anyone who may care to know: (1) I had not intended to quote richravizza, I accept that those words were 'El Paso' content. (2) The image depicts a fictional comic & movie villain infamously known by some for wiping out half of all universal life with a snap of his fingers in a magical gauntlet. (3) This villain is merely a parody on the 'El Paso' manifesto and should not detract from the subject thread. This is Greta's moment in the limelight.
  8. No, no, you cannot counter a gun problem with more guns, you're missing John's message. Better to bludgeon the armed assailant with a bulb of garlic, until it's banned. I greatly enjoyed firearms for recreational target shooting and I probably still would if I had the opportunity. In South Africa I had a concealed carry pistol for 15 years. I empathize with the gun community and I get where their interests lie. With that being said... In 15 years I never had occasion to draw my pistol in response to a threat and I have since emigrated to Australia. FYI on Australia's NFA; one such study here , a pertinent summary note includes; Their research also showed that while there had been 13 mass shootings (using the definition of five or more people killed) in the 18 years before the law changes, there had been only one (Margaret River in May 2018) in the 22 years following. Modelling suggested that if shootings had continued at a similar rate as that prior to the NFA, then approximately 16 incidents would have been expected by February 2018.
  9. I'm wondering if these comments were intended as jocular. Realistically of course, we're unlikely to see either of these things. It's an age-old argument and a degree of naivety in ignoring physical gender differences and there should be no stigma to that. Would anyone really find it entertaining to see a female quarterback sacked by a 250 pound male linebacker or be on the receiving end of any substantial sport contact ? In an era of progressive politics, safe spaces and the 'me too' movement; even the social interactions of genderless team contact sports would be potentially absurd before they even take the field. However, I do find it curious that chess competitions have gender categories. I was hopeful that this could be an area of equality but no such luck; There are no 'men-only' tournaments but there are 'women-only' tournaments. Not to hijack the thread too much, this topic is discussed here and, yes, high ranking female players are duly noted there. Referring back to the OP; I watch sports to admire the best skills and to be entertained by spectacular moves, I don't go to 'see my team win'. Winning is just the gravy. I generally expect most sports enthusiasts feel this way and hence this drives the 'economy' of sports. It's fantastic if the women's team genuinely, objectively play better but it's less remarkable if winning their gender category is the only criteria for 'better'.
  10. As a tiny sampling (maybe I'll just get one): I'd be keen know if any posters on this forum would state here that their vote for Trump was influenced by (what we now know to be) Russian misinformation or meddling. As a 'just sayin', I do not regard the leaking of Hillary's emails (assuming they are authentic) as misinformation, it's on par with parading Trump's dirty laundry. I believe the Russian's have received way too much credit here and I am keen to be enlightened by some solid causality that counters my belief.
  11. Fair point. Although, you can't have it both ways I guess; Either democracy died many years ago ever since the electoral college had that role, or it's an integral part of a living democracy.
  12. I don't like Trump much myself, but unless I've missed evidence somewhere that the actual vote count was tampered with, he's the guy that voting Americans wanted. Sure, it's a sad a reflection of a 'government of the people', but it's about as democratic as it gets.
  13. Err.. no it doesn't. He asserted they should get paid more <than the men> because they are better <than the men> . That's how I read it, more is not equal.
  14. I'm fairly sure that "Captain, my captain" is not a cricket reference, more likely a reference to Walt Whitman's poem which was popularised as a phrase since Dead Poets Society. This livery was only applied to one 737-86N around year 2010, it has likely been repainted or discontinued since then. Good for a laugh, though!