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  1. metalslug

    Too many connections ?

    (Re-posted here from S&F to this preferred forum category.) Does this happen because the new & improved site is so wildly popular now ? Occurred approx 4pm (GMT+11) on 31/10/2019 lasting at least 10 minutes.
  2. Moved to Error & Bug Reports
  3. metalslug

    South African Airline Livery (Funny)

    I'm fairly sure that "Captain, my captain" is not a cricket reference, more likely a reference to Walt Whitman's poem which was popularised as a phrase since Dead Poets Society. This livery was only applied to one 737-86N around year 2010, it has likely been repainted or discontinued since then. Good for a laugh, though!
  4. You may already know that bait and groper are types of fish but the rest of the dialogue is like nothing I've heard. The author of the article does not appear to be Australian nor is English his first language. It may be a story that was (mis)translated to Urdu and back again. Although, I've never been to Queensland...
  5. metalslug

    Help... Please -- Windows 7 Error; Can't Boot

    A Chkdsk should not take more than about 4 hours even on a 1TB drive. I'm now inclined to agree with an earlier poster that your HDD is on it's way out. Cut your losses. Get a new HDD, an OS disc, your "drivers and utilities" and your backups and start fresh.
  6. metalslug

    Help... Please -- Windows 7 Error; Can't Boot

    I have never owned a Dell of any kind, so I cannot comment for sure. Most "drivers and utilities" discs are only add-ons installed after Windows. However, major manufacturers have been known to customize their versions of Windows to include their preferred drive partitioning, hardware drivers and utilities as part of the Windows installation. The easiest way to know is to put yours in and try boot from it. Does your laptop offer any other menu options during boot up ? Sometimes options briefly appear similar to "Press F12 for menu..." which may take you to some Dell recovery options. Some manufacturers such as HP create a semi-hidden partition on their laptops that contain recovery files and utilities accessible from the boot menu. It may be worth checking for that.
  7. metalslug

    Help... Please -- Windows 7 Error; Can't Boot

    It could make it worse if you have installed or updated anything significant since the last restore point. The latest hardware drivers, Windows updates, service packs, installations of MS Office or other programs installed after the restore point... Any of these things could either be gone or downgraded to an earlier version after a system restore. If you had perhaps manually created a restore point in the past when your computer was all good then system restore may be lucky to return it to that state but if you have a dodgy HDD or corrupt system files then bets are off. For a Windows Repair; The advisory regarding the Windows 7 ISO on the forums states that you would need to get the ISO for the same version as yours (Ultimate, Enterprise, Home, 32-bit, 64-bit etc.) and so you should not be using just any old Windows 7 disc for a Repair. If you're down to your last option and decide to re-install the entire OS then any version you can get your hands on will do, provided you're happy with it's features.
  8. metalslug

    Help... Please -- Windows 7 Error; Can't Boot

    I don't think a system restore is going to help you much. The Windows "system restore" is little more than a Windows registry backup; It refers to drivers, system files, settings and programs that were installed or referenced on your computer at a specific point in time (your restore point) and attempts to "re-link" the OS to those files if they still exist on your HDD. System restore cannot generally recover files that are either totally deleted or corrupted. I am assuming that you noticed in my earlier post to this link that; "If you do not have a Windows 7 installation disc you can download a free legal ISO image of Windows 7 SP1 at Windows 7 Forums" For that you will of course need another computer to download and burn approx 3.5GB to DVD, but if you are able then I believe it's your best bet. The added bonus is that if the repair doesn't work then you can use the same disc to re-install the entire OS as a last resort.
  9. metalslug

    Help... Please -- Windows 7 Error; Can't Boot

    It does appear that you may have some file corruption issue. Not necessarily related to a virus, it may have resulted from a bad sector on your HDD or not shutting down correctly. For that kind of problem you will probably need to do a Windows 7 repair and for that you will need an installation disc. My Google-fu found this link to a forum that suggests steps to take. It's further down the page at "Instructions for a Windows 7 Repair installation." No 'mericans were harmed during the making of this post.
  10. metalslug

    "In fact, some say you can almost taste the bush"

    Having migrated to Oz six months ago, I have found some of their marketing rather quirky; (Attached)
  11. metalslug

    Misheard Lyrics of well known songs

    Going back 12 years now, I remember this similar thread with some gems in it. No 'mericans were harmed during the making of this post.
  12. metalslug

    According to SNOPES, THESE REALLY WORK!!

    This attachment works too ! No 'mericans were harmed during the making of this post.
  13. metalslug


    How does one think the unthinkable ? ... With an itheberg.
  14. metalslug

    For All The Engineers Out There

    A double negative... Engineering is not creative ? Are you sure that's what you intended to say ?
  15. metalslug

    ROSAT - The physics of satellite earth re-entry.

    Link I have a question for those in the know; This satellite was placed in orbit in 1990 and served until 1999, and now 12 years on it is re-entering earth. It does not have a propulsion system so... why now ? I am assuming there was no active mechanism to control it's orbit altitude during it's 9 years of service. Likewise there was no mechanism during it's 1999 shutdown to propel it to a rapid earth re-entry orbit. I am risking a guess that the satellite may have intentionally been placed in a very gradual earth re-entry orbit on the day it was launched, closing the distance to earth by a few miles each year, in a path calculated for re-entry sometime after it's service life. Is this how it works ? ..or is ROSAT's re-entry a fluke?