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  1. That's right, I'm an MD and a pilot and a FAA medical certificate holder and I'm disagreeing with you on the internet. Could it be that these qualifications grant me some insight into this situation about medicine, medical privacy, and FAA medical certificates? No, I must just be stupid. You apparently know better. What was that about being purposefully myopic in order to be argumentative? My dude... I don't mean to beat a dead horse and I think the reference wolfriverjoe provided should set you straight, but as a medical doctor and engineer with a medical device startup who got said device through FDA clearance and working with health data, this kinda hurts. I can assure you I am quite well versed in HIPAA. If you don't believe me, I don't know what else to say. Spot. On. 100%. USPA has authority to revoke a TI rating for any number of reasons and this is not controversial. USPA has no authority to declare an FAA medical invalid, and this is the topic under discussion. Not that getting it "right" would excuse USPA's alleged actions here, but from the narrative presented it sounds like they got it wrong, the TI is not taking the drug in question, and his medical is in fact valid.
  2. No, the validity of the FAA medical is between the medical holder and the FAA. USPA has no say in it and has no obligation or authority to "look into" anything medical. Really, where are you getting this from? Certainly not a USPA policy? USPA policy is to let the FAA handle it--that's exactly what it means to require an FAA medical. I guess legally (though completely shitty) the USPA could try to tattle on the TI to the FAA and try to convince them to invalidate the medical, but that's all they can do. They have zero legal authority to declare it invalid themselves, zero ability to gain access to the health record to investigate, and zero expertise to interpret any of it anyway. This is completely irresponsible and shameful and if it really happened I want to know who and how.
  3. I don’t understand what you mean by this. Could you please elaborate?
  4. To be clear, I don’t think USPA is violating any laws here. Only internal policies and societal taboo. e: funny you should mention pot. Every TI that uses marijuana on his own time has an invalid medical. Simply not true. HIPAA does not apply to USPA in any way shape or form, regardless of any data they may have.
  5. HIPAA is often misunderstood and I think a violation anywhere in this scenario is unlikely. It would be completely impossible for USPA to violate HIPAA (as it doesn't apply to them) if that's what you're thinking. Thanks
  6. By format I mean the core mechanics of the platform, not the styling. There's no reason a forum couldn't be designed to work as well on mobile as any other platform.
  7. I am fully willing to raise hell with the USPA over this, but I'd like to be more confident first that the key facts are correct: USPA obtained health information of a member USPA retained this health information for consideration USPA used this health information in an action against the member Do I have this right? Can you please provide corroborating details or evidence? Direct message is fine. Especially helpful would be identity of the TI and actual copies of any communications between him and USPA regarding this issue. How did you personally hear of this story?
  8. USPA looking at health information of its members is incredibly disturbing and inappropriate, regardless of anything else that might be going on.
  9. You've missed my entire point (my fault, I thought it was obvious enough to be made implicitly): Health information is confidential/private and protected in a special way that no other information is, and it's a cultural taboo for USPA to be concerning itself with it. If USPA has some policy or procedure to review health information of its members, that needs to stop *immediately*. USPA policy should be that if it stumbles upon any health information accidently, it should do its best to forget. Edit: I'm going to add some context here. As a medical doctor, USPA member, and FAA medical certificate holder who was recently diagnosed with cancer, I find this incredibly disturbing.
  10. I really like the forum format and I think it's a real shame it's gone out of style. Still, I wouldn't mind being on a Discord, too.
  11. That isn't relevant. An FAA medical is an entirely FAA process that the USPA doesn't suddenly get invited to depending what activities that applicant intends to do with it. As far as the USPA is concerned, he either has one or he doesn't, and they can learn that status by asking the FAA. For them to be poking around in his health information is incredibly inappropriate and a very bad look.
  12. IMO USPA has or should have zero authority to police that potential issue. If FAA enforcement of it's medical policies is lacking, that doesn't somehow make it appropriate for USPA to step in. USPA shouldn't even know about the TI's medical issues or medications, it's quite explicitly none of their business.
  13. nwt


    I'm not sure what we're disagreeing on. (1) We are over the peak nationally so deaths on average are going down everywhere and (2) I'm not going to dispute what you say is happening in your local area, I just don't understand the significance you're placing on it. Some places are going to be hit worse than average and some are going to have it better. Those that have it better for one peak may have it worse for another. It doesn't necessarily mean anything. The national death numbers are what they are, unless you mean to implicitly dispute them in which case I'd ask you to use your words.
  14. nwt


    What are you talking about? Nobody is disputing that the case fatality rate is much lower, but where are you going with that? Total number of severe cases/deaths (and therefore need for ventilators) is comparable with previous waves.