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  1. Who here is encouraging anyone to slide in on a landing that could be stood up? Not me. As you say, it's secondary to standing/running much like the PLF. So why teach the PLF but discourage people from learning to slide with appropriate instruction and supervision? Is the PLF also a bad habit? The PLF is from the days of round parachutes and is intended for landings with a high descent rate, to convert that into forward motion. On modern canopies, it's often the case that you've fully arrested your vertical descent but have too much forward speed to run out. The PLF was never intended for that and sliding works quite well. There is technique to doing it safely... much like the PLF. lol poor attempt at trolling my dude
  2. Ok you're totally right and he's teaching me bad habits
  3. That's why I recommended he work with a coach.
  4. Thanks, I'll let my world champion canopy coach know that.
  5. Sliding is a good tool to have, and I recommend learning it under direct supervision by a canopy coach. The correct technique does not impact your tailbone.
  6. nwt


    The problem isn't selfishness, it's stupidity. A selfish person who isn't stupid will get the vaccine.
  7. Hmm I would really love for my Katanas to open faster, actually.
  8. The way Curt put it was an RDS is for performance while a removable slider is for convenience
  9. I haven't done it myself, but someone recently asked about it on the US fun jumpers facebook page and Curt Bartholomew replied saying it was a reasonable thing to do.
  10. UPT recently quoted me 5-10 days for risers, dbag, handle, and pilot chute, and it turned out to be more like 3.5 weeks. If they had been more up-front with me, I probably would have used a different pilot chute and gotten back on my new rig sooner.
  11. It says 16 weeks on the front page of their web site
  12. nwt


    Are you sure that isn't how it is structured?
  13. It will be interesting to see how this independent contractorship holds up.