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  1. Duly noted, but still not something I think should be learned based on a forum description. "I learned it on the internet" is filled with ER visits and worse.
  2. Careful what advice you dispense on web forums. The "self-burble" technique you describe sounds like a "no-lift dive" or diving with a fully vertical attitude. Without proper instruction and skill development, this maneuver can and has been deadly.
  3. FAR 105.3 - definitions "Reserve parachute means an approved parachute worn for emergency use to be activated only upon failure of the main parachute or in any other emergency where use of the main parachute is impractical or use of the main para- chute would increase risk." Simply put, a jumper must be equipped with a certificated reserve parachute that they only intend to use for emergency purposes.
  4. Directly from the USPA Governance Manual.... "The purposes for which USPA is formed are as follows: To encourage unity among all persons interested in skydiving; to promote safety in all skydiving activities in the United States, to sanction skydiving competitions; to document officially all national and world skydiving records set by citizens of the U.S., to promote and encourage the study and knowledge of skydiving among the membership and the public at large; to cooperate with all government agencies connected with aeronautics or aeronautical activities; to compile information regarding the science of skydiving and to edit, publish, and disseminate the same; to select and train the United States Parachute Team for world competition."
  5. You made a very incorrect statement that I don't like to answer questions. The reality is that I refuse to get suckered into dead-end conversations with the "yeah, but" crowd. Look through the forums and you will see that I answer questions routinely for anyone with a desire to have a sincere conversation on any subject. When I sat down to write this, I planned to address your post in great detail. After re-reading my own words, I've changed my mind. I will not take the bait. You know as well as I do that there is no acceptable level of injuries or fatalities in skydiving. There is no skydiving discipline designed or intended as a tool for growth, so making a connection between them and any intended promotional value is a false narrative. Here are the facts: CP is a legitimate, internationally recognized discipline. In accordance with USPA bylaws, we support all ISC recognized disciplines. CP is dangerous. Statistically it's more dangerous than other skydiving disciplines. Welcome to reality. All forms of skydiving are dangerous. I wholeheartedly support all of them. Finally, you suggested that I must either believe that CP injuries and fatalities are "worth it", or that I haven't "actually thought about it seriously". Brother, you are way off base. There is NOTHING in skydiving that I haven't thought about seriously. Pretty much every moment of every day. Anyone who knows me and my priorities knows that. Five left and cut.
  6. Yep, I had one. Best performance by far for a wing in that era. And yes, every few dozen jumps an opening would jack up my neck. Probably wasn't the best canopy for a video guy back then, but it sure was fun to fly.
  7. The post title should read "What's your favorite FAR?"
  8. Speed runs can go all over the place. Some go mostly straight down, but some cover a lot of horizontal distance, which can also be in random directions.
  9. Not every good idea resonates with everyone or even a minority of folks. That's why USPA reps are here. We listen to ALL member thoughts that are brought forward and give every viable idea consideration. If a member asks a director (typically the regional director) to take an idea to the appropriate committee, he or she will do so. Whether or not it goes any further than that is the committee's call. If a member is not comfortable working with the regional director, they can contact me directly. 832-630-1213. I will assist.
  10. Famous last words. Welcome to the family. BTW, at 5'9" and 180, there is a LOT of good used gear that would fit you just fine.
  11. Nope. That will only cause more sketchy opinions in reply. My point was and is obvious. Swooping is an extremely dangerous activity even when conducted by the highest skilled pilots. My sincere advice to everyone is to get professional canopy coaching, especially anyone planning on or doing high performance landings.
  12. Much of the content in this thread is ridiculous, incorrect, and deadly. I would encourage anyone wanting to learn high performance canopy flight techniques to seek the advice of a professional canopy instructor and ONLY a professional canopy instructor. Swooping is damn dangerous. Learning from the keyboard is a recipe for death.
  13. Swooping is not safe. Swooping dangerous - damn dangerous.
  14. Yep. It doesn't matter what kind of aircraft it is. A freefall jump from any aircraft in flight is a skydive and can be logged. Whether or not the jump is legal is a separate question.