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  1. chuckakers

    Selections by Mike McGowen

    Must have.
  2. chuckakers

    USPA Badges

    Welcome to the family! The awards you are referring to are a way to recognize jumpers for reaching milestones. If the jumper likes, a presentation by a USPA board member, DZO, or family/friend can be conducted and a photo submitted to Parachutist magazine for print. Also, some people frame them for display. Just 988 more jumps and you get one too!!!
  3. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Maybe just quote the list of punishment actions that can be taken against GM DZ's. Surely just showing the membership what actions COULD be taken against a GMDZ is not in violation of 1-6. Have you read the USPA Governance Manual? The answer to your question and most others can be found in it. Specifically, your question is answered in 1-6.4.C
  4. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Me either... And I have looked. I am eagerly waiting for someone to answer what "teeth" have been put into the GM program. In accordance with the USPA Governance Manual Section 1-6... "2. To protect a member [including group members, emphasis added] who is wrongly accused and to protect the rights of all persons affected, members of the board of directors and USPA staff will refrain from discussing any matter relating to any alleged offense with any person not a party to the action and shall express no opinion nor make any statement concerning anything related to the alleged offense except as provided in Section 1-6. Any breach of confidentiality may be subject to disciplinary action under Section 1-6.4 B.9."
  5. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    The USPA constitution contains the following references: The purposes for which USPA is formed are as follows: To encourage unity among all persons interested in promote and encourage the study and knowledge of skydiving among the membership and the public at compile information regarding the science of skydiving and to edit, publish, and disseminate the same...
  6. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Irony score 8? What training does USPA provide the US parachute team? Derek V No irony at all. You can't fix things from the outside, and since that post long ago there has been some teeth put into the program and the pledge. Is it perfect? Nope. Am I taking an active role in improving it. Yep. When did you say you are running for the board? You seem to have a lot of thoughts on how to do things better. Why not become part of the solution you insist upon? As for your question, here's a possible answer. Years ago when the only competitions were style and accuracy, "coaches" were selected to work with our athletes to train them. I can't tell you if funding was ever provided to these coaches, but they were selected by USPA - presumably as part of the charter. The coach slot still exists and is sometimes filled, but is most often used as an assistant team manager slot. For the record, team managers are now selected by USPA and coaches are typically selected by team managers and approved by the committee. BTW, coaches are not paid for their efforts nor do they receive funding. I can't speak to how things were done years ago, but that's how it's done currently.
  7. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Bill, I don't know the history so I can't speak to that. Maybe there was a time when USPA (PCA) paid for coaching, jumps, or other things for the team. If any old-schoolers can chime in with FACTS on USPA's financial support of the team way back when, please do so. What I can say for sure is that USPA does NOT provide team funding in any way today.
  8. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Then I am surprised I had to quote it to you. Notice it says TRAIN? You can try to explain it away, but it says TRAIN in plain English.... See attached. You have a nice day. Lol, Ron you didn't have to quote it to me. As I said, I am familiar with USPA's charter. I'm not explaining anything away because there is nothing to explain away. You are stuck on the word "train" to mean that USPA funds that training. We do not. Not sure how many ways I need to say it - USPA provides NO funding to the US Parachute Team. If you question the accuracy of my statement, feel free to call Executive Director Ed Scott. I'm sure he will be glad to confirm what I am saying.
  9. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    USPA provides no funding to US Teams. The teams are funded by investment income from the US Parachute Team Trust Fund, which receives nothing from USPA. Please look at the charter for the PCA, later turned USPA. "To select and train the United States Parachute Team for World Competition" As a director and member of the competition committee, I am quite familiar with our charter. Note that it says nothing about funding. USPA does not provide money for team training or any team necessities. Our teams are funded through sponsorships, fundraisers, the trust fund, and out of pocket dollars.
  10. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    USPA provides no funding to US Teams. The teams are funded by investment income from the US Parachute Team Trust Fund, which receives nothing from USPA.
  11. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Actually Westerly was... it is my understanding is that no one legally needs anything from the USPA to be a TI.
  12. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Read back a few posts. Westerly was doing just that.
  13. chuckakers

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Incorrect. FAR 105.45 states: Sec. 105.45 — Use of tandem parachute systems. (a) No person may conduct a parachute operation using a tandem parachute system, and no pilot in command of an aircraft may allow any person to conduct a parachute operation from that aircraft using a tandem parachute system, unless— (1) One of the parachutists using the tandem parachute system is the parachutist in command, and meets the following requirements: (i) Has a minimum of 3 years of experience in parachuting, and must provide documentation that the parachutist— (ii) Has completed a minimum of 500 freefall parachute jumps using a ram-air parachute, and (iii) Holds a master parachute license issued by an organization recognized by the FAA, and (iv) Has successfully completed a tandem instructor course given by the manufacturer of the tandem parachute system used in the parachute operation or a course acceptable to the Administrator. (v) Has been certified by the appropriate parachute manufacturer or tandem course provider as being properly trained on the use of the specific tandem parachute system to be used... That of course begs the question, what organizations are recognized by the FAA? The answer is found in the FAA Field Inspector Guide 8900, which states: D. United States Parachute Association (USPA). The sport parachute industry is largely self-regulated, with most sport parachute operators belonging to the USPA. 1) The USPA has established a group member program as a way for sport parachute schools, centers, and clubs to provide its affiliates with resources, such as recommended aircraft inspection programs, pilot safety information, and safety procedures. 2) The USPA is the only national skydiving organization currently recognized by the FAA. 3) The USPA “D” license is the only license that meets the master parachute license requirement of § 105.45. 4) Inspectors may verify USPA credentials by emailing So yes, tandem instructors are required to hold a valid and current Master license issued by USPA (which is valid only with active membership) to legally perform tandem skydives in the United States. Pass it on.