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  1. It would seem to me that from a safety perspective it shouldn't matter under most circumstances whether the movement group goes before or after tandems as long as they fly away - perpendicular-ish - from the jump run line of flight. Could it be that it's preferable to have experienced jumpers land off than tandems?
  2. I don't know that it was a good idea, but back in "the day" we tacked a square of inch thick foam padding inside the pack tray to fill some area.
  3. How long will that thing last doing butt slides? Just about every ultra HP pilot I know slides a lot.
  4. Thank you. Support for our family comes in many forms and I'm grateful for yours.
  5. Skydiving may not be a thing for you these days, but for 40,000 USPA members it is. Besides, after tomorrow the "real election" will be over. The USPA election goes on through the end of the month.
  6. Sorry, I meant to say I give a lot of credit "for the problem" to the TI. I agree with everything you said. I've shot a couple thousand tandems and it was most typical to see the TI check my position before tossing.
  7. Great minds think alike. I have one on every jumpsuit. Front of my right thigh (I'm right-handed). If you don't have a hook knife when you need one, you may never need one again.
  8. Didn't appear to be any f'ing around or selfish decisions going on. Looks to me like a confusing (non-existent, actually) count. Never any rocking, hand motioning, vocal counting, or other obvious signals to indicate when the TI was leaving. You can hear him say "ok" (which the camera flyer may not have heard) then he just exits. Based solely on the video, I give a lot of credit to the TI. 2 cents
  9. Do you know this drop zone, camera flyer, or the skill standards at the DZ in question? Really good skydivers make really bad mistakes, you know.
  10. Not true. Check out the video link clearly showing a Jack knife slicing through the bridle like hot butter. As for trouble reaching the bridle, I think adrenaline would solve that problem.
  11. That may be because folks would order what they think is correct, but it may not be. I also don't believe the volume is altered. I think they use the customer's measurements to figure out which is better.
  12. I do not, and it may not be a problem at all. I'm just a bit nervous about anything that could foul a deployment, and putting an elastic band around the flap adds an element that could come into play under unusual circumstances. I'd love to hear other folks' experiences.
  13. The Curv comes in 2 configurations - taller and slimmer or shorter and a bit thicker. Long torso types just need to order the taller one and reaching the p/c is not an issue. Typically that call is made at the factory, but if it's a potential issue just let them know your concerns and they will make sure you get the right one.
  14. I like the magnetic but not a fan of putting anything on the reserve flap. R.I. makes a magnetic that is attached to a fabric loop sewn to the trim on the yoke. No interaction with the reserve flap and very effective. I'm sure a field installation can be performed with this or any similar design.