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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10Yv6wKFU8S7EPbdonY39Dceu61XH95D_/view?usp=sharing
  2. I did a search for Raw Dogs on the forums...maybe I spelt it wrong... I did a search for micro0line death CRW...still no luck...so maybe some of you have not seen this. To do CRW ...I think you need a sense of humour...a some running shoes...on kinda loose.
  3. Thank you....you have done your homework...and mine too.
  4. Cool...you all are quite invested in this I can see...I trust your judgement.
  5. What is wrong with this explanation...He was shot dead after prison break...can never be found...six feet under. https://youtu.be/Xauaxxa1YSA?si=a26LXn5Ett7bwhtM
  6. Yo dogs take a look at me Go Pro as I CReW my canopy Too hot smoke'n like a Rasta don't look now we just over cooked the pasta Hook knife may come in handy this time it snagged a sketchy Andy Chop chop and we get-a-way clean with the HD video best you ever seen Full stop 'cause we don't got the hunger to unite our reserves for the thunder It's a matter of ability no pilot chutes and rock like stability Next time we try to get together base pin we fly it to the letter so smooth it flows like a milkshake watch us now and the formations we make
  7. Although I consider myself an expert in E.P., I am also 20 years past my best before date, so I want someone current to do the talking. I have a bit of an issue with this video once posted on the CRW forum and no one mad any comment. The younger red hot chilly pepper dude did not even look at his reserve handle...ever!!! He attempted to hang on to his main while chopping it and could not pull the cutaway handle with one hand. Good thing! The RSL worked as designed. Both handles are the same color. To me it looks as if his original training was lacking and he never fixed that problem before he moved on to more advanced activities.
  8. I did not pack them but even having the leg straps uneven was bad mojo. They still make them?
  9. I have been thinking about regulation....low turns and fast canopies. I was totally against the reintroduction of the bat wing technology aka squirrel suites ... now wing suites .... but never for regulation against them...do as you like. Just think if USPA had outlawed your wing suits. So education is the responsibility of USPA and not law enforcement ... in my humble opinion. Enforcement of safety rules should fall on the DZO and DZ safety officer. Again ...just my thoughts. I always found it easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission anyway.
  10. Any code monkeys out there?
  11. Me sorry too...not having any luck with uploads....old version of firefox on old version of linux...living in the woods. Will try again some time.
  12. This is just a joke....so don't get overly offended. I got a third party opinion RE: USA'ers AFF from the NKSA. https://www.dropbox.com/pri/get/videos/wrong_side.mp4?_subject_uid=1917129025&w=AAA_vkZGFL9ttFKBMoN-RG6WX0Z1r0hlu12s53LncJaRDA
  13. I think I found the Video "C182 , hop 'n hook trick" https://www.dropbox.com/pri/get/videos/fulljimmy2.mp4?_subject_uid=1917129025&w=AAB_-AVJlLPbhQ_wcskAD2sDT4DKfrhWKRDbzS9YTRLi3w
  14. I hung off every word....1.5 hours of true joy....everything I wanted to say but felt unqualified to preach or teach to people with more jumps, more experience....and still active in the sport. This was the most intelligent conversation I have witnessed in 20 years. I wish more people would listen to it. True wisdom.
  15. Careful with fast progressing AFF...the tent to downsize canopies a little to fast for some. You need to be able to land safely to proceed to your next level. Look around on this site...use search for AFF, the DZ's, and look hard at incidents and accidents. You don't want to become a statistic on a government chart. And...most importantly!!!.......have fun.