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  1. Are you looking to do "demos", and do them the right way? Skydiving Innovations is conducting another incredible course covering every critical element required in order to conduct safe, thrilling and inspiring skydiving shows. Learn from the very best - we've been doing this for 33 years, performing at demonstrations in to some of the coolest and most compelling venues! Downtown city streets, beaches, aircraft carriers, golf courses, stadiums, densely populated areas and more. Learn how and why to make the right decisions when performing demonstrations. We're incident/accident/claim-free in all 33 years of operation. We know demos, and we know safety. Course Location: Skydive San Diego Course Date: Saturday June 8, 2019. Sunday June 9th is a backup date in case of weather on Saturday. Course Cost: $450.00. Must be prepaid at least one week prior to the course date. Course includes: All classroom instruction and materials, four practical application jumps from 5,000 feet, using flags, smoke and other special effects. Everything is included in this course. Course Participants: Minimum D license and 500 jumps. Only eight slots are available for this course. Watch these teaser videos to get an idea of what "doing demos" can be like, then message us through this page to reserve your slot. You'll be glad you did. See our website at Contact me for further information. Ron Lee Skydiving Innovations
  2. I am trying to find some contact info for Dick Fortenberry. (World champ in the 60's). Anyone have any info on how I might contact him? Thanks Ron Rondo
  3. Absolutely agree, Bill. The BSR's are the right place to address this issue, and designating separate landing areas is the best way to minimize the opportunity for collisions. Ron Rondo
  4. Keith, Seems the only time you respond to my posts is to dis me. What's up with that? Please re-read my post. It states a simple observation: most of the folks all fired up and upset about the Skydive San Diego situation are seemingly unwilling to ask the source: Buzz. Yet, they are VERY willing to disparage and vilify the guy online when operating with just half the story. Ask him about it, then make a judgement. That's the adult thing to do. Rondo
  5. Seems to me, not one person, other than perhaps Enrique, has suggested asking Buzz for his side of this. Yet, plenty of people are willing to flame away while having only one half of the story. Rondo
  6. No problem Keith. Not that I don't trust you guys, but I may leave a tad LATE... Rondo
  7. Thanks for the invite Buzz. Barbara, Molly and Keith: warmest regards. Rondo
  8. My apologies to all for such a heated response. Rondo Rondo
  9. Sorry Keith. Just exactly WHICH dz were you referring to, then?
  10. Give me a break. This incessant barrage of accusations, innuendo and baseless attacks against Skydive San Diego is nothing more than whiny experienced jumpers trying to get back at the dz management (read that "Buzz" ) for not kissing their asses and giving them everything they want. Who in the world would believe a tandem master would leave student with a broken leg? We need to cut to the chase here: Keith, Molly and Barbara are three pissed off ex-Otay jumpers who think they're getting back at Buzz, while at the same time encouraging jumpers to go over to Joe Masalta's operation at Brown Field. THEY should try owning and operating a drop zone. Don't have the money, patience or stones for that? Then don't attack those who DO. I have jumped at Otay since 1982, and have seen and experienced every operation and owner. The one constant is that SOME experienced jumpers gain a sense of entitlement, and if they don't get what they want they piss on what they had. Good luck Joe. Just wait till these three don't like how YOU run YOUR dz. Ron Lee Rondo