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  1. Now I CAN emotional close this thread. I'm frankly glad she had to pay BUT I don't think she is over with any of this. Her dad (it seems) funded her payment? If so she'll just keep going....and going.....and going. What a sad life.
  2. mirage62

    Unsupportive people/downers/scare-bears

    If you jump long enough you'll find it particularly difficult to deal with friends that die - and it's a straight fact that you will have friends that die in this sport if you stay. Skydivers deal with this in many ways..... black humor is typical. Discussing accidents to learn from them is always beneficial as long as it isn't just a re-hash. My advice would be to listen quietly learn what you can and don't judge to harshly.
  3. mirage62

    oshkosh 15

    Yeah, the 100 way was so super secret they would have probably have killed them if they published anything. Sure hope the weather is good.
  4. Anyone know the largerst COMPLETED formation ever done at SDA?
  5. mirage62

    Eloy in April

    222 ways I think start April the 6th............. re-reading your post you'll be getting there after that is over.
  6. mirage62

    POPS World Record 2012: DELAND, FL

    Roger.............. GOOD
  7. Shouldn't be a problem, plus you'll meet a lot of great people.
  8. mirage62

    Biggest star so far?

    seems to me that at K jumps someone said it was over 100.
  9. mirage62

    Big Up to Skydive Carolina

    Welcome to the gang, always be safe, listen to all but take everything you hear with a grain of salt....
  10. mirage62

    Kaledioscope - ride from airport needed

    Sorry flying in, but way to go man. You got a slot on K jumps and you are well on your way to your goal!
  11. mirage62

    Fla. POPS Big-Way Record

    Oh yeah "bright eyed" you might have been....but you were the exception not the rule. I think "Snarl" just scared us into getting it done fast.
  12. mirage62

    School of Human Flight

    I drive +1 hr so I guess I'm not that far. I have jumped here for over 10 years. The dzo has always gone out of her way to help me in any way possible. Many jumpers have been jumping here longer than me. I have traveled to EVERY major dz in Fla and while you can easily find more planes, you just can't beat the atmosphere here. We have world class HP pilots who will jump with you, rw and ff. If you aren't a total nerd you'll find plenty of people to jump with you. For me the perfect balance between big enough to have what I want but small enough to be personnel
  13. mirage62


    All I know is a bunch of our dz is going. I haven't been in five years and maybe it has gone back to it's roots..........
  14. Both will be fun. I'm (like a lot of other people) short on time off so I'm doing the TSR thing. As far as the effect.....a handful of people I know can do them all. Time and money doesn't matter. A lot will pick by location, time off for the event, and cost of the event. Guy has a way of pulling these things off though!
  15. mirage62

    Illinois POPS record attempt

    Hey thats great John. So you'll get a slot, huh?