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  1. stratostar

    Searching for Thunderbow manual

    Dude that is so awesome! Thank you very much!
  2. stratostar

    Thunderbow manual needed

    That would awesome if you could, I’m still on the hunt for the manual or a copy
  3. stratostar

    Thunderbow manual needed

    Breezy passed away a number of years ago he was a great guy.
  4. stratostar

    Thunderbow manual needed

    Thanks for the input
  5. stratostar

    Searching for Thunderbow manual

    How did you pack into the d bag? S folds on top of each fold or sideways S folds corner to corner of bag like how we used to stuff T 10s into bags?
  6. stratostar

    Thunderbow manual needed

    Anyone just happen to have a Thunderbow manual they’d be willing to part with or copy? I sure could used the help in finding one. Tried the history gang but thought this place might get better results.
  7. I just found a 1971 Thunderbow rig in fairly mint condition. Having never packed one, nor seen a manual in any lofts in the last decade, I’m hoping someone here just might have one in the dust bin of time. I would like the real manual, but would be happy with just a copy of one that at least covers the packing. So if you got one to part with please let me know,thanks.
  8. Yeah I have really nice NOS stuff in my collection. Hell I was thinking it might cool to sign up, but as soon as I saw that DOM BS and no modified, but yet they want steerables lol. Ok now too much hassle to go, can’t use my gear, and he can rent any of it.
  9. stratostar

    How to sight in a ringsight

    I like to have a photo up on the wall above a monitor that has a live view of my camera, and about the distance away/below (for tandems) and then you can sight in the image and line up the sight to match. This process works much better than having someone else assist sighting in.
  10. Well some of those non USPA gm dz’s are not safer, because they were kicked out for ongoing and repeated violations of FARs and BSRs along with bad maintenance practices. So in general yes most the time you’d be safer at a USPA gm dz.... but not always. The offending dz’s that were kicked out at one time used to be GM dz’s. Seeing how Rob brought up the Hinkley crash, it’s doubtful those seat belts would have changed the out come, however not hanging a rotten R985 that spent the last 15 yrs or so on a display plane and not preserved in any fashion, then installed by a non A&P shade tree mechanic, most likely would have changed the out come! That crash was a direct result of one of the people who’s GM dz was kicked out of USPA for life for just those kind of shitty and shady dealings. you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo
  11. stratostar

    Strong Pop Top chest container PC options?

    Why not ask Mr. Sherman? you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo
  12. So it only took almost ten years, it is right in line with other prior cases taking many years to reach a favorable vote. While the City Commission was a vote for a win there are still many unresolved issues the City staff was ordered to correct. That same city staff has a long history of non compliance. When I first made this thread in an attempt to not only wrap my head around the complex and confusing FAA regulations and grant assurances, but to educate skydivers. Too many times we see lots skydivers wanting USPA AAD fund money for fighting for having their home DZ kicked off an airport or a start up dz banned. Many skydivers totally don't understand how any of this works, nor do they take the time to truly learn. It's not a item worth their time to understand until they get the boot or refused access. The other reason I started this thread was some what a test of the info I got out of USPA's office of Government Relations and the process of the proceeding down the path first hand, and documenting it so others could see the hassle and complexity involved in seeing it through to the end. The amount of time and money it takes to pull it off. Most successful cases that have been won were at a high cost to the DZO in lawyer fees and in some cases loss of income. Some I've heard of losing their homes and divorce as well. And having now completed my own journey down that rough ass road, I can fully report that in fact this is not for weary or weak minded. You better be ready for the long haul and hope you got a lot of money to burn! I was able to do it without (for the most part) a lawyer. It was persistence and remaining pissed off, not taking no or putting up with lies like" we called the FAA and there is no usable air space in this county". I lost a lot of battles, but in the end won the war. So all these years later the original posts have many now non working links because the FAA guidance has been changed or updated. However the over all idea is still the same and good use of google you can find the newest version of the FAA guidance. You can also get a good start via USPA's website. The key is doing your homework and become an expert in FAA guidance manual 5190-6b and the additional advisory circulars. You also need to know your FAR's and USPA BSR's. Good luck you'll need it and a large bank account and a whole lot of time! P.S. Don't call me, call Randy O.... you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo
  13. stratostar

    Pitt Meadows dropzone closed?

    It winter time and the beers freeze solid eh! you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo
  14. stratostar

    Reserves Smaller than Main

    Lol the older I get the larger my reserves become! you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo
  15. stratostar


    I have unused reg priced lift tickets from a dz, they moved to a new location and changed the name of the dz. the same guys owns the place and he refused to refund the tickets and also refused to honor the tickets at the new location because he said it’s a different dz now with new name. He didn’t care that I said but you still got/have my money! you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo