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  1. skybytch


    Unfortunately they have yet to find one accepting new patients. I get to take that task on tomorrow. Along with finding Paul the Pill Pusher. Maybe if I call the police department they can point me towards the right neighborhood to look in. I mean, since I am being forced to go illegal, might as well get a referral from those who know the market best. The new PCP has their records from their doctors and pain specialists down south. I guess I'm just stupid cuz I don't understand why that isn't enough to prescribe enough to get them through til they can see a specialist.
  2. skybytch


    My parents are 80. They recently moved across the state. Both have chronic conditions that require the use of opiate pain medication. Getting them set up with new primary care doctors has been a nightmare, but getting a doctor who will prescribe the meds they need is nearly impossible. They ran out of meds in January and we managed to find an urgent care with a nice doctor who wrote a 30 day script but will not write another. They now have a primary care doctor... and three days worth of meds left. The doctor "doesn't" prescribe them, but did give them a list of pain doctors they can call for an appointment. Specialists have appointments available within a few days, right? My 80 year old parents are going to be in opiate withdrawals on Wednesday and I can't find anyone who will help. I guess they assume I am using my parents to source the meds for myself... which is very very much not the case as I am allergic to that shit. I understand that kids are dying and so there has to be all these rules, but what the fuck is someone who legitimately NEEDS these meds supposed to do?!? Shop urgent cares and ERs? Head to the streets and find someone selling them? Or just go straight to a heroin dealer? Why is it okay for doctors to refuse to help people because of the medication they need? How do they sleep at night knowing that these people, their patients, are suffering, and it all could be avoided with the stroke of a pen? Can anybody explain? Can anybody help? If so, you'll find me down on the corner looking for Paul the Pill Pusher.
  3. When I was 16 I wanted a motorcycle really bad. Mom said no. Her dad broke his leg on one so they were dangerous, no motorcycles for me. I tried to get one when I was 18 and she said no again. WTF? I was 18!?! I earned the money for it!?! I was going to get it whether she liked it or not! I didn't get that bike, for you see, I still lived with them. They still paid most of my bills. I was pissed, but that's just how it was. I respected my parents so I didn't go against her wishes and buy it. I did get one four months after I moved into my own place though. At that point, it didn't matter whether she liked it or not. I was supporting myself and I could make my own decisions. If you'll be out supporting yourself by next summer, that's awesome. Get back in the air, get your license, buy gear, become a world champion swooper. At that point, she has no say regarding what you do or don't do. If your parents are still paying any of your bills then, you might consider waiting until you have assumed full responsibility for your life prior to jumping again. It's just the respectful thing to do.
  4. I wish we could. But we are 30 minutes from any health care, a minimum 10 minute ambulance response time and we can't afford to hook a trailer up to the septic. Assisted living is too expensive unfortunately... I thought managing my own medical and life issues was difficult at times. Adding theirs is certainly challenging the efficacy of my seizure meds lmao!! Must keep positive attitude... and the booze cabinet stocked... Thanks for the empathy! It helps, seriously. This is actually one of very few times that I have missed fakebook since I broke free from it.
  5. Here I sit at the parents new house. I have been here two days a week since the first of the month and will be here at least two days a week for the foreseeable future. They can't handle their banking, changing doctors, dealing with address changes, even setting up tv and trash service was a struggle. The simplest things have become totally confusing and overwhelming for them.. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch and seriously frustrating for both them and me. Don't let this type of situation hit you without warning. Visit your aging parents often. Watch for signs of decline in mental acuity. And when they are making really bad decisions, don't assume they are capable of dealing with the consequences. That's the time to step in. I knew that is what I should have done when mom started talking about moving but I played ostrich instead. So now I am dealing with the consequences. Don't be a dumb ass like I am.
  6. What. The. Actual. Fuck. Talking with the hubby the other day, I predicted this would be an unprecedented unpresidenting.... but this goes just a bit beyond what I had imagined. Wonder how many Trumpydump flags will be flying today?
  7. I'm going to throw out something different to consider. Which dz is most likely to become your home dz, the one you will jump most at? For most jumpers that's the one closest to where you live. Doing your student training at that dz has several advantages. The obvious one is travel time and cost savings. The less obvious is the social side of skydiving. By the time you have an A license, people will know you and it will be a bit easier to find folks to jump with than if you show up as an unknown with a fresh A license. You'll also have a chance to get to know the local riggers before you have to decide who is going to pack your reserve. Regardless, don't forget to bring beer (or an equally yummy non alcoholic equivalent) and hang out getting to know people after your jumps. And have fun!
  8. Thanks guys. It keeps getting worse. Had to rescue them after they ran out of money and hotel room last week. Mother won't listen to anyone, not even their saint of a real estate agent (who will forever hold a special place in my heart). They can't seem to understand that cell phones must be kept turned on and charged if they want people to be able to contact them. She won't even go pay for the room for tomorrow night KNOWING that they aren't moving in to the new place tomorrow... because she can hope... and the motel doesn't fill up... Oh. Em. Gee. I am so screwed. If only I had an AAD.. and a reserve...and the hubby would let me go to Low Die (cuz fuck USPA)... I could so use a skydive right about now.
  9. They are moving to another senior mobile home community in a place they (and I) know absolutely no one. I'd have been very happy with and suggested strongly an assisted living situation as mobility and driving are both issues as is the declining mental acuity, but she insists that they can't afford that. Which does not bode well for the future. I just hope they can take care of themselves for another year. I have 450 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail to hike next summer.
  10. Or vibes. Whatever you got. I can use `em. My 80 year old parents are moving 400 miles across the state. Closer to me of course. They are driving up with my brother and niece today. They arrive there tomorrow and the ridiculous amount of useless crap Mom MUST bring arrives Friday. Four trips down there since October to help pack and scream at her to please please please reduce the hoard... but no. It's all coming... so I can get rid of it in a few years when they die. The stupidest decision they have ever made and I should know, having made more than enough really stupid decisions in my life. My son and I pretty much begged them not to do it. My brother said they'd be just fine. He knows better now but it's too late, and he's going to be 400 miles away now so it's not his problem after tomorrow anyway. It's been three months of absurdity and I don't foresee it getting better. I see all the cool plans we have for the next couple years slowly fading away, replaced by me taking care of them between stays in a padded room. I should be there to help them move in. They really can't do it themselves. But I get to spend the weekend hooked to an EEG machine in a nuero unit having seizures. Carpe that fucking diem. And to top it all off, my favorite chicken died. RIP Meringue. Is 9:30am too early to start drinking? </whine>
  11. A couple things. What type of aircraft is it? Putting on a rig in a Cessna 182 in flight is difficult at best, doing so in the same space during an aircraft emergency situation is a bit unlikely, especially if the main character has never worn one. If the aircraft is larger (like a Cessna Caravan for example) doing so is more realistic as there is more space inside the aircraft, but there is still the whole never put on one before in a high stress situation thing. If the rig was left in the aircraft, was it left by a sport jumper or by a pilot? Pilots have to wear emergency parachutes during jumping operations. Those rigs are different from sport rigs. Highly recommend that you pick up a copy of "Parachuting The Skydivers Handbook " by Dan Poynter. You will likely find answers to most if not all of your questions there. Would love to read the scene when you are done!
  12. I know freefliers don't wear them anymore, but does anyone still make something similar to the freefly pants of the mid 2000's? Snug down to the knees then wider for some drag on the legs. Hubby prefers them for AFF and his old ones are rags. I'll attempt to make some if I have to but I'd rather he wear something that doesn't look like it was made in a junior high school sewing class...
  13. You need to find out if it is possible in the Netherlands. What might be possible in the US or other large country may not be possible there. Some questions to ask of someone who jumps there... How many dz's are there? How busy are they? Do they need packers? How much can you make there? How long is the season? Probably best to get at least a few hundred jumps in before deciding you are ready to make a living in the sport.
  14. Holy shit! You survived a nightmare situation. That could have easily been a fatality report and damn, I'm glad it isn't All my respect. You sir are a badass.
  15. I wish mine were that short. 8 friends have died jumping (double digits for people I had met but didn't know). Ten jumper friends have died in various other ways. I am also 55. Maybe it's because I didn't make many non skydiver friends when I was jumping a lot, but my dead skydiver friends list is definitely longer than my dead whuffo friends list.