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  1. It's that close?!? Monday may have a new plan...
  2. Heh. We were there in November. Bought our 2nd machine from a guy just down the road.
  3. LOL! Heading to Oshkosh for the EAA Museum and Kettle Moraine State park for some hiking. And some cheese somewhere.
  4. That's what I what looking at doing. So what's good to go see in the area? I've never been there and I'm going to have a couple days to play tourist. Obviously cheese and a Great Lake, but what else?
  5. Boogies can be hazardous to your financial health. You go thinking it's just going to be a few days of fun, maybe demo a new main or two, drink some cheap beer... and you come back home and order a complete new rig. We went to a pinball festival in October, played a bunch of games and fell in love with one. In November we drove to North Carolina from California and bought one.Crazy? Yeah, but we've played the shit out of that machine already, we have no plans to sell it anytime soon and it's got a great story attached to it now - plus it's already worth about $1000 more than we paid for it.. We went to a pinball festival on Saturday, played a bunch of games and fell in love with one. Either Wednesday or Thursday, I leave to drive to Milwaukee to buy a Batman 66. We could each have a new rig for what this thing is going to cost. Happily, pinball machines are appreciating in value these days, unlike skydiving gear, so it's really an investment. Really it is. So anyway, do I know anyone who lives along I80 between Reno and Wisconsin? Happy to buy you lunch, coffee or a beer in exchange for some conversation and an hour or so break from the road.
  6. Why the snark? Because skydiving will look bad if something goes wrong? Because it isn't you getting paid (I get that, I wish I was good enough to get some of that Red Bull $$)? You mentioned Tom Noonan earlier. Luke is not providing some guy with too much money an "extreme experience". He's a professional stuntman doing an impressive stunt. If he fucks up, no paying customers will be injured or die. Huge difference. I'll be watching.
  7. Somewhere in a box I think I have one. It's kinda rusty though. How much you payin'?
  8. Introduce people to other skydivers? Actually I am less of a skydiver than I used to be. Happens when you don't jump anymore.
  9. My bad, this one wasn't a reefer, he just left the thing idling. The shitty reefer was at a rest stop in California. The nights, they all run together now. It was a long ass trip.
  10. Judging by the 10 to 20 trucks parked on every on/off ramp along I40, I believe you. They were stacked butts to nuts at one rest area in Texas (which, btw, has some of the nicest rest areas in the US). But it's okay to bother folks in RVs. Gotcha. I get your point completely, but truckers who do this kind of thing make all of you look like jerks as far as I'm concerned. You aren't doing professional drivers like yourself any favors by defending those who lack common courtesy. I was a skydiver but I am also a raging bitch. Doesn't mean all skydivers are raging bitches... but anyone who knows no other skydivers might think so.
  11. A lesson the husband learned veerrrry early in the relationship....
  12. There are truck stops and rest areas for truckers. I didn't whine about the one parked next to us at a rest area and we didn't even try to sleep at a truck stop. Those are their places, they have jobs to do, I respect that. WalMarts are not truck parking areas, they are stores that allow RVs and trucks to park overnight. Some only allow RVs because hey guess what, trucks are loud. At this particlular WalMart - not rest area with truck parking, not Love's or Flying J truck stop - there was a shit ton of space on the other side of the parking lot... where all the other trucks with drivers who weren't complete dickwads were parked. . Park somewhere else? I parked all the way across the lot from the trucks, I'm sound asleep, it's 2 am and you pull in next to me with your fucked up reefer unit cycling every three minutes and I'm supposed to move? Fuck that. Want respect? Show some.
  13. Wow, taking pictures of one's feet outside a moving vehicle and then posting them on the interwebs is copyrighted? Sure hope I don't get sued for doing what I've been doing since at least 2008. And here I thought I was just entertaining myself on a long drive. Is not knowing who or what a Nerdgirl is an acceptable defense?