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  1. I didn't see you mention anything about skydiving being fun. If it's not fun, don't bother. There are other ways to feel alive that don't cost nearly as much. If it is fun, make fun your number two priority in skydiving (number one would be walking back to the packing area after every jump). Remove the word "fail" from your vocabulary. Skydiving is only pass/fail if you die. Sometimes students lose altitude awareness. That's why instructors jump with you and why the rig you used has an AAD. Sometimes experienced jumpers lose altitude awareness. That's why they have AADs on their rigs. You didn't "fail" that jump, you just didn't demonstrate all of the required skills on that jump. Did you walk back to the packing area? Did you learn something? Did you have fun at any point during the jump? Then it was a successful skydive. Relaxing is a key to improving your overall performance. So how do you relax? By remembering to have fun! Had a student once who was stuck on Cat D (single instructor release jumps). As soon as she was released she would tense up and spin. Five jumps in a row this happened, all with the same instructor. She was ready to quit. We were chatting about it and I asked her why she was skydiving. She said because it was fun. So the hubby and I took her up and did a 2 instructor linked exit. Once she had done practice pulls I let go, flew in front of her and started smiling and sticking my tongue out - having fun. She smiled and giggled - and relaxed; hubby let go and she flew stable until pull time. Went on to finish her student jumps with no repeats. Have you smiled in freefall?
  2. Nor in Asian or African cultures. Zip zilch zero. It's pretty impressive how only them ragheads would do such things.
  3. A priest, a Buddhist monk and a rabbit walk into a bar. The rabbit says "I'm a typo."
  4. Appears that it is also a practice condoned by many white men in power. Y'know, the religion of money.
  5. Money erases ethics. My wants blind me to violations of my stated ethics. Same thing.
  6. You're surprised? I mean, even skydivers love the UAE. Look at how often Dubai graces Parachutist's pages and how many politically active jumpers have proudly posted pictures of their trips there. Personally I don't understand why a gay person or any woman would want to travel there, much less live there, but that's just me...
  7. It's past time for every elected official over the Social Security retirement age to be gone, and not just for competence issues. </thread drift>
  8. Going for that PotHead Degree....
  9. Came here to tell a joke about trickle down economics but then I remembered 99% of you wouldn't get it.
  10. Contact your favorite jumpsuit manufacturer and ask. It can be done. May not be cheap....
  11. Is this helmet really a Cookie? It looks like a mid 2000's Bonehead to me, but I haven't looked at new helmets in awhile.
  12. Like most nylon poisoned individuals would, we saw a loft first. It took a while to decide the smaller room in the building would hold sewing machines just fine. btw, anyone need a harness machine or two? It has been and hopefully will continue to be a good distraction from my ongoing parental drama. Retail therapy ftw.
  13. It's taken us a bit longer than we had hoped to get to this point, but the first load has finally gone up at the Last Load Lounge, our new game room. It was a light load, just us and the dog. It's not quite ready for a full load. We still have to build the bar, get the pinball machine back from the shop, add a shuffleboard table and multicade machine and a few other furniture items, and finish filling the walls with pictures and other fun stuff. But we can stream hockey games and TV, listen to music, play video games, craps, darts, card and board games... and drink. A good enough start! Pinball and the arcade machine will go on the left side of the first picture. The craps table is at the end; we still have to put our cool Sharks lamp up over it. Sliding glass window on the right is the entry. Shuffleboard will be on the left of second picture, the bar counter area on the right. And the sharp eye will notice the nod to early Bonfire culture to the right of the TV. Third picture is the room before. The TV is now where the wall cabinets were. We removed the benches and cabinets, painted, put in new light fixtures, added a circuit and some outlets, put down an additional layer of underfloor, laid flooring and did baseboards and door and window trim. The sliding glass door on the right in that photo doesn't open; the fourth picture shows it's view. This is where the bar seating will be. Although it is located in the outbuilding 150 feet from the house, its a fairly easy stumble to bed at the end of the evening. Kinda like a prime camp spot at your favorite boogie. Overall we are pretty happy with our new hangout. C'mon by (with mask), the beer light is on!
  14. He didn't have a smartphone and YouTube. With his personality and bazillion stories he would have been a YouTube sensation. Semantics - I thought the "living in a converted van/bus while traveling around doing the YouTube/IG/Patreon thing" is called "van life" now, not tiny home living.
  15. We are looking to buy a desktop dedicated to streaming video and music from the interwebs and hard drive to a 75" screen and a low end stereo system (stimulus yay!). We have no clue what to buy as far as specs go. We won't be gaming on it if that matters. What cards/processors/speeds/etc should we be looking at to get mid range quality audio and video output? Thanks!