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  1. I haven't made a skydive in over five years. Why is not important. What is important is that my rig is being put back together and I'll be going back home sometime this spring. I have not kept up with much in the sport since I had to stop. I know things have changed in five years. So what's different? What's better now than it was five years ago? What's worse? What do you think a returning old fart should know about jumping today? Thanks!
  2. skybytch

    USPA Board Meeting

    Nowhere do I see mention of disciplinary action against anyone (I, S&TA, dzo, Joe fun jumper, etc) who doesn't file an incident report. Filing an incident report is voluntary. Why is disciplinary action being threatened to an I or camera flier that doesn't report their own AAD fire? Information from a USPA fatality report has made it into the hands of plaintiffs lawyers in the past. Why should USPA be trusted to keep that info confidential? How can we know for sure that names have been redacted and the report destroyed? We can't. We can only trust. Does anyone want to trust their livelihood to an organization that has already proven it can't be trusted to keep that info away from lawyers? I see no issue with voluntary reporting of student AAD fires, as long as there is no disciplinary action threatened for not filing it within 48 hours. Especially when the student can die and there is no requirement that anyone file an incident report in any amount of time. And there shouldn't be!
  3. skybytch

    USPA Board Meeting

    What does USPA plan to do with the information gathered from these reports? How is USPA going to protect the instructors who submit these reports from being sued by a student? What guarantee does an instructor have that USPA will keep his/her name confidential? For that matter, what guarantee does an AFF instructor have that his/her entire report will be kept confidential? If an instructor or cameraflier does not report their own AAD fire occurring on an AFF skydive within 48 hours, they are subject to disciplinary action? What exactly does this disciplinary action consist of?
  4. skybytch

    AFF San Francisco

    Skydive California in Tracy. Great people, great instructors, nice facilities.
  5. skybytch

    Hard Opening NEW SPECTRE

    Your first step should be to contact PD. Your next step should be to do whatever they suggest.
  6. skybytch

    Pulse 210 in a g4 m4

    Ever jump a 176 sq ft 7 cell? Didn't think so. Want your first jump on one to be your first reserve ride? Bet you don't. Over 1.2 on your first reserve is a good way to have the rig sitting in the closet while your ankle/leg/pelvis heals. A better choice would be a container that fits a reserve that you can safely land in less than ideal conditions today. Not at some mythical date in the future.
  7. skybytch

    Is Javelin XRS smaller than a new RSK?

    Not looking at charts, but I'd guess the XRS is smaller. The RSK used to be the RS (for Ridiculously Small); the XRS was Xtra Ridiculously Small. The RSK may be smaller than the RS was, dunno about that.
  8. Before you buy, jump a 135 and then a 120. Only you are going to know which you will prefer (and you may decide you don't want a Stiletto of any size after jumping them).
  9. skybytch

    Pursuit 230 canopy for a first rig?

    A Pursuit might be suitable as a first canopy for someone who enjoys PLF's and has no money to buy something better. It was intended as a CRW canopy... and most CRW jumpers today don't fly one. That should tell you something. Keep looking. If you're on a tight budget, older Sabres, Silhouettes and Triathlons are great first canopies.
  10. skybytch

    javelin odyssey harness question

    Probably because they thought a C16 would fit you best based on your measurements (all of your measurements, not just height and weight). Send 'em an email and ask them why.
  11. Perhaps it's just me, but that seems to be a strange thing to be proud of...
  12. skybytch

    Securing jumpsuit booties

    Buy a freefly suit?
  13. skybytch

    Selling gear reluctance

    Sounds like you have two rigs. I'd sell one. At least that way you're only "losing money" on one AAD instead of two. Being a skydiver without a rig is way worse than being a rig owner who can't afford to jump. As long as you don't need the money to survive, hang on to everything you need to make one jump. You won't regret it.
  14. skybytch

    Rigs, Canopy Advice

    More information is needed. How many jumps have you done? Where do you jump? What size canopies have your instructors recommended? If you haven't jumped yet, stop worrying about buying a rig right now. You won't be allowed to jump it until you have completed your student jumps (student gear is different from sport gear), and you'll be much happier with your gear choice if you can actually jump similar gear before you buy. If you must spend money on skydiving equipment right now, buy a pair of goggles, a logbook and maybe a Protec helmet.
  15. Cheapest is not best. Your money will last longer in the US if you choose a large dz that allows you to camp for free (Perris, Eloy, etc). You can pick up all the camping gear you'll need for around US$150 when you arrive. Tunnel time is an awesome tool. Please don't plan on working while you are in the US if you don't have a visa that allows it - ie not a tourist visa. We need those jobs for Americans. If you want to be an instructor, be a real instructor not a ride operator. Go for the AFF rating. Why put all that time and money into getting good at flying your body only to do the majority of your jumps under a drogue with 200 pounds of stupid attached to the front of you trying to kill you?