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    Beginner WL

    Personally I'd be more worried about your reserve size than your main. Figuring 25 pounds for gear, your exit weight is about 250. Your reserve is a 189. That's a 1.3 wingloading. Ghost mentioned landing your main in a tight area due to a poor spot, etc.. Along the same lines, have you ever jumped a seven cell at a 1.3 wingloading? Do you want your first jump on one to be at sunset on a long spot over houses or trees? Downwind? Shit happens. If you aren't real accurate with your main yet, are you going to be able to land your reserve in a safe place in less than ideal conditions? As for downsizing, higher wingloadings generally equal faster landing speeds. If running a landing out now can have you tripping over your feet, is that going to improve when you are going faster? Broken ankles hurt. Just a few things to think about...
  2. If your plan is to swoop, you don't want a Stiletto.
  3. skybytch

    Same canopy different recovery arc

    If the risers are equal, try jumping the same canopy in each rig; it could be harness related.
  4. skybytch

    Packing a pulse into a smaller container

    Hot tip - don't try to fit a bigger canopy than the container manufacturer says will fit. You won't like packing it and it will look like shit. But a Pulse 150 may fit an mt. Call Mirage and ask. They know better than anyone else what will fit in their containers. They won't mind answering your question.
  5. Linda left us last month, at home, apparently in her sleep. She was known here as hottamaly. One of the best load organizers for low to mid experienced jumpers that I ever jumped with. She wouldn't key the next point until everyone was smiling. She had the greatest smile too. Fly free Linda.
  6. skybytch

    Buying canopy jumped in the desert?

    If you are at all worried about the condition of any piece of used gear that you are interested in, insist that the purchase not be made final (ie seller doesn't cash your check) until you have had a chance to have your rigger inspect it. Actually I would suggest that even if you aren't worried about the condition. But like Lee said, after 50ish jumps, even in the desert, it should still be like new. The only other thing I would add is that condition also depends on the care given to it. If it was tossed down on the grass and not packed for a few hours on a regular basis there is an increased possibility of fabric degradation due to UV rays. Was is consistently trunk packed, and was that trunk clean (ie no grease or battery acid, etc)? Did it go to Burning Man, did a cat pee on it, did the previous jumper get injured and get blood on it, the list goes on and on. This is where the inspection by your rigger is so important. They will be able to find any issues that may have been caused by any of the above and/or things you might have missed in a quick visual inspection. It will probably cost less than $20 and it will be worth every penny if the rigger finds anything wrong with it. As for price, are you talking 30% less than list price, or 30% less than what they paid for it new (usually 20-25% off list price) or 30% less than what they are asking? How does the asking price compare with other similar used canopies on the market?
  7. Yes yes yes. I'd have a rigger inspect any used canopy before making the sale final. Even a newer one with "50" jumps on it. Never know how the canopy has been cared for.
  8. skybytch


    If running out the landing on a no wind landing is too much now, it may be time to upsize. Us old farts don't move like we used to and it takes us longer to come back from injury. Why push it? Or you can always do the slide in on your ass thing. Not pretty but usually you can get up and walk back to the packing area with nothing injured, except maybe your pride.
  9. skybytch


    As mentioned above, contact Parachutes Australia. They make SOS handles. They can help you.
  10. skybytch


    I agree, it can definitely make it harder, especially at lower jump numbers. But there are always exceptions. A friend of ours is quite large, at least 250, always has been. He has many thousands of jumps, 30 plus years in sport and he holds multiple RW and CRW world records. He dresses for success; suits with lots of drag help a lot. I'm a feather butt and we have done some jumps together, including him officiating my wedding jump. The only fall rate issues were me if I wasn't wearing a snug suit (ie I didn't dress for success). But yeah, most of the larger jumpers I've known haven't stayed in the sport very long, at least partly because their learning curve is so steep due to their size and the fact that not every jumper, especially ones at about the same jump numbers, can keep up with them in freefall. But even if they don't do a lot of jumps, they got to experience skydiving as a skydiver not as a tandem passenger. That's not a bad thing :-)
  11. skybytch


    Like Lee said, it may be difficult to find what you need used. Like little females, you are outside the "norm" for sport skydiving gear. If you are looking for used, don't stop at the classifieds. Try some gear stores. Some do sell used gear. But first I'd suggest going to your local dz and getting current - on their rental/student gear - before buying anything.
  12. skybytch


    Yes, this is known as a single operation system (SOS) and it is still in use in civilian skydiving, generally only on student harness/container systems. Try contacting Parachutes Australia. They manufacture and sell student containers with SOS handles. It's very possible that they either have or can build what you need. Any other manufacturer that produces student containers can likely do the same, I mentioned PA specifically because they are in Australia.
  13. skybytch


    Have you tried looking at a skydiving gear store? Risers and cutaway handle should be easy to find. The s/l may be a bit more difficult - ParaGear might have something that will work.
  14. skybytch

    When did Lodi raise prices?

    From the gossip I have heard, about a month ago.
  15. skybytch

    Family and friends advice

    Skydiving is one of those sports in which you can always learn something new, no matter how long you've been jumping. Keep coming at it with a beginner's mind like you are now and I'd put money on you going as far as you want in the sport.
  16. My intention was for my post to be educational. My apologies for it coming across as harsh. Was hoping to point out some things we can easily forget when we get antsy to jump.
  17. Not being able to jump in "some weather" is not a bad thing. I'm assuming that you mean higher winds. When the winds come up, the chances of shit happening go up too. Forced to downwind it because of traffic, backing up on final, having to land out because the spot sucked... any one of those could end very badly and they can happen to anybody, regardless of their canopy experience or wingloading or type of canopy. Jumping when it's cloudy can lead to falling through them. Falling through them can lead to really bad spots, or worse yet, collisions in freefall or under canopy. And if it is raining you are hitting the pointy end of the raindrops and that hurts! Like every other jumper out there, I have jumped in some pretty sketchy weather. I don't do that anymore. Skydiving is supposed to be fun; for me, jumping in sketchy weather is not fun. The choice to jump in less than good conditions is often influenced by the sometimes overwhelming desire to go jump. There are numerous (read "far too many") examples of this being the first link in the chain of events that led to an incident. Just some more stuff to think about.
  18. skybytch

    Family and friends advice

    My mom was very much not happy about my decision to skydive. I was a single parent at the time, so I guess she did have a point. It took a few years and a lot of me telling her that I am a very conservative jumper, but eventually she learned enough about what I was doing and how I was doing it to be (mostly) comfortable with the whole thing. She has been to dz's to watch many times since. Unfortunately she is not physically able to do a tandem, but she would if she could. Most people think it's cool and want to know how they can do it. When someone says I am crazy, I reply "Yes. Yes I am. And your point would be?" ;-) The whole death wish thing? I tell them it's a living life thing and leave it at that. You will lose friends because you are a skydiver. But you will gain an extended family because you are a skydiver. Seems a fair trade off to me. :-D
  19. "black skies for you my friends …." The above was posted in a recent thread, directed toward others who disagreed with him or called him out on his attitude/actions. This is a forum, so anything that is said here has to be taken with a grain of salt. It may not have been intended as it came across. But it got me thinking. We all know things like this have happened at the dz before and will probably happen again. Things are often said in anger that are not meant, whether the anger was justified or not. So I'm curious; how would you handle it if someone said that at the dz? I'm not sure what I would do. Please, keep this one general. Let's not attack the person who posted it. He may not know what he really said with that phrase.
  20. skybytch

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    I agree with all of that. Research and asking questions are smart things to do. It's the questions being asked and that whole recording thing that make me think that the OP is not yet able to take personal responsibility for his choices. Totally coming across as someone I wouldn't want to jump with. I'd be too worried he would sue me if something happened.
  21. skybytch

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    YOU are responsible for your safety in skydiving. Doesn't matter who rented or sold you the gear you are jumping, who owns the airplane you jumped from, who owns the dz, who trained you. You. No one else. Read the waiver before you sign it. It lays it all out. Bashing a dz you have never been to based on what happened seven years ago or the fact that someone working there may not even know what happened seven years ago when you have zero experience in the sport, not to mention illegally recording the conversation... well, that's probably not the best way to make friends in the sport. Or maybe even find a dz to jump at. If you can't t take responsibility for your own decisions in skydiving, please find something else to do.
  22. I haven't made a skydive in over five years. Why is not important. What is important is that my rig is being put back together and I'll be going back home sometime this spring. I have not kept up with much in the sport since I had to stop. I know things have changed in five years. So what's different? What's better now than it was five years ago? What's worse? What do you think a returning old fart should know about jumping today? Thanks!
  23. skybytch

    AAF near Monterey Ca

    Skydive California in Tracy. Worth the drive.
  24. Went looking for the pictures and video of the 2002 10 way RW record and they aren't there anymore. Looks like all of the pics/videos from BITD are gone. Any possibility of getting those back or are they gone forever? Thanks! Other than this, I like the new forum format.
  25. skybytch

    Going Home Again

    I went home today. Hop and pop from 6k with my awesome hubby. Almost got blown off the plane because I forgot about the prop blast. Perfect exit, perfect deployment, almost perfect landing. If only the winds hadn't gotten all weird, I'd have done at least one from full altitude. But that's okay. There's always next weekend. Life is good again.