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  1. It's somewhat infuriating as now my fence is falling down.
  2. Who needs Bezos and Musk when we have the power of the federal deficit behind us? Run it down to Texas and then bring it across NM and Arizona. Much lower mountains and far more potential customers along the route.
  3. Well that's a waste. We need an intercontinental canal. You've got plenty, you won't mind sending some west, right? Then SoCal can have their lawns and pools and fire hydrants. The rural West will continue to burn, but we don't count anyway as long as urban and suburban residents are taken care of. Damn, drifting my own thread again....
  4. Masks are already required again in many places. Cases are spiking again in many places, especially areas with low vaccination rates (like the rural county I live in). Gonna be interesting to see what happens. I'm going back to wearing the mask if I have to go out. Lucky for me, I don't have to leave the property often.
  5. I live in the foothills now. It's a different kind of California up here.
  6. Sell everything south of Bakersfield. It's all a wasteland anyway.
  7. I slipped and fell getting out of the shower! I don't know where that bottle came from! I'm in a mood today too. Wanna go stand in the yard and yell at the kids to stay the fuck off it? I'll bring the beer. I know my argument has a big hole in it considering that skydivers use insurance to pay for their injuries sustained jumping, but jumping isnt endangering large sectors of the population, most especially at this point those who can't be vaccinated due to age (children... what about the children?!?) or being immunocompromised ( fuck them, they're gonna die soon anyway).
  8. I know it's only Darwinism if they die before they can procreate but it made for a good click baity title. Was reading this morning that the CDC is saying vaccinated people who are infected with Delta have as much virus in their nose as non-vaccinated people. So if I, as a vaccinated person, get infected and don't wear a mask in public, I can infect lots of unvaccinated people while not worrying too much about ill effects from the virus myself. Since I am far less likely to need medical care due to COVID since I got the free vaccine, I think that any medical care needed for COVID related problems should only be covered by insurance for those who are vaccinated. Choose not to get the shot? Pay for any needed medical care related to getting COVID on your own dime. Why should MY premiums go up because YOU chose not to avail yourself of a free vaccine? No need for mandates. Freedom of choice. Choose to get vaccinated or choose to go broke if you get the virus. And those who are vaccinated can help you get there just by doing what you say everyone has a right to do - not wear a mask. I don't see how any right minded individual who believes in freedom, capitalism and the American Way could disagree with that.
  9. Good to see your username again. What's new?
  10. There is a reason for everything you were taught. A less than ideal flare can mean landing with a bit (or a lot) more forward or downward speed than is ideal. PLFs make less than ideal flares less likely to cause pain and crutches and such. Those with very few jumps often perform less than ideal flares. Thus, your instructor wants you to PLF... so you'll walk back to the packing area ready for level 2. It's a skill that you will find useful throughout your skydiving career. Not every landing can or should be stood up or run out. Enjoy your first jump!
  11. Nice picture. Might want to shorten up that closing loop. What did Aerodyne have to say about this?
  12. Thats a hesitation. A total is when nothing launches. Can't tell much since the video is from the front. From the side would be way more useful. A hesitation on the bench does not mean it will hesitate in freefall. Freefall is not static like laying on a bench is. If the jumper were to drop a shoulder should it happen in freefall (standard student training, yes?) the shifting of the container and additional airflow over the back will likely clear any hesitation. Just too many variables involved to be blaming the container without specifying exactly what caused the hesitation. Besides the fact that bench hesitations are not unusual on any container (per my master rigger husband with 6k repacks...). Is the closing loop the correct length? One that is too long could cause a hesitation. Are the canopies correctly sized for the container? Over or understuffing can create these sort of issues. More details and a video that actually shows something useful are needed if you are going to attempt to damn the container manufacturer for something that may not be a container issue. Especially on the internet... using a click bait title... in a forum frequented by noobs...
  13. It started with a Wii game. Pinball Hall of Fame William's Collection. Then one day last year I was browsing craigslist, and somehow we ended up with a Taxi pinball machine in our living room! I don't know how that happens. Oh wait yes I do... a 6 hour one way drive and a wad of cash... That was going to be it. I mean, I understand needing more than one rig, but who needs more than one pinball machine? And then I was browsing craigslist last week. A 6 hour round trip drive and a (much smaller this time) wad of cash later.... His name is Black Knight. He's been through many brutal battles, but still he fights on. Other than a bumper that needs fixing (parts already on the way) it plays great. We'll be having a friend do some work on the board that controls the lighting, then we will switch out all the bulbs to LED. Eventually we will put a topper on the playfield and build/paint a new cabinet. I didnt know that pinball was such a big deal in these modern times. There's a forum on that rivals this place back in 2003 for activity. It's a great hobby for anyone who was ever into messing with circuit boards or mechanical stuff. And people who can repair these things never lack for work! We can stop anytime. There's only enough room for three in the Lounge anyway.
  14. Nothing like the crowd's energy after a playoff win. It was crazy being part of it after the Sharks took out Detroit in the 2nd round a few years back. Cant imagine the insanity when the Habs skate the Cup after game 7. Yeah I know, probably not, but stranger things have happened and dammit Canada deserves a Cup after all these years. I'm a Sharks and Toronto fan, so I'm used to rooting for the team most likely to go golfing. Go Habs!!
  15. I was a 24 year old single mom with a high school diploma when I got hooked. Never could afford to jump as much as everyone else. Jumped crap gear for my first 600 jumps. Decided to make skydiving my career and live the dream. It really sucks watching other people jump their asses off while you are packing their parachutes or selling them googles or teaching first jump courses. Get that free education. Get that good paying career. Then (and only then) go back to the dz and start jumping again. It'll be way more fun, you'll jump way more often, you'll be a way better skydiver. I'd say that even if you weren't recovering from major injuries. You are being handed a golden ticket dude. You're an idiot if you don't jump (pun intended) on the opportunity your parents are willing to give you. If you don't want it, can you introduce your parents to my niece?
  16. Is it possible that there is a safety related reason in addition to the obvious liability one? Having never had a shoulder pop out in the tunnel (or seen it happen) I don't know how hard it would be to remain stable or to fly to the door and exit were it to occur. Could be a big problem if the flyer is in the tunnel alone and completely loses stability when the shoulder pops.
  17. Sad news. We lost another good one. Fred was such a great guy, always smiling, always remembered your name even if you had missed a couple years of the boogie. He and Lenni were the couple you wanted to be a part of; the love between them was so obvious. Fly free Fred.
  18. Backsliding, going low, floating... shouldn't these be obvious and noticed without video? Even at 50 jumps you could tell someone they were backsliding and why without having to review a video after the jump, right? The problem is predicting who those people are. While you and your friends won't ever be distracted by a camera, others have been or will be in the future. Maybe you guys are lucky, maybe those other people aren't as good as you are (not meant snarkily). Since there's no way to know who can handle it, isnt it better to err on the side of safety by advising people not to fly a camera until they have what the industry considers a reasonable amount of experience?
  19. How is reviewing POV footage captured from a camera inside a 25-100ish jump novice's helmet going to help said novice improve their flying?
  20. I know, it was easier last year when you let the lawn die. And you are right, I don't need a stinking garbage disposal, thus the request to fix the fucking thing already. If you get a new main, I get a working garbage disposal, asshole. Of course I mean that in the nicest possible way.
  21. You can do anything you want, dear. After you mow the lawn and fix the garbage disposal. It's only been a month since I asked you to do them...
  22. skybytch

    Deuce Matters

    Going through a box of old Parachutists today and I found the one with you, Q, Holly and Keith Myer on the cover. It's going on the wall in our game room tomorrow. You still matter.
  23. Haven't purchased anything yet. The laptop works for streaming hockey games, Netflix and music, the PS4 works for DVD's and we NEEDED a shuffleboard table so..... ;-)