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  1. A couple things. What type of aircraft is it? Putting on a rig in a Cessna 182 in flight is difficult at best, doing so in the same space during an aircraft emergency situation is a bit unlikely, especially if the main character has never worn one. If the aircraft is larger (like a Cessna Caravan for example) doing so is more realistic as there is more space inside the aircraft, but there is still the whole never put on one before in a high stress situation thing. If the rig was left in the aircraft, was it left by a sport jumper or by a pilot? Pilots have to wear emergency parachutes during jumping operations. Those rigs are different from sport rigs. Highly recommend that you pick up a copy of "Parachuting The Skydivers Handbook " by Dan Poynter. You will likely find answers to most if not all of your questions there. Would love to read the scene when you are done!
  2. I know freefliers don't wear them anymore, but does anyone still make something similar to the freefly pants of the mid 2000's? Snug down to the knees then wider for some drag on the legs. Hubby prefers them for AFF and his old ones are rags. I'll attempt to make some if I have to but I'd rather he wear something that doesn't look like it was made in a junior high school sewing class...
  3. You need to find out if it is possible in the Netherlands. What might be possible in the US or other large country may not be possible there. Some questions to ask of someone who jumps there... How many dz's are there? How busy are they? Do they need packers? How much can you make there? How long is the season? Probably best to get at least a few hundred jumps in before deciding you are ready to make a living in the sport.
  4. Holy shit! You survived a nightmare situation. That could have easily been a fatality report and damn, I'm glad it isn't All my respect. You sir are a badass.
  5. I wish mine were that short. 8 friends have died jumping (double digits for people I had met but didn't know). Ten jumper friends have died in various other ways. I am also 55. Maybe it's because I didn't make many non skydiver friends when I was jumping a lot, but my dead skydiver friends list is definitely longer than my dead whuffo friends list.
  6. Nick Furchner of Reno NV passed away yesterday after a long fight with cancer. Long time big way jumper, awesome dentist and one of the most generous and caring individuals you could ever know. Nick will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him, jumpers and whuffos alike. Blue skies, Nick. Fuck cancer.
  7. Also curious about how the injuries occurred. Sounds like a really shitty landing from the stated injuries. It might be helpful to many jumpers if the details were posted; I know I have learned a LOT from people who shared that kind of info, and I have shared what I learned from them with other jumpers. Because an incident report was submitted to USPA does not mean that the info will be published in Parachutist. No one has to post anything anywhere about something that happened to them. But doing so can be super helpful to other jumpers, even if it is embarrassing to talk about. Heal well, David. Do the physical therapy religiously and don't get back in the air until your doctor gives the okay. And good luck with the parents.
  8. I had an L4 - S1 fusion in early 2001. Got back in the air mid-2002. No further issues. It's very possible., but, standard internet disclosure, I'm not a doctor. Your doctor would be the one to ask regarding whether or not it is a good idea for you.
  9. Boom. My ex and I started jumping together. He did about 300 jumps, broke his leg and was done. I kept jumping for another 20+ years. Talking with him awhile ago and mentioned that I am surprised I made it to my 50th birthday. When he asked why, I said "Skydiving. That shit is dangerous." And I meant it. Jumping is something that I would recommend to anyone interested, but very few will actually ever go to a dropzone even if they say they want to. Cant remember how many people I encouraged to jump. Very few actually did it, maybe two did more than a tandem. I don't bring up jumping to anyone now. Not worth the effort for the low possibility that they will ever do it. Their loss, but at least they won't end up with a dead friends list like most of us have.
  10. I am also a liberal, but I am not going to say excuse me to a rabid skunk. I'm going to use the tools available to me as quickly as possible. Humans are a different story. My rifle is a bit visually intimidating but I got it because it works for my intended purposes - having fun shooting at round paper targets and killing skunks - not because it is intimidating or I think I will ever need it to intimidate or kill a human. An AAD is a side benefit should I ever have an impossible reserve pull - an AAD can save my life in multiple situations. I don't have one only because I am worried about the extremely small risk of said reserve pull, I have one in case of a number of situations. I see guns in the same light.
  11. Guess you missed the rabid skunk thing. I'm likely to have to kill one someday, and it won't be the beer time that I have done that. I dont think I will ever need to or even consider pointing a gun at a human being. My plans are focused on mountain lions and skunks and paper targets, not paramilitary terrorist groups or roving bands of looters or zombies invading our property. Because guns and the skills needed to shoot skunks with them at multiple ranges happen to also be effective against bad guys doesn't mean I think I am ever likely to need that effectiveness. Again, if I lived in suburbia my needs and risks would be different than they are living here. If more people understood that there might be less of the angry political divide we have now when it comes to guns.
  12. I actually prefer a revolver as a handgun (Glocks are not sexy) but 10 rounds is better than 6 (California resident following state law means no magazines larger than 10 rounds). I prefer a rifle over a shotgun; longer range, can be visually intimidating and recognizable at a distance. If they are close enough for a shotgun to do the most good, the handgun seems to me to be the best option; more rounds equals more stopping power. Someone who lives in suburbia has different needs, plans and risks than I do. I'd agree that a shotgun might be the best option there.
  13. I have not. I will be researching that today though. Thank you for the info (seriously). As far as legal expenses, it may come in handy to have a couple lawyers that the hubby taught to skydive in the contacts list. .
  14. OPSEC violated. Initiate protective measures.
  15. Pretty much. Buying in bulk saves trips to the grocery store and I hate grocery shopping!
  16. I'd call the sheriff's department and tell them what happened. Same as I would if I had to shoot a rabid skunk. If I have to go to jail, well, I'm a white middle aged female, I'm sure I would be out in no time and be treated well until the courts decide it was justified. Since we live with a 15 to 30 minute potential LE response time and I was in fear for my life, no worries about it not being justified. If the shit has truly hit the fan and LE can't help, we have shovels and 5 acres to dig holes in. Where we live, no one would see us doing so, and if they did they'd likely come help. Guns aren't always there because the owner expects to kill a person with them. I have them to be sure I can eliminate dangerous wildlife that could appear on the property at any time, and because they are a blast to shoot. The ability to defend myself and our property from dangerous humans is only a side benefit.
  17. So the 30 rolls we had when the panic buying started (we keep one or two 32 packs on hand all the time and have for the past two years) and the two 32 packs we have purchased over the past six months since it reappeared on shelves (one in June and another last month) means I am a ridiculous clown for purchasing 64 rolls of toilet paper since March. Well okay then. Your post has opened my eyes to what I didnt know. Where can I find the lists of items we are allowed to purchase more than one package of every few months without being a ridiculous clown? Am I a bad person for buying two cases of tomato sauce at the same time? We have a case and a half of bottled water and plan to buy another real soon; is that hurting anyone else's chances of buying some? I'm pretty hopeful that the extra two cans of coconut milk I bought last month is okay, but now I'm just not sure.
  18. Indeed. I certainly wasn't thinking about prepping for societal collapse in 2015.
  19. Hmmm... cheaper than the Ruger too. Damn you. There goes my new sewing machine...
  20. That's a part of our plan too. Most of our neighbors are pretty self-reliant but we come together for things like finding a lost dog and creating/keeping stocked an open to all food pantry to take care of those not able to work right now (our chickens have been happy to contribute ) . I expect the same would happen in any SHTF situation.
  21. Love my AR (I call it my pirate gun... arrrrr). But for a long term no factory ammo available mid range option, a PC9 9mm is hard to beat. Same rounds as our Glocks means one caliber to reload instead of two, and it's a great choice for taking out critters. Or two legged intruders. Although I will pull out the pirate if that damned gopher pops his head up in front of me.
  22. Stop by and pick me up. Got a nice collection of good scotch and some excellent cabernet from the winery down the road to offer and I promise I won't fart in the aircraft
  23. I'd call a generator an essential, not a luxury. There are solar generators out there so fuel wouldn't be an issue. We still need to get battery backup for the solar. Hopefully we don't need it this year. But even with that, there could still be a need for additional power options. Two is one, one is none.
  24. Make The Post Office Great Again.
  25. Its gonna get nasty regardless of who wins. Too much anger and hate from either side. Makes me even happier to live far from an urban/suburban blot on the landscape.