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  1. Vallerina

    Thanks Chicagoland Skydiving Center

    It was great to meet you! Don't lie. We didn't jump together because I suck at freeflying. Grippers are my security blanket. Glad you had fun at CSC!
  2. Nice recap, Remi! I thoroughly enjoyed the no-contact formations, and I can't believe how much my awareness while tracking grew (that was my personal biggest improvement from the camp.) I also enjoyed how they switched up slots. I liked experiencing the same skydive from various slots. The camp definitely challenged me, and you bet I'll be at next year's!!!!
  3. Hello! Both Skydive Chicago and Chicagoland Skydiving are awesome dzs. Skydive Chicago is just a few miles off of 80....Chicagoland Skydiving is quite a few miles off of 80. If you can only do one, then SDC seems to make the most sense for you, but if you can do both, DO IT! Another dz that I recommend along the way is Indiana Skydiving Academy in Goshen, IN. It's not too far off of 80.
  4. Thanks, Paul! Can't wait to buy a few of those!
  5. Vallerina


    I'm so excited!!!! I'm already getting nervous! I've been wanting to do this for three years now; I can't believe I leave in two days....
  6. Vallerina

    Transport to a Chicago DZ needed

    Where are you flying in to?
  7. Vallerina

    sensitive teeth

    Haha! Yes, I've noticed the same thing happening to me! A full face helmet helps with it.
  8. Vallerina

    Skydive Chicago, Ottawa - where to stay

    There are team rooms in the hangar that are pretty nice (from what I hear. I didn't even know about them until Chuck told me about them while I was in Perris! )
  9. It looks like I'm definitely stopping on by!
  10. Vallerina

    Anyone Jump near Indianapolis?

    There's nothing really "close," but SDC isn't very far!!!! They have their Team Funnel boogie every Memorial Day. Richmond is really close, and it's a nice dz, but I don't know if they have anything going on. Oh...and SDC has two Otters, so if you want to do formation loads or smaller ways, it's a great dz for belly-flying!
  11. Ooh! Maybe we can get a ride-share thread going, because I need a ride, too!!! I will be arriving ONT on Tuesday, May 3rd at 4:50 pm. I am leaving for home from ONT at 8:45 pm on Sunday, May 15th.
  12. Vallerina

    Perris Memorial Day '05

    Ooh! Ooh! I love Perris! Hmm...maybe.....
  13. Vallerina

    Perris P+ Big-Way Camp: May 5-8, 2005

    I'm there! I'm also there for the 100 ways to follow! There will be quite a few dz.commers at both events!
  14. Vallerina

    Atlanta Skydiving Center

    Maybe I'm just too used to dzs being open and friendly, but after visiting Atlanta Skydiving Center for a little over half an hour, I decided not to give them any of my money. I walked around the whole time scoping out the landing area, loading area, trying to get a feel for the place. I'd smile and nod my head as people walked past, but no one did the same in return. Not a single person there even smiled back! If they had been tremendously busy with tons of stuff going on, I could understand. They had many people sitting around, and they were only flying the Cessna. I'm okay with a less-than exciting crowd; however, this dz had nothing to offer. The landing area sucked. Hills, trees, buildings...I'm not sure if there were many outs, since no one told me if there were. They have an Otter, but weren't flying it on a nearly perfect day (50 degrees is not too cold.) Unfriendly dz with not much to time, I will head to one of the many other dzs in the Atlanta area.