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  1. normiss


    I would expect a number of "hardcore true believers" (whatever the hell is that?) to end up in jail. With a quickness. So maybe SHTF for them, sure.
  2. normiss


    November. Could be rather interesting this time around. Hopefully we get the criminal traitor out of there and return to a normal, stable nation.
  3. Maybe he's referring to the white winger armed occupier protestors? They did have some military type garb on, for the reasons he stated. They also screamed in people's faces for the added intimidation factor, unlike the Stone Mountain protestors who simply marched peacefully. I don't think any of the Coreece's were actually in the military though, so his understanding of "fatigues" could be off a bit.
  4. normiss


    Aren't you the one who started with the local numbers thing? Why wouldn't it apply to other means of mass death?
  5. Completely support this. The second amendment is there for all citizens. Can you imagine if they had taken over a State building?
  6. Russian propaganda and disinformation has been impressively successful. I'm still disappointed how much of it I see still thrown out on social media with a serious conviction of belief attempting to support it.
  7. Cognitive issues? Is this because he is a stutterer? Makes you look like you prefer Trump's method of attacking and insulting. Trump clearly displays a multitude of issues, why do you ignore or accept those while tolerating his destructive approach to everything?
  8. Just another weak attempt at trying to make BLM look bad. yawn
  9. It appears electing Biden is actually the best plan to replace the current collapsed and impeached brain. Trump: As an example, we’ve done 45 million tests. If we did half that number, you’d have half the cases, probably around that number. If we did another half of that, you’d have half the numbers. Everyone would be saying we’re doing well on cases
  10. normiss


    I'd pass on the assumption of his comprehension if he did. It wouldn't support his perspective if he actually understood the content.
  11. normiss


    To white wingers, it's only disgraceful if it goes against their perspective. The blue line flag is a perfect example. I dislike it because it disgraces the flag, turning it mostly black and white. I understand the First though, and support their right to do it like those that chose to burn it. Clothing feels different though. Still not sure about it actually.
  12. His disdain for everything America is has gotten flat out criminal. It's beyond sickening.
  13. The ruling is now *binding* on the lower courts and that means that they *will* enforce the subpoenas. Wait and see what happens next.
  14. normiss


    The first reported case came on January 21. Within 99 days, 1 million Americans became infected. It took just 43 days after that to reach 2 million cases. And 28 days later, the US reached 3 million cases of the novel coronavirus Wednesday. We're approaching warp speed Captain.
  15. I have to support the message in the second image there. We must finally stop racism. Entirely. I can't support defacing someone's property though.