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  1. normiss

    College Football 2018

    Bama was 8-0 before Trump’s visit and 2-2 since. Geaux Tigers!
  2. 2 hours ago Wes posted this: He is still in ICU, but sitting up. Still not able to speak (whispering to communicate). Starting physical therapy this week, he's strong, but will stay in the hospital a little longer. I will post more as soon as I get updates from the family. . . They want to thank everyone for all the thoughts & prayers. . . .Let's keep praying. . . Blue skies everyone!!! Thanks for the update Wes. Get better Jimmy, your friends and family love and care about you my friend.
  3. normiss

    Nine 0 Nine

    Bomb bay door exits.
  4. normiss

    Nine 0 Nine

    Injuries only reported at this point, which is amazing. I expect this post should be moved to general though - it's not a skydiving incident.
  5. normiss

    Hey Lisa, you out there?

    No she can't. You mentioned a 124". Best Harley motor I've had so far...
  6. normiss

    Perris jet

    No stairs. Tube. All smooth Gill Liner covered surfaces. I'd advise those daring souls winging out the tail to NOT attempt a linked exit. Ow. That hurt. WFFC 06. 5 jet jumps, all wingies. Blue skies Scotty and Jeff. Miss you assholes.
  7. normiss

    Blue skies Marianne (blueskyserenity)

    Man this is a real shock. Such a sweet soul. Blue skies my friend. Dammit.
  8. normiss

    What do you think of the new format?

    Yeah...if only it worked.
  9. normiss

    What do you think of the new format?

    I really dislike having to start at the beginning of a thread when going to look at the latest reply.
  10. normiss

    What do you think of the new format?

    AdBlock doesn't appear to work now...
  11. normiss

    College Football 2018

  12. normiss

    Do you have my goggles?

    Appears so, no option in any of the forums I've been in for some time now.
  13. normiss

    BOD election 2018

    Certainly appreciate the few that do, it's handy!
  14. normiss

    BOD election 2018

    Why would anyone think this forum has any relation to USPA leadership in any way?
  15. Like those FAA reports on pilots that commit suicide? Yeah.."those". LOL The report will come out. If it was something critically wrong with the gear, the right people will become aware of it through vrious means and channels. Lighten up Francis.
  16. normiss

    Do you have my goggles?

    Did you pay for goggles when you paid the tandem fee?
  17. normiss

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    I did. An 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper feels weird. It doesn't fit in my wallet like the card did, and printer paper wears out.
  18. normiss

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Thanks Gary, appreciate it. I feel like I missed this information. Not sure how I feel about the end of the PRO card ID, feels like a loss!
  19. normiss

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Was there any discussion on membership cards? Still haven't received mine after being told there was an issue with them this year, nor my PRO sticker. I miss my PRO sticker, I'm building a layer of them on the card!
  20. normiss

    Proof of Trump and Kim upcoming meeting, Vagina beer

    Vaginas don't sweat.
  21. normiss

    Remember when... Bonfire before Myspace/Facebook/Etc...

    I'd try to defend you again, but I'd just get pissed off enough to get myself banned. Again.
  22. Sounds like a friendly, welcoming, fun place to jump.
  23. normiss

    What’s a phrase your mom use to say ?

    "I hope you grow up and have kids JUST LIKE YOU!" Thankfully, I didn't.
  24. normiss

    Super bowl

    All those variables are fun in a discussion, but not in playoff rankings. Again, that's not how playoffs work, except in college. It's more about the MONEY, and everybody gets a trophy. Makes it hard to like and watch playoffs that are rigged simply by choice and preference of who "gets in" and who is discarded.