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  1. What could be more American than a mass shooting/casualty event at a July 4th parade? What an awful, awful, awful country this is. The horrors of life here...mass disease, mass shootings, mass poverty...
  2. Blue skies. For a guy that murdered his family?????
  4. Wow. I'm stunned.
  5. WOOOOOO!! I'll miss the good time with you Snarl. Sunset drinks at your place was always a good time. Blue Skies my friend. Damn.
  6. Agreed. I just think the ignore function could use some tweaking. I don't consider myself "superior" to anyone. That just struck me as flipping weird, rude, and a very odd thing to say. Trolls here get away with more than the majority of social media platforms. It really defeats the effort to have discussions sometimes.
  7. It was my point of responding to the non-stop assault of childish names. Apparently at least that part caught your attention. It seems your name calling sling and my response are the only options in AmeriKKKa these days. It really sucks. We could be so much better as a nation, like we used to be.
  8. I'll never understand why white wingers consider everyone not in lock step with their hatred of the world is always considered a liberal. It's like all white wingers are still in 6th grade. They can't have a discussion without screaming and calling people names.
  9. Except the ignore function is lacking. You will still see their comments and personal attacks when someone quotes their comments. Can we lose the quote function????
  10. That's funny right there.
  11. Montana too, but the uproar is getting some results.
  12. THIS is his response to Kamala Harris? If it is, LMMFAO.
  13. normiss


    Three characteristics conspiracy theorists share: high anxiety, loss of control, and an inability to think analytically.
  14. normiss


    Trump's personal attorney says Trump had some golden showers in Moscow and Vegas, and confirmed that his foreign policy was the result of covert bribery by a hostile foreign power in 2015 and 2016. Now he's stopping funding to the USPS to stop mail in votes. This guy is a criminal traitor to the USA. His criminal fixer attorney also swears Trump won't leave the White House peacefully. I expect the next year to be nasty and painful for American history. I wonder how this q nonsense is addressing that...and the lack of indictments they just swore were coming for the "Russher" hoax....or the Covid hoax...or just reality in general. Actually I don't care what a bunch of loopy internet keyboard warriors actually think of reality. I still have trust in humans, at least those with a little intelligence. The expansion of ignorance in America is beyond belief.
  15. Late night posting while exhausted and I forgot which continent was where. My mistake, thanks. I cannot see Russia from my house though.
  16. Your contribution to the ugliness is duly noted. I'm more concerned with how ugly it may get AFTER the election.
  17. Africa isn't the only nation with black people. You're confused. Again.
  18. Yet in this case it's what it means to Trump. History of his previous comments of similar situations is that he feels they are being treated very unfairly. He has repeatedly shown staunch support against the legal processes for his criminal friends.
  19. Or a case that a wealthy person pays off an accuser to avoid prosecution? Seems Dershy to me.
  20. normiss


    Which from every angle requires an agenda that is anti-American as well as a disconnect from reality.