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  1. Hello, As Instastories/InstagramTV and other apps with vertical endformats are skyrocketing with usage we also have to adapt somehow. Tandem-customers are sharing their videos online and most of their views will be done by a mobile device with a vertical screen. No one wants to turn their mobile anymore or wants to see videos which just fill 1/3 of the screen in the middle. Sure, you can just crop it, but then a lot of resolution and 2/3 of the picture gets lost. I filmed some skydives in vertical orientation and found out, that it works quite well for: Tandems, tracking jumps, small vertical (haha) groups like Headdown 2 or 3 ways and for sure anything with a handmounted cam (being it just a selfie perspective on any jump or even a tandem-hc) What is your opinion on that? Just an ugly trend which will go away or something we have to take serious? Having said that - did anyone see a gopro-case with a mount on the short side to mount it vertical? I use a small pivot angle to change it, but that's not the "clean" solution... Best, Max
  2. Thanks Ian for your Input, but that is the wrong book. I'm looking for "The Art of vRW". Best, Max
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a PDF of some pages from Pat Works Original Book. I found a complete PDF online, but it's now gone and stupid me didn't save it... I'm looking for the pages around this little screenshot. Attached. If someone could help me out, this would be much appreciated!
  4. Skydiving Chicks at the DZ.... It's never your girlfriend, it's only your turn. 'nuff said
  5. All you need is here:
  6. AmpuriaInn is a really nice option for the price. As it is close. It just has too thin walls - I once woke up in the middle of the night because someone in the next room farted really loud. Just be aware of that. But if you a lot of tunnel and jumping you will sleep tight anyway.
  7. Thank you Sean, that looks really good and smooth. Stabilizer works great. Thinking about ditching my Hero4. TurnedOn doesn't support Hero5 anyway and Trunk is working on a Sony TurnedOn (Cameye reloaded). Will we all go to Sony now? Is GoPro loosing it's Skydiver game? I would guess so...
  8. Hello, The new DJI Mavic drone promises an onboard video transmission of 7km in Full HD (1080p) called OcuSync. Does that mean we finally have the technology for a nice and small live video transmission solution for everyone? Without huge broadcast modules and antennas? If the range is 7km, this should easily work for 4km? Does anyone have more information or have seen this video transmission technique used in the wild? Cheers, Max
  9. Not impressed. It's basically a new housing and a software update. Imagesensor is the same as the Hero4 Black. If you want to stay with GoPro your Hero4 is still perfectly fine. If you want to go next level with mechanical stabilization you should move to Sony.
  10. Do we have some post-jump-statements by Luke in the mean time? We have so many questions unanswered - we might need a skydiver AMA (ask me anything)
  11. This Aikins dude is legendary! What an achievement - congrats to everyone involved, planning and executing this! My question: As you can see, he was way off-center on one side. My (really uneducated) guess from the frame grabs is, that he was about 20-25ft away from the edge. On the other side he had about 80-75ft of spare net. On the other axis he was more or less center. Because I didn't hear it in any of the post-jump interviews (btw: are there any at all, except the one with: "The words I want to say I can't even get out of my mouth"?): Is my impression that this was a really close call correct? Did he or the people around him make any statement regarding that? I know, every landing you can walk away from is a good landing, but we are skydivers, we want to have more facts How did he feel? Any side effects from that massive decelaration? Whiplash, concussion anything? Is this repeatable for a normal person? Felix (you can think about him what you want) was very honest talking about the stratos-jump and the fact he nearly fucked it up regarding the rotations he was getting into, his goggles malfunctioning, he had to pull higher, etc.. All my questions aside, this is a massive achievement for mankind! Thumbs up Luke!
  12. Translation:
  13. Yes, this was pre-recorded. Not a live stunt.
  14. Honda has a pretty good history with skydiving used in advertising, including this amazing stunt they once did LIVE on TV: I also did some work for them with skydiving used in a print campaign. But in this case, it's probably a postproduction job ;)
  15. I see the trend that more and more people sell their Canon stuff at the moment and go over to Sony or Nikon. Does anyone else notice it as well?