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  1. I dont like the snag points on that mount. It looks like it would the camera would flop around unless the strap was extremely tight. if it had a bigger base on it it would be more stable but, it would adding more snag points to it. I bought some pivot pads for the tandem masters and cases for the hero cameras. we may make some minor alterations to them such as sewing a atlimasterIII to the back of the pivot pad so they can have altimeter on their camera hand. The pivot pad may cost more but it is very smartly designed not to have any snag points. If you change camera systems an new mount can be bolted on to the pad.
  2. http://www.techtimes.com/articles/21125/20141129/this-pill-makes-your-fart-smell-like-chocolate-perfect-holiday-gift-idea-right.htm
  3. i have one you can buy $100 us brand new never used.
  4. not mine, but too good to not share. if this is a live feed i am wondering how it was rigged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHm0DpSuo5U
  5. i don't think its a counterfit card as i go it them from future shop/bestbuy and they seem to be working as advertised. the cards all seem to be uploading at 95 megabits/s but because i am losing money and can't find the problem will see if i can get it to lock up with all the cards to see if i have a bad one.
  6. so I have a replay xd mounted out side the plane that seems to be working flawlessly except for the fact I am having trouble with it fogging. I have talked to the manufacturer and they told me that I have to check the seals are in working order. but other that that they had no suggestions. the rep mentioned that there is no space to put any paper towel to soak up the ambient moisture in the camera. I am almost at the point where I am going to drill a hole in the front cover lens to stop it from fogging. does anyone have a better idea? I have another replay that I give to the tandem masters and it locks up and stops recording and becomes unresponsive to any button pushing on the 2 red outside buttons. The back cap hast to be taken off and the rest button has to be pushed before It will work again. I have tried to recreate this problem on the ground but I have not been able to do it. including handing the camera to the tandem masters and getting them to try to get it to lockup with not results. I talk to the rep and he mentioned it may be a card formatting problem and got me to use SDformatter to format the approved Lexar 633X cards I am using. and it still locks for the tandem masters in the plane but not on the ground. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. after using my new computer with ssd setup I will not go back to using a hdd. I can open Vegas pro 13 in 3 seconds... I have a separate ssd for current media and that speeds up play back as well with less dropped frames and smother play back.
  8. the .srt file is a closed captioning file type. it can be added to vegas editors and i would assume other video editors as well. here is link for those interested in adding the .srt file Altiforce creates to vegas pro time line http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/add_closed_captions_to_your_video_project if flysite, turned on and Altiforce got together??? edit: moved and added words to say something completely different
  9. https://360fly.com/ its not out yet but it is interesting
  10. the contour provides the least distraction in the plane because it can be turned on with a switch. no need for mirrors or light sencing electronic projects or an additional addons that cost the price of a few jumps
  11. A play list from performance designs on canopy and piloting education. starting with pd packing a large canopy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JiAegc8EOw&index=3&list=PL45E3B7998E49283E