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  1. Maxx

    Vertical Videos

    Hello, As Instastories/InstagramTV and other apps with vertical endformats are skyrocketing with usage we also have to adapt somehow. Tandem-customers are sharing their videos online and most of their views will be done by a mobile device with a vertical screen. No one wants to turn their mobile anymore or wants to see videos which just fill 1/3 of the screen in the middle. Sure, you can just crop it, but then a lot of resolution and 2/3 of the picture gets lost. I filmed some skydives in vertical orientation and found out, that it works quite well for: Tandems, tracking jumps, small vertical (haha) groups like Headdown 2 or 3 ways and for sure anything with a handmounted cam (being it just a selfie perspective on any jump or even a tandem-hc) What is your opinion on that? Just an ugly trend which will go away or something we have to take serious? Having said that - did anyone see a gopro-case with a mount on the short side to mount it vertical? I use a small pivot angle to change it, but that's not the "clean" solution... Best, Max
  2. Thanks Ian for your Input, but that is the wrong book. I'm looking for "The Art of vRW". Best, Max
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a PDF of some pages from Pat Works Original Book. I found a complete PDF online, but it's now gone and stupid me didn't save it... I'm looking for the pages around this little screenshot. Attached. If someone could help me out, this would be much appreciated!
  4. Maxx

    Settings A6000

    All you need is here:
  5. Maxx

    good price on a canon lense

    I see the trend that more and more people sell their Canon stuff at the moment and go over to Sony or Nikon. Does anyone else notice it as well?
  6. Maxx

    Protrack-randomly going off today

    Change the batteries.
  7. Maxx


    The tunnel is located in Sion, in one of the most beautiful parts of switzerland. You can find everything here near. Skydiving in Bex (see for the calendar), BASE, Paragliding, Mountaineering, etc. The tunnel itself is the same technology as the tunnel in Bedford. It has enough power and it's quite in the observing area. The price is not that low, but it's switzerland after all.. Which means high prices, but also high quality. If you pass by, make sure you make a stop there!
  8. Maxx

    New action cam model from Sony , AS100V

    Sounds cool, I want to see some raw footage of it and how the picture quality is better than a GoPro3+. GoPro's 1080p60 mode has about 30 Mbit/s bitrate. So if the X-AVCS compression isn't total crap this should outperform the GoPro easily
  9. Maxx

    Wind Tunnel Berlin

    So I guess this rumor stays a rumor and nothing more
  10. or here:!
  11. Maxx

    Looking for footage and
  12. Maxx

    USPA Lizenz zur DFV Lizenz umschreiben

    An welche Adresse schreibst Du? Ich hatte bisher immer innerhalb von 48h eine Antwort.
  13. Maxx

    Your dream video editing suite

    Depends on how many $$$ you want to spend.
  14. Maxx

    D5 Mark II + Flash on Tonfly CC1

    Hey ReyNier, looks clean and nice. Have you tried doing videos in freefall with the markII?