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  1. 1) Your FAI "A" doesn't expire (whether provided by USPA or BPA), however your USPA/BPA membership(s) expire every 12 months and must be renewed. 2) At 50 jumps and a 10yr layoff; yes some refresher training is definitely advised. 3) Cypres (of prior years) expired at 12 years past date of manufacture; the 4 & 8 year service intervals had a +/- 6mo grace period. As you noted it was a Cypres 1, it is quite possibly expired and now a paperweight. Take your logbook and all equipment to the DZ and have a chat with them; they'll get you back in the air.
  2. That is also a very good choice. I consider the best two providers to be either DogTag or IHI Bupa (both links below) www.dogtag.com https://global.ihi.com/ Real insurance costs real money; however, you do get a great pricing advantage if you can take a family policy instead of a personal policy. For those looking at “what is cheap”, they should always look to see what is actually covered. The policy isn’t worth anything if it doesn’t cover what you do – just saying a policy covers skydiving is not enough as most of us would also do other “interesting” activities.
  3. The purpose of the post was the show the percentage change for global activity coverage. There are annual underwriting changes which affect all "global coverage" policies - doesn't matter where you live. I've had specialist cover for 25 years with a mix of providers. A 26% change is significant in one year; I haven't seen a change of this magnitude since around 2001. This was not a "I found some cheap insurance" thread.
  4. Just an update/FYI for persons looking at global travel cover for skydiving. I’ve had a family policy (4 persons) with global coverage (inc US/CAD) at Extreme+ sports level with DogTag UK for several years. Each year when I renew, it seems the pricing has fluctuated quite randomly. Last year was £456, however this years covers dropped to £336 – a nice surprise and sizeable price drop.
  5. Best place for a HALO is Skydance near Davis, California. http://skydanceskydiving.com/halo-skydiving/ Last time I did them, the pricing was $650 initial HALO jump and $525 for subsequent jumps. This includes full briefings and multiple training jumps using the equipment.
  6. RMK

    16 year old skydiving

    In much of Europe (not UK), it is often size/weight limited with confirmed authorizations from both parents. Example: minimum 35kgs and 130cm for Spain. My oldest son did his first tandem last year at age 10.
  7. RMK

    South African drop zones.

    Thanks, I had a look at that one also. Looked on Google Maps and distances from near Cape Town waterfront (I used The Cullinan Hotel) are: 38km Skydive Cape Town 78km Mother City SkyDiving 159km Skydive Robertson
  8. RMK

    South African drop zones.

    I've jumped at Skydive Cape Town www.skydivecapetown.co.za, but haven't been there is a few years. I see you listed a new one (Skydive Robertson), but after looking see it is the group that formerly worked out of Citrusdal where I've also jumped and was a great area. Skydive Cape Town is near Melkbostrand (with coast views). Skydive Robertson's area is nice but is 3x longer drive from Cape Town (see attached). Do you have any comparison of the two for Cape Town jumping?
  9. This is a fantastic place to visit with some jumping included. I'm planning on returning at some point.
  10. RMK

    Am I being selfish

    That's really a query for you and your family. That said there are many people with children who jump actively. I myself have a 5yr old and an 11yr old (my older son did a tandem last year himself). Of course, it's not cool to spend all you weekends at a dropzone, if you have a wife/kids, but once trained you can spread out the jump time. I get away for the occasional day and intermittently go off for a jumping weekend away (sometimes taking the whole family).
  11. RMK

    NC Dropzones

    Closest to the coast would be Washington, NC. Small Cessna dropzone with air conditioned packing room.
  12. Attached is a screenshot of Sony Vegas Pro render output settings. Without making any personal setup changes the default for 720p 30fps will be variable bit-rate of 16Mbs. If you lower that number, you will get resultant lower files sizes. Experiment with it to see the quality and also always use square pixels (1:1) for proper playback on YouTube or Vimeo.
  13. No one reading this internet post can assess your skill level or financial circumstances. You will always want to have more skill than canopy; not the other way around. I weigh 88kg (194lbs) and bought a Sabre2 190 on my 35th jump. I also started a canopy course on my 40th jump - worked in my circumstances; may not be suitable for all (I took guidance from my instructors on this). Years later, I still have the same canopy. A 190/170 canopy is the most easily sellable canopy size; people are always waiting for them to come to market 2nd hand. Get what you need to fly safely now; not the cross-braced handkerchief that your future mad-skillz self will need.
  14. My first boogie was at Empuriabrava, Spain. I had 31 jumps and the ink was still wet on my license. I had done AFF at a single-Cessna dropzone followed by consols at a single-turbine dropzone. I show up to see hundreds of jumpers and four planes running (2 Twin Otters & 2 Pilatus). It was a “big” step up. Know that you are a beginner and be careful to not get caught up in the excitement and exceed your skill level. Often, you will see new jumpers complain that they don’t get invited by others on the good jumps. At a big boogie, (it will be the opposite) you will probably get invited on many jumps that exceed your present level. Thank them and say “I’d love to too, but I only have X number of jumps”. Also there is no amount of tunnel time that prepares you for being under canopy or in the landing area with 40 other people at once.
  15. RMK

    Child sized helmets?

    You could go thicker padding/liner in a small adult helmet; I did this for my sons helmet (from age 3)