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  1. First time back here in probably 4ish years; does seem quite subdued now. Similar to the above posters, after having children started jumping less and less. However, now my oldest son is turning 16 and doing his AFF, it’s recharged me to get back in. Took the gear in for AAD service and reserve repack and now I’m good to go.
  2. After jumping since 2002, I was out for a couple years without jumping; got back into jumping in 2018 only to be interrupted for a couple years due to the COVID travel problems. My oldest son is turning 16 this month and will be doing AFF during the school mid-term break in October. As my DZ info is now quite “stale”, I’d be interested to know what DZs now have the best vibes and most fun. I live in London, so primarily looking at European or Mid-East DZs (as you must be 18yrs old to jump in the US, we’ll have to give that a miss for the next two years; though I loved Zephyrhills as my US favourite). I'm more about “fun” dropzones than competition-oriented DZs. Also if the local area/hotels are nice that is a plus, so that my wife and younger son can travel also – though probably looking mostly at weekend trips with my older son. I’ve jumped a lot of DZs in many countries, but am out-of-the-loop as to what is good now. Historically Empuriabrava, Spain featured with most jumps in my logbook – so something nearest to the "heydays" of Empuriabrava would be nice.
  3. I can’t really see the photo clearly, but is that redneck white trash actually wearing eye and ear protection to go on a mass-murder shooting spree? Only in America.
  4. Technical Feedback: I'm confused by the forum's new formatting/display of quotes. Honestly, I was reading this post by Ron and thought "damn he's actually making sense" before I realised it was Jakee's text in the same body as Ron's text.
  5. I’m quite disappointed with the new GUI of the forum. layout uses far too much screen space for single thread titles, threads & posts. removal of country flags for nationality/location The screen layout makes it slower and more cumbersome to use the site. On some of my other hobbies/interests forums (pilot & helicopter forums) there is always confusion as to whether the poster was asking/replying regarding North America, Europe or other locale – now we’ve introduced the same confusion here.
  6. Age 36 In 2002 on holiday in Cape Town, South Africa saw an advertisement for a dropzone (“Skydive Cape Town” near Melkbosstrand) and thought I’ve always wanted to do that. So the wife and I went the next day and both did tandems. On my video the tandem master asked me “If you like it; do you plan on taking up skydiving?” I replied “Yes, I think so”. I flew back to South Africa a few months later and did AFF. Why not AFF in the UK? In the 2002 the South African Rand (ZAR) had crashed against the UK Pound (GBR). So AFF was the equivalent of £350, tandems were £65 and I even got a custom-made carbon fibre helmet (rare in those days) for £40. "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"
  7. Why? Lodi is a bit shit. About the same driving time will get you to Skydance near Davis, CA. "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"
  8. If we are all God's children, what's so special about Jesus? "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"
  9. The recent missionary story is like the three attempts in this joke above: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/27/asia/india-body-us-missionary-intl/index.html They stopped a little less than half a mile away and waited in the dark. At some point in the morning, Chau "used a canoe to reach the shore of the island," Pathak said. He returned later that day with arrow injuries, police said. But that did not discourage him. He returned to the island the following day. It's unclear what happened but "the (tribespeople) broke his canoe" and he had no other option than to swim back to the boat. On the third attempt of his mission, he didn't come back. Looks like his Jesus also goes with "three strikes and you're out" "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"
  10. ^^^ If there was a "like" button, I would click it. "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"
  11. RMK

    Burner phones

    There are two levels of security/anonymity: 1) The other party can’t trace you by number (or see your “real” number) 2) The other party cannot even link the physical device to you (higher-level stuff like hiding from the Law or NSA type stuff; not avoiding an old acquaintance) For basic anonymity, you could either use: 1) physical burner phone 2) physical SIM card put in any phone for the purpose 3) software solutions such as “Burner Apps” If you have need for an anonymous number on an ongoing or frequent basis, I’d opt for buying a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go SIM Card and put in an old phone. "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"
  12. In the UK we're going to a "opt out" system in 2020; whereby everyone is by default an organ donor - if you disagree; you remove your name. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-45056780 This is what I've always wanted to be in place. I think choosing to have a much needed organ buried to rot (when it could save a life) is the ultimate in selfishness. "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"
  13. Following the shootout of the small church in Texas, one of the churches in our area experienced an incident of moderate violence. We discussed and considered the situation and decided to have designated security personnel. Several other churches in our local area have done likewise. What do you do with your guns while snake handling or speaking in tongues? "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"
  14. Kind of puts it into perspective; I just Googled this and at 12 deaths this doesn't even put it in America's Top 10 for mass shootings. Also, that's three times in a row with no "brown people" to blame. I'll say it again - some crazy white guy with a gun is your real danger. "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"
  15. Homeland Security is focused on foreign people with brown skin, however Americans real threat to safety seems to be more with domestic nutcase white men. Between FLA bomber, PA shooter and Kroger guy that’s three in the space of a day. "Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to attend his classes"