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  1. You worship several things, correct, some would call it paganism. Diatribe? Pretty dramatic sounding. I understand opposing Trump. I don't understand how you think the process honors our constitution or lady liberty. You underestimate the threat to democracy/the constitution/liberty is enabled by how he is being opposed. What is your limiting principle? What is out of bounds?
  2. If I were in charge of preparations, repeated test jumps would be required to work out the protocols. Probably too heavy for one pilot in the US?
  3. Is it possible to make it more clear - the end justifies the means? I don't think so. How can you not see what you've become? Liberals used to protect the constitution, and the liberties it ensured. Now their religion is government, they worship it, see the constitution as an obstacle to effective governance, an impediment to doing what is needed to be done for the greater good, determined by... Do you recognize it is possible to support policies without supporting the politician? I don't think you all can have policy debates anymore, so much hate, intolerance, and bigotry has filled your world view.
  4. What kind of imbecile would pretend lady liberty still has her blindfold on? What kind of imbecile would think trying to subvert justice so blatantly would work?
  5. What kind? A lot of the kind of people you jump with. How do you withstand it? Please describe the pain.
  6. Disconnect the RSL before chopping the main to help prevent it snagging the reserve.
  7. If you go to the VSE website linked below, you can download and post for others to see and compare their measurements, the original order form, just need the serial number of the rig:
  8. There is a canopy manufacturer which is making me a main in 10 weeks, but only because they already have enough of the material. That same manufacturer claims PD is known for offering/bidding/paying premium prices to get fabric "diverted" to them instead of the original customer. Color choices, and not just the type of fabric should be confirmed for the schedule impact when ordering, even if it has to be speculative.
  9. I wouldn't want to count on it, or their ability to do it well.
  10. They certainly seem to have kept it a secret. Didn't notice any advertising. Perhaps a new marketing strategy.
  11. Please disclose reasons to go to one instead of the other, just on a random weekend for fun jumps. Thank you.
  12. Certainly don't remember them describing it as an advantage or innovative or whatever. It could be.
  13. That cutter is really different in how it shears the loop - doing it at the perimeter of the piston face to cylinder wall, like how a 2 stroke engine cuts off the ports in the cylinder. That is different than smashing it with a cylindrical cutter against the "top of the cylinder head". Am I wrong about how the Mars cutter is different? It might make a big difference in what should be expected after a reliable cut.