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  1. Is it a spirit or pd canopy? The 7 cell pd was not done in 210 size.
  2. Your ad could mention that it is a 175 sq.ft. size model, as the serial number specifies. The 200 on the label is not the size.
  3. You can submit a review in the gear section of this site. Those reviews can be critical to others as they consider if buying a new product is wise. My memory of the Neoxs altimeter was a lot of complaints about poor quality and lousy customer service, so getting the word out about it is at least being helpful to others.
  4. It appears that it would run into supremacy problems - local vs federal laws. Is there some reason why the local lawmakers would think that it would survive scrutiny? Is this just a gesture which they know will get slapped down as unconstitutional? How do they think their law will be able to require "...federal funds cannot be withheld from an airport that chooses to locally regulate noise." ?
  5. Wearing a bare rig (not Billvon - the others) to board a flight is not wise. So many likely nervous grandmas and pilots that can express their concern, and then it is an easy decision for security of whatever label to tell us it can't be carry on. The more this type of thing happens, the more likely they will not be allowed ever. It doesn't matter how many letters from the TSA/FAA or X-ray cards you have, they can say no and not have to justify it to anyone.
  6. The new pebbles audible is a good start. Small, thin, simple and cheap emphasis for me.
  7. His design has accelerometers instead of just pressure sensors. That changes everything in terms of what mode of flight can be detected.
  8. Twice this last season I likely would have had a Vmag mount knocked loose during combat RW shenanigans. My mount only became dislodged a bit. I am using the longer than intended rubber bands and still have no shakiness whether belly or vertical, but my session model camera doesn't generate as much drag as the larger models.
  9. That is terrific, but ads should be placed in the classifieds.
  10. I think it used to be described as “punch” instead of pull, and the distinction of urgency. A hard pull doesn’t feel so hard if you’re punching it out, and take advantage of the slack in the system to get some speed going before the real force has to be applied. It would be great to encourage specifically in training/safety day. Large ring risers/old school rocks. Gotta punch it.
  11. I wonder if it is the same or equivalent technology as these: I’ve been using the low profile surefire earplugs for many years
  12. Some are able to be either an audible or visual altimeter, such as the Alti-2 Neptune series/Atlas.
  13. Something must be getting mixed up I think in the comparison, if those beavers on floats are going to be doing commercial service, they gotta be taking up the same or near the same number of passengers, don’t you think?
  14. My swift plus 175 had a great flare at a 1.26 WL. In my defense I thought it was a 200, as the size is not directly marked on the label, just coded within the serial number as R6 or R4 etc.
  15. Wearing surgical type gloves under thin leather gloves works great. My advice is to put on the surgical gloves on the way to altitude to reduce the likelihood of your hands getting sweaty. That means just wear the leather gloves at first, then add the surgical gloves on the way up. Work it out with your instructors, they won’t like the distraction, so clear it with them first so nobody is surprised.