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  1. I heard some chatter at SSD that Ivan sold his plane? I looked online and there is no longer a website at
  2. The 1st 100-way belly was at the Muskogee Nationals, but I can't remember which year. Also, I can't find any video for it anywhere, anyone have a link to it? It would be 16mm or VHS. I want to say it was 1985-6 because my wife went with me for the first time one of those years and she was excited to see the historic jump from the ground.
  3. The Rolling Stones have two songs (at least) that mention jumping, but are really about sex. Parachute Woman: "Parachute woman, land on me tonight" and some much more explicit stuff. Casino Boogie: "Skydiver inside her, slip rope, stunt flyer" and some much more explicit stuff. The Stone Roses have a great song, "Breaking Into Heaven". The first 4:35 is kind of industrial noise, but it sounds like some radials powering up in the first 10 seconds or so. I always pictured this in my head, while listening to it, as the plane firing up, the climb to altitude with all of the mental dirt diving, gear checks, door opening, and climbout happening in that first 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the song. Then at 4:35, when the song really kicks in, the exit. Listen up sweet child of mine Have I got news for you Nobody leaves this place alive They'll die and join the queue, sing it I'm gonna break right into heaven I can't wait anymore How many times will I have to tell you You don't have to wait to die You can have it all, any time you want it Yeah, the kingdom's all inside
  4. This pretty much mirrors my experience. I had almost 1300 jumps when I laid off in 2009. I came back last year after 12 years off. It is NOT like riding a bike. In many ways I feel like a student again, except I don't have a fear of being in freefall below 4k. I went through the first jump course and did a checkout jump and was free to go. My only setback was that my gear was almost 30 yrs old and the head rigger wouldn't declare it air-worthy. Since I was serious about getting my knees in the breeze long term again, I bought all new gear. Getting some coach jumps now trying to get my confidence up to where I'll go on some LO loads. It sure is great to be in the air again!
  5. Gear came into Pro-Shop last weekend. It will be assembled next Sunday. 10 months! Yee-fucking-hah at last!
  6. Kirk and I worked for the same company from 1988-2019. We never jumped together, he was in San Antonio and I was in DFW area, but we interfaced at work for several projects and found out that we were both jumpers. I believe Kirk stopped jumping in the mid-1990s for "life happens" reasons. Kirk passed away April 14, 2022, due to complications from ALS. He was 62. BSBD brother.
  7. Is this the same guy who was ragging on Icon containers last year?
  8. I ordered a custom Pilot 7 and Smart Reserve from Aerodyne on 8-31-21. I know about the supply lines, material shortages, etc, but this is a standard ZP canopy, not ZPX or UltraLPV. Still no gear. Has anyone else been experiencing delays like this, regardless of manufacturer?
  9. Well, I finally bought one and love it. My main concern was that the flex portion would distort in freefall. I secured it pretty well with two pieces of Gorilla Tape, under the lining on my Bonehead Guner. On my initial jump with it, the flex arm moved up out of my peripheral vision, but a quick in-flight adjustment brought it down to just below the forehead of the helmet and remained there for the next 7 subsequent jumps. I guess the initial blast of terminal air seated the arm firmly into the Gorilla Tape. Altitude warnings, both audible and visible, were spot on with my Altimaster II indications on the ride up, in freefall, and under canopy.
  10. Thanks Chuck, I got ahold of David and put him in touch with Ryan.
  11. I have a friend, ex-Army Ranger, who joined the Airborne Demonstration Team that does mass drops for airshows. He's looking for a DZ where he can do his currency jumps (SL). The ADT only jumps quarterly, and he's trying to accumulate some numbers. I told him that they would probably make him do a 1st jump course. But he just wants to do SL jumps so he can jump in Normandy next year. We're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  12. So, no one has tried this product? Hmm...
  13. Does anyone have any experience with this Audio/Visual Altimeter? I have a buddy who uses the StickyLight 2B on his closed face helmet, and he loves it. I use an open faced helmet and am looking to hear about YOUR experiences with the FlexiLight. Thanks
  14. Sorry if this is an oft-asked question, but search results didn't bring anything up. What DZs in the US offer jumps at 18k + on a regular or intermittent basis. Which US DZ offers the highest jumps? Thanks, Rick