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  1. Well, I finally bought one and love it. My main concern was that the flex portion would distort in freefall. I secured it pretty well with two pieces of Gorilla Tape, under the lining on my Bonehead Guner. On my initial jump with it, the flex arm moved up out of my peripheral vision, but a quick in-flight adjustment brought it down to just below the forehead of the helmet and remained there for the next 7 subsequent jumps. I guess the initial blast of terminal air seated the arm firmly into the Gorilla Tape. Altitude warnings, both audible and visible, were spot on with my Altimaster II indications on the ride up, in freefall, and under canopy.
  2. Thanks Chuck, I got ahold of David and put him in touch with Ryan.
  3. I have a friend, ex-Army Ranger, who joined the Airborne Demonstration Team that does mass drops for airshows. He's looking for a DZ where he can do his currency jumps (SL). The ADT only jumps quarterly, and he's trying to accumulate some numbers. I told him that they would probably make him do a 1st jump course. But he just wants to do SL jumps so he can jump in Normandy next year. We're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  4. So, no one has tried this product? Hmm...
  5. Does anyone have any experience with this Audio/Visual Altimeter? I have a buddy who uses the StickyLight 2B on his closed face helmet, and he loves it. I use an open faced helmet and am looking to hear about YOUR experiences with the FlexiLight. Thanks
  6. Sorry if this is an oft-asked question, but search results didn't bring anything up. What DZs in the US offer jumps at 18k + on a regular or intermittent basis. Which US DZ offers the highest jumps? Thanks, Rick
  7. Don't lay on it with a sweaty body?! That's the only way I know how to pack on a summer's day in Texas!! Seriously though, thanks for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated!
  8. I'm getting ready to resurrect this coming summer (Bless me Father for I have sinned. It has been 11 years since I have had my knees in the breeze!) and am looking at an Aerodyne Pilot. I'm 220 in skivvies, probably closer to 240-250 exit weight, and 67 years old. I need a Volvo station wagon, not a Maserati canopy. Looking at either a Pilot 230 or Pilot7 247. I'd like to keep the PV down if I can. Any thoughts or observations as to durability (primarily), ease of packing, or other thoughts on canopies made from these materials versus standard ZP? Thanks in advance.