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  1. Looks as though you came close to loosing it completely, or did that rib not break in freefall? I know of 2 lost cameras due to Vmag failures.
  2. That stuff is such a smelly mess when putting it on, and not easy to make an even thickness. I decided to not use it and see the wear that would result. After approx 700 jumps on the suit they are in great condition, hardly worn. I minimize the walking around with the booties on. The shoe goo is awful.
  3. Perhaps an apple watch fits this description. Mine isn't set up with my carrier to enable it to act as a phone away from home, but I can add that to my plan/account, perhaps without having my watch in hand? An old apple watch version 3 cell capable or later is good enough to be used with the "find my" app.
  4. Several hundred jumps since I've been doing this, and the loop still looks like it did 2 years ago in the earlier post. Midwest grass landing areas of course help it stay clean, but the loop looks to be in great condition, just darkened and slick. I still lay it with the loop facing down on packing carpets, so this is a reasonable test of whether my idea will wear out my risers - myth busted in my opinion. The question of whether my idea actually reduces the cutaway pull forces more than what is normally done to lube the cables isn't answered, but I do know I've done no harm. It would be interesting to know how the cutaway pull forces are distributed - how much is due to housing friction, how not pulling straight in line with the housing contributes, and how much is due to the loop friction. I also know there was VERY little drag when cutting away a spinning line-over a month ago. Big 3-rings and a well lubed system yields good results. You kids with your mini 3-rings can keep it. Especially for those pushing 200 pounds without gear. The graph I posted earlier in this thread should get some jumpers to consider the choice.
  5. No need to recharge it so often, especially when new. Might get better long term battery life also. I've had them return emails about a couple different questions, but they took a day or two. The price is nuts, but an Ares does so much less. Deals can still be had on the used market if you're patient and consider the N3 or Neptune 2. The Skylife Vega/Sirius/Orion available from Rockskymart sure looks like an attractive option.
  6. The IBA should at least publish a magazine if they're charging dues. I believe there's a fair chance of it being reconsidered, or maybe that is just wishful thinking.
  7. SSK in Ohio services them.
  8. Likely similar to reports of lines breaking during a high g swoop load.
  9. The Viso/Ares can't flip the display for more convenient right side use - button vs screen placement. Of course it is a minor point.
  10. Whether it is an AAD, camera, altimeter or whatever, I appreciate knowing if it is not reliably water resistant as claimed by the mfg.
  11. It could be worth it in terms of extra fun. Just don't fool yourself into thinking it is practical.
  12. Most of the VOG website seems to be working, but not if you try to buy it. One wonders if the company is in trouble when you can't buy something. The extra features of the premium version are of very little value to me. Is it a teaser? If a person orders a basic version, does it get delayed until you upgrade to the more expensive version they want you to buy? Never have I spotted a basic version in the wild, and wondering if they exist. Maybe it takes twice as long to get one, and I don't expect the manufacturer to admit it if true. Wishing for more competition in the talking altimeter market. There is the SonoAlti (and old N3A), but it requires earbuds. The VOG is the only new alti on the market worth buying new in my opinion. They don't show up available used, likely because of their popularity. The large number of Altitracks on the used market indicates the opposite. IMO none of the new visual/digital altis offer substantial advantages over getting a used N3, or even N2.
  13. The Tempo had a reputation for being relatively low pack volume, isn't that correct?
  14. Quite right! Even the earliest Neptune behaves that way. How could L&B invest money into a new and more expensive model without getting rid of the useless blur of a tens digit in freefall? As you mention, even the earliest Neptune could show extra details such as climb rate, and the user interface is great compared to L&B products.
  15. Alti-2 shouldn't be telling us/implying in their ads their batteries will last 10 years. They use this number in their marketing about how you'll be enviro friendly and save a certain amount of money, and that all consumer type lithium batteries are good for 10 years as long as you don't recharge them so dang much...Very flawed marketing in my opinion. Don't tell people you're doing the environment a favor and then predict the disposal of the whole darn thing after 10 years, that's not consistent. The battery for the Neptune 2 is $4 and available everywhere (opposite of the L&B batteries). Disposable batteries can be considered an advantage if the batteries are cheap and available. If you could get months of use from a $20 or whatever cost battery for your gopro, but you couldn't recharge it, I think many would consider that at some cost/time combination, a disposable battery is a plus. Perhaps Alti-2 is admitting the truth about batteries losing capacity over their lifetime, and the 10 year figure is where some certain % remains. It might mean the battery indicator gets low after half the time or number of jumps, whatever, it is still likely going to be quite usable for many years, and is dependent on overall charging habits. They shouldn't be implying a 10 year lifetime.
  16. I think jumpers tend not to "glance" at their analog altimeters, they stare at them for a long time. I think their brain uses that time to process the image into a number before looking away. Just a theory of mine.
  17. Here is a comparison of dimensions, rounded to whole mm. I'm interested in the Skylife products so the Vega which seems like a bargain is included:
  18. Many are convinced an analog alti will result in less time wasted staring at it compared to a digital alti. I can understand that it seems logical to make that conclusion. I think it is usually incorrect.If you're looking at your alti only long enough to realize it is a long way from breakoff time, you should have been able to tell that from the ground. If you're wanting to know if it is 6 or 5k, it takes longer than people usually want to admit to themselves.I have noticed some videos recently where people spend an awful lot of time staring at their analog alti each time they "glance" at it. Real people in freefall might not match up with what seems intuitive.
  19. What advantages does a Viso/Ares have over the Neptune/N3/Atlas? Let's disregard price for now. Only after 30 years jumping did I consider a digital visual altimeter. A Viso II seemed not so easy to see, but an old Neptune II was much nicer. I've stuck with them since, and think there are many reasons why the Alti-2 product line is superior to the Ares/Viso. The L&B audibles are more competitive I think, but not the visual altis. I'm not just a "fanboy" of Alti-2. I think they could have done much better with their new products. I am also surprised the only competition to the VOG requires an earbud. Everyone raves about the VOG when they try it, and I doubt my experience will be different, but how long does it take to get one?
  20. I thought the UK allowed jumping through clouds. Is this correct? Does it require being located where VFR isn't allowed or something like that?
  21. Is there guidance for pilots? USPA says we ought to use a partial pressure suit above 40k, I remember you saying something about a military jumper limit is/was 43k. What about pilots?
  22. This is not true, even with the best oxygen delivery system. Even you said it was at the edge of what is possible, because it isn't possible for us to expect to be coherent at those altitudes, even pilots.
  23. I understand that, but it has been shown that nobody should count on being coherent at 41k, no matter what type of oxygen system is available. I'm asking what pilot guidance there is for unpressurized flight.