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  1. Found this really interesting mini project on YT where each canopy line tension is measured during flight while performing different type of maneuvers. Wonder if this has already be done for skydiving canopies by some manufacturers? If not, you think it could be beneficial?
  2. I've been using VMag mounted on Cookie G4 for few months now and I'm satisfied. If I may say that I'm confident that it will release if it's needed to release and that it will not if it's not supposed to (high-ish speed ). It doesn't vibrate / wobble during free fall and it doesn't obstruct my line of sight. Also, regarding @Binary93 comment from above, I have no problem looking down, and seeing handles, although this might be difference in helmet type, not necessarily in camera mount.
  3. You probably already thought of this but I don't see it mentioned. Due to drogue pilot chute would probably be larger size, it would require a kill line (collapsability). It requires one extra step of gear prep and gear check which is not always good for students / new jumpers. I personally use it, but there is for sure some jumpers who don't want that one extra thing to worry about.
  4. Yup, looks like Bupa does cover 3rd party insurance even for skydiving. At least they don't have anywhere stated that they don't. Personal liability - property damage USD 500,000 / EUR 360,000 / CHF 550,000 / GBP 280,000 Personal liability - bodily injury USD 1,000,000 / EUR 715,000 / CHF 1,100,000 / GBP 550,000
  5. As far as I know, do not cover third party liability insurance for skydiving. This it the email I got from their representative in December 2019.
  6. Just general info, L&B Ares/Viso do not have USB port and data is not available for download..
  7. They don't state that anywhere on their website. Also, by looking at photos, it looks similar to "fully elliptical" canopies such as NZA Crossfire 2/3.