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  1. So new canopy from Aerodyne named Karma hit the market recently. Anyone has personal experience on it and would like to share with community? I'm mostly interested in how it compares to it's class competitors such as Fluid Wings Echo or Icarus XFire and similar. Cheers
  2. Anyone knows a FAA certified rigger who can do a reserve repack in or near Beverly Hills area? Thanks in advance!
  3. @sundevil777 yes, it was in free fall and it was close. If i had it screwed tighter it would probably fall off. This way it moved on its range of angles and broke this fin. @riggerrob I agree that there’s no repair for this. Was hoping VMag can provide only that middle section part, because the rest of it is intact.
  4. Hello community, I've broken a fin on my VMag top helmet GoPro mount. To me, it doesn't look serious and I think it will not affect it's performance (hold when it should and release when it should), but I would like to get it fixed/swapped just in case. There is no contact on their website and they don't reply to my messages on Instagram. Does anyone have experience with their "customer service" and maybe someone more directly I could reach out? Attaching photo of broken fin just to cover curiosity of anyone who's reading this :) Blue skies, Matija
  5. @pchapman in your transcribe, you missed to note the "Advance" category, where the difference is a lot bigger than intermediate. Sabre 2 2002 Intermediate 128 lbs Advance 135 lbs Expert 176 lbs Max 216 lbs Sabre 2 2002 Intermediate 149 lbs Advance 169 lbs Expert 216 lbs Max 230 lbs Sabre 3 2020 Intermediate 149 lbs Advance 203 lbs Expert 236 lbs Max 250 lbs I don't want to comment on "following manufacturers instructions" part of your comment as I don't want this thread to turn into something that it shouldn't
  6. Hello Forum, I find really interesting how Performance Designs is adjusting its skill and operating limits for the same canopy over the course of years. I address this to making it more appealing for end customers, but also to canopies getting smaller over the years in general. I'm wondering what other skydivers think of this? Below are attachments of 135ft Sabre2 from 2002. and 2015. Also a Sabre3 from 2020. P.S. - I know Sabre3 is not the same as Sabre2, but I would still put it in similar bucket. Never the less, I personally would maybe even label it as a bit more advanced wing than Sabre2 and put lower suggested weights than Sabre2, which is opposite of current Sabre3 label. Looking forward hearing from you! Cheers! P.S. again - Apologies to people I took screenshots from Facebook ads.
  7. If you drill G4, you lose both impact rating and warranty. I installed VMag on mine and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It's not as good shooting angle as if it were on top of helmet but at least you save on those two thing I mentioned plus chin mounted cameras are a bit less of a snag point in comparison to top of helmet ones. Also, no need for installing extra cutaway system as it is detachable by it's own design If snatching forces are not strong, you simply pull it off yourself and if they are strong it will fall/break on it's own.
  8. Can you describe it a bit more detailed for us who never saw this setup in person. How do you set it up on rig and how do you attach a slider to it. Maybe even a picture if you don't mind.
  9. Instructional video of properly securing line sleeves:
  10. Yet, they still try to convert them unintentionally because that's the way they're thought since young age. :) As riggerrob said above, "The last thing you want is students fixating on mathematical calculations as they rapidly fall towards the planet".
  11. I would say that metric skydiving instruments are used in probably every country in the world where metric system is implemented in their schooling and education system. Same goes for imperial system countries.
  12. Well... keep us posted. What was the outcome? :)
  13. When using UPS/DHL and such, there's no excuses for customs and import taxes. They are big names and you'll definitely get charged. I would say that best option would be to send it using national post office and on the package specifying it's value way less than it really is. That way, you at least have the chance of being charged percentage of package specified value and not the actual retail value.
  14. I agree that G4 shouldn't be drilled as If you drill, it looses the impact rating (one of the things that sticks this helmet in the market). I disagree with sticker mounts if you don't have some kind of cut-away system. Original GoPro adhesive stickers are really hard to peal off and I think suspension lines are more likely to snap your neck before the adhesive part peels off. This is one of the solutions that doesn't require drilling. It's for G3 but I guess It can be adjusted for G4. I personally use VMag. No drilling required, you simply screw it to the venting section on the chin. The magnet is really strong, so it will definitely withstand high speed flying, but will also release if something gets snagged, like bridle or suspension lines. And even if it doesn't (force really weak, i.e. uninflated pc), you can simply take it of with one hand.
  15. Found this really interesting mini project on YT where each canopy line tension is measured during flight while performing different type of maneuvers. Wonder if this has already be done for skydiving canopies by some manufacturers? If not, you think it could be beneficial?