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  1. TLDR: I've reached 200+ jumps and i consider mounting a camera. What is the safest way to approach it ? I take into account that the camera is a major distraction but i want to focus only on the mounting technicalities. Hey Guys I'm sure it was answered before but i made a fair amount of attempts to find an answer and it got me to the point that i'm starting this thread. Links to relevant threads that i have may be missed will be greatly appreciated. I have 213 jumps and i didn't even start thinking of mounting a camera before. Now as i'm getting my new G4, i began thinking that may be at some point i would like to mount a camera too. For the matter of the discussion it is 100% clear to me that camera is a major distraction no matter what mount/camera i use. I want to focus only on the technical part of mounting the camera setting aside the distraction issue. From my perspective it seems that there are few major technical issues: 1) Snag point - mount catching line is bad. If it detaches/breaks it can still be a problem. If it doesn't detach i would guess it can be even worse. 2) Impact - event if you don't drill i -the mount point is obviously a failure point of the helmet in direct impact Michael Schumaher style. 3) Any other major issue i am missing? I understand that probably the safest mounting strategy will be to avoid mounting altogether. But what is the second best(safest) strategy ? I'm planning to continue jumping mainly RW. As i've said i'm going to get G4 and i have GoPro Hero5 if you have concrete recommendations with this setup. Getting a new camera or going for a different helmet can be an option, though i would really like a full face helmet. Thank you for taking time answering a newbie question.
  2. Best shot ... by my instructor though - Me at 25th - A licence jump (picture by Yoav A)