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  1. Well, i've done about 20 formation jumps in Pi3, and it's definitely not worst then a phantoms. Easy to fly, easy to keep descent and speed rates same as formation, great speed when chasing, great flare - if i fell lower, it is fast and easy do decrease descent ant get above formation almost without speed loss. I will add some information after a hundred jumps.
  2. Thank you. For the cost they offered, there is no other choise) Finally, i've got cheapest invoice, including shipping costs, the suit have backfly inlets, zip-up cords, BASE sole, foamfilled bootie, pressure adjustment by default, and extra pocket similar to squirrel's nutsack for just 15 euro, so i'm happy in advance) Also, after a short conversation about any discounts, they also offer me a free rush order, that means 4 to 5 weeks from payment to my door in busiest time of year for skydive manufacturers)
  3. This is by the rules of the DZ only. If jumpmaster said "land by arrow", then you land by arrow, nothing else. Other ways - If landing area equipped with arrow, tethraedron etc (on DZ) then you go for arrow. Even downwind. Landing downwind is not that killing thing as a cross courses landing. If it is demonstration performance outside specially equipped areas, then you go "first down". And if you are first, you should remember, that you are responsible for the rest, who will follow you.
  4. Sounds good Probably work... Sounds good! You know, you finally convinced me!)
  5. Hi there! Going to buy one, so interested in some feedback. Maybe someone flew it for some jumps? Especially interested in comparison with same class suits of Tony or Phoenix Fly, or squirrel! Speed/glide/maneuverability etc. Thanx!