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  1. We had a guy at Ripcord Para Center who resembled the drawing of DB Cooper.. Even smoked Raleigh cigarettes. No one ever investigated him
  2. I need 1 yard of pink F111 type fabric (exact a chute I believe is what para gear calls it).I can't find any. Let me know if anyone has it.I will buy it from you.thanks
  3. Been trying to access the Trimsetter websiter but it seems to be down...
  4. Steve Snyder said that cross bracing violated his patent on "v " rib design
  5. Where can I buy a monkey fist handle...themonkeyfist.com website appears to be down for maintenance... Any other sellers?
  6. Can someone post a link to the packing instructions for putting round reserve into a javelin?
  7. The Javelin canopy compatibility chart ...are this figures for square footage of canopy or bulk in cubic inches??
  8. Para Flite use to include a section on turbulence in their manuals.
  9. Was the Javelin ever approved for round reserves? Just curious
  10. Just wondering how popular this style of kill line bridle is.I find it harder to calibrate (in production) than the older Cazer style bridle.It certainly seems to be a much bigger pain in the ass to install.
  11. So I was wondering does anyone have an estimate on how much load the inner bag stop takes during a deployment on the totally enclosed bridle that UPT makes.?
  12. I need a yard of neon pink F111 type fabric.I can't find any. Anyone have a some they want to sell?
  13. Andrade1812...yes it is functional although not in great condition
  14. Georger..NO.The rig that Dan Gryder showed is jumpable.you Mus understood what I said.To clarify...that rig can not be described as "an NB8" simply because it is part NB8( the container)and part B 12(the harness).It does have the correct Ripcord for that container ( NB8).