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    MADE IN U.S.A.! Brand new,kill line collapsible. Your choice of Zero P ( most colors) or F111( limited colors).Sizes 24" to 34", standard bridle(7' pc to pin) or wingsuit(9' or 10' pc to pin,your choice).Black hackey is our norm but pud is available as well choice of colors.FREE USPS SHIPPING IN THE U.S. $ 85.00 u.s. ORDER AT : [email protected]!!


    - US

  2. Just wondering how popular this style of kill line bridle is.I find it harder to calibrate (in production) than the older Cazer style bridle.It certainly seems to be a much bigger pain in the ass to install.
  3. So I was wondering does anyone have an estimate on how much load the inner bag stop takes during a deployment on the totally enclosed bridle that UPT makes.?
  4. I need a yard of neon pink F111 type fabric.I can't find any. Anyone have a some they want to sell?
  5. Andrade1812...yes it is functional although not in great condition
  6. Georger..NO.The rig that Dan Gryder showed is jumpable.you Mus understood what I said.To clarify...that rig can not be described as "an NB8" simply because it is part NB8( the container)and part B 12(the harness).It does have the correct Ripcord for that container ( NB8).
  7. The rig that Dan Gryer came up with is a combination of an NB8 container( extended) and a B12 harness.Now pay close attention here..look at the Ripcord handle.That diagonal tubing inside of the Ripcord,that indicates it is an NB8 ripcord.Why is this significant? The NB 8 has a closer pin spacing than a B12/B4.You have to use the NB8 Ripcord. An NB 8 Ripcord WILL NOT work on a B12 container .
  8. Steve Snyder began playing with the Delta II in 1967.At Ripcord Para Center( he owned the dropzone).Dick Morgan (he was a Golden Knight at the time) began collaborating with him at that time
  9. Written by the late Don Beck when he was working at U.S.Forgecraft
  10. How much is a set of RW6 rings worth these dsys?
  11. There were also a small number built by Strong Enterprises as I recall
  12. When I worked at SSE/para plane this item was a real piece of scrap..plastic gears and bargain bin Android's,all to offer an economical alternative to their pricier Altimaster 2....didn't think they made them for very long