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  1. Is it just me that thinks the 'Post New Message' screen is really poorly designed and could do with a functional update? The main point of that screen, the editing window where you actually write your post, only makes up about 1/16th of the total real estate. It's almost like it was supposed to be a 'quick reply' interface you see on some other forums. Why do I need a big chunk of the screen taken up with 'Recent Forum discussions' when I'm writing a new post, for example? Could we not make the window big enough that you can actually keep track of what you're writing? It doesn't even work well on mobile formats at the moment.
  2. yoink

    EPs: Look up before pulling reserve?

    It's not a lack of confidence in a reserve that people have. It's a lack of confidence in how a main will potentially deploy in an untested and continually changeable scenario - in the deployment system itself in a particular configuration. If a cutaway main would always clear a deploying reserve there would be many fewer people suggesting keeping it, but it seems to entangle frequently enough that it causes this debate. I've thought for a while that it's pretty much a 50/50. Do whatever comes to you and hope you get lucky, but of course we can't teach that. Prevention is FAR the best option.
  3. Unfortunately the 'you'll look cool if you can land the Katana rather than stoof in the Velocity' approach doesn't typically work. Their ego will usually tell them 'well, yeah, so if I learn to land the Velocity then I'll be SUPER cool.'
  4. yoink

    Trolling speakers corner

    I the real world I agree with you, but to quote HH, 'this ain't no damn democracy'. I maintain that forcing a change of behavior on the behalf of people who follow the rules in order to facilitate the posting of someone who breaks them is... I don't even know the right word? Irrational? Irritating?
  5. yoink

    Trolling speakers corner

    I think this is where we disagree, Bill. It's not the opinion that generates anger; it's the way the opinion is posted. This is supposed to be a discussion forum - if someone posts their opinion with absolutely no intent of discussing why that opinion is the way it is, providing sources that explain how that opinion was reached or acknowledging that other opinions might have any validity then they're not contributing in a meaningful way to the society here. All they're doing is wasting bandwidth of the site, and the time of anyone who responds. If all I wanted were headlines with no discourse or background I'd check out Fox's RSS feed. I don't need a poster to do that. A very simple script does exactly the same thing. Let's ask this: What is the point of Speakers Corner, for you? Personally, I'd like it to be somewhere where I can understand the viewpoints and thinking of people who I don't necessarily agree with. It's supposed to be educational for me. But someone posting 'the sky is green' over and over and over and over again without explaining how they got to that isn't educational, it's just juvenile. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm expecting too much of the forum, in which case it should be me that goes.
  6. yoink

    Trolling speakers corner

    I think trolling is a persistent and wide-spread behavior pattern, rather than the occasional post that is an aberration to a user's typical posting behavior. Everybody has a viewpoint on something that will be out of whack with others, but specific disagreements aren't trolling. I can have an extreme view on shopping trolley parking (anyone who doesn't return a cart to the little parking place but leaves them in the car spaces should be shot into the sun) for example, but in most other threads I'll be quite reasonable. That isn't trolling - it's just me being a nutcase, but my particular craziness will be confined to a very small subset of threads. But if somebody consistently has a viewpoint so far outside the norm that every thread they post in becomes a clusterfuck, then it can't be anything else BUT trolling, deliberate or not. I do think there is a lot of value in having a forum that splits off the larger noise from the rest of the site, and Speakers Corner does that. I'm not sure losing it would be the way to go unless you ditch the community forums altogether and make this a dedicated skydiving discussion site only.
  7. yoink

    Trolling speakers corner

    This post is going to reference specific posters. Hopefully it doesn't break the forum rules too much, but I don't see any way of posting it without simply being dishonest for the sake of it. This post references: 1: From the forum rules which we all agree to abide by by posting here: 2: Emphasis mine. 3: Specific Speakers Corner rules: The signal to noise ratio in Speakers corner has gotten worse than it's ever been, (and that's saying something). It's all very well having a loser definition of 'troll' for that forum, but when a poster in question has absolutely no intention of considering other viewpoints, providing evidence to back theirs up and has admitted to acting as a troll it's time to do something about it. The answer of everyone else 'just not reading their posts' is bullshit, because there is always someone who engages and that always derails a discussion. Always. And for me, that's a good thing, that people keep trying - it shows HOPE that posters will continue to provide alternative viewpoints and provide content to the forum. Stifling that behavior from posters who haven't broken the rules, just to facilitate the continuation of someone who has and will continue to do so is ass backwards. The point of rules is to have them be impartial, and apply equally and without emotion to everyone. Making exceptions or having 'loser definitions' to rules means that they're not rules - they're guidelines, and a moderation team cannot hope to be consistent with that, even with the best of intention. I understand that banning posters is (in the long run) potentially detrimental to the point of the forum, but some different form of moderation needs to be introduced if the rules in there are different to the rest of the site. The ignore function mentioned a few threads below this one would be a good start. People who troll, or who simply post links to other websites aren't contributing to a discussion and shouldn't be given the leeway they are.
  8. yoink

    ignore button

    Please, please do this.
  9. I'm going to go with 'there's no dropzone that would let you jump again WITHOUT refresher training'. Have fun back in the sky. It's much the same as it was 10 years ago.
  10. What did the canopy coach say about you doing barrel rolls?? I'm guessing it went something along the lines of 'you have to make a very aggressive maneuver on rear risers, and that's really dangerous. Not a good idea.' Fortunately the internet is full of people who aren't the canopy coach, eh?
  11. yoink

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    I'm not sure about the license thing. Technically you're absolutely correct, but the reality is that we ask people to prove their capability despite having a valid license if they've been out of the sport for a while before they get in the air on their own... That implies that a licence does indeed have an expiration or can be revoked if capability can't be shown, doesn't it?
  12. yoink

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    That's part of the FJC. Mark it with a big bullseye.
  13. yoink

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    Understatement of the year.
  14. Even if you have time to turn and land in the direction that fits the DZ policy, Bill? So you stick with a First man down policy always, unless it puts you in danger?