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  1. I have too much other stuff to get stressed by to worry about what happens here. Sounds like you need a drinking partner. Pretty sure I've got some good Plantation rum around here. You're in the Caribbean aren't you?
  2. Have you been drinking? Nothing in my (or YOUR) life stops if you can't instantly access this website. At least, I don't think so? Getting a flat? It actually changes what I need to be doing. I typically don't just go out for a drive just to pick grammatical fights with assholes and shout my opinion at everyone I pass.
  3. It honestly doesn't bother me. I can get shit done rather than posting here. There's nothing so important that I feel that by being delayed the ability to post about it for a day that my world changes, even one iota. YMMV.
  4. That's a joke of a suggestion. It's straight out of fantasy. What sfzombie is suggesting is the absolute best possible outcome. You have to consider what happens if the throw misses. Or doesn't distract the assailant enough. Now you've got the same situation with someone getting stabbed and I guarantee you that every single one of you would be on here absolutely CRUCIFYING the officer when that bodycam footage was released.
  5. Irrelevant to this situation. We're dealing with what actually happened, and what should happen in America. Cops aren't going to be disarmed here, ever, so it's a pointless conversation to compare a completely different policing and cultural structure. A better question would be 'did the cop follow procedure, and if we think those procedures are wrong how should they be changed?' Given that the police force will always be armed in the US, how are the procedures written for an armed police force in a way that protects both the civilians and AND the police to the best ability.
  6. There’s been a shit amount of armchair quarterbacking going on around this case before any evidence was seen. Including in here. Your post sums up my feelings on it, having seen the video. Tragic but justifiable use of force.
  7. yoink


    Dude. A year ago you were a poster who I thought was worth reading - your posts were generally well constructed and thought out. But you've lost the plot on this vaccine stuff to the point where in my mind you're now fringe-lunatic on the subject. You've doubled down on your misunderstanding of the science for the past 7 months or so, with no sign of stopping. Look at what you're typing. In the same paragraph you go from 'half of americans have taken the vaccine' (which is demonstrably wrong with even the simplest google search), to 'literally the entire population has taken it'. You're not even consistent in your attempt to get your crazy across. Science uses facts, not hyperbole. I get it - you want people vaccinated. So do I. But this isn't the way to get your message across. I don't want an argument. This is my one attempt to try and get you to see that you're not in a good place when it comes to posting on this subject. If you choose not to believe me, so be it.
  8. yoink


    I suspect they did, but won’t admit to it - at least not to their neighbors. I’ve heard of a load of that going on.
  9. I don’t envy the job of the prison warden and guards trying to make sure he does.
  10. I'm no lawyer. He said it was the 'Merger' doctrine? I'm looking at the message now and he says ' he may or may not get sentenced on all three charges' and 'if one offense is essentially a lesser included offense of another, you can't be sentenced on both' and that it comes down to the statutory elements of the charges which may be something the lawyers and judge hash out during sentencing. If you know the details of why he's wrong let me know and I'll pass it on, but I'm not just going to say 'some dudes on the internet say you're wrong' to him.
  11. He may well only get sentenced on one charge. If someone is convicted of theft and armed robbery as two charges, for example, they only get charged for the armed robbery one as theft is a subset of that and you can’t be charged twice for the same crime. Double jeopardy and all. At least that’s how a lawyer friend explained it to me.
  12. 20 years in jail or packing tandems? Tough call.
  13. Really? You want that on you? Rather you than me, Joe.
  14. " Indianapolis police say a gunman who opened fire at a FedEx warehouse killing eight people had legally bought the two assault rifles he used, despite having a shotgun confiscated months earlier. Brandon Hole's mother had warned about his mental state last March and police had taken a gun he owned away from him. But he was subsequently able to buy two assault rifles in July and September." https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56791321 This is why there should be no sales allowed by unlicensed dealers. This is why there needs to be a database that includes mental health. You could hardly dream up more of a gimmie to identify someone who shouldn't have been able to buy a gun. Yet this guy could, and did. The entire concept of an industry that is federally regulated by having licenses to sell a product, but then also allows sales by unlicensed people as well is insane. It's an all or nothing thing. You either require regulation or you don't.
  15. I missed that post. They were selling inserts that held a mask AWAY from the face? Way to miss the point, Florida. *golf clap