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  1. yoink


    Just goes to show, you can get to be a 70 year old man without growing a spine or a set of balls. We might have discovered a new species. Homopoliticus Assholus.
  2. Technically nobody can identify a single law Trump has broken because he hasn't been tried. One day...
  3. I agree that it would probably increase voter turnout and put additional pressure on politicians to engage with voters. And I'd absolutely I'd be OK with it. Because it's the FAIR way of doing it.
  4. I think most voters don't understand the electoral college. I'm reasonably certain that if you went to any voter from either side and said 'Yes or No - Do you think it's fair if you only get 1 vote for President while that guy over there gets 4?' every single one of them would say that it's not.
  5. And against the rules of the forum. If you have something to say, say it. Don't just copy paste someone else's diatribe. You know better than this. Yes, voting is important. But if you think it's important here then take the time to put it in your own words.
  6. yoink


    Edit: Goddammit I wish you could just delete a post
  7. We’ve been putting some serious contingency plans together this time.
  8. I hope. But that 10% chance combined with the the way the electoral college works and the shenanigans the Republicans are pulling keeps me up at night.
  9. Ask almost anyone 'We'll give you a guaranteed job for life in one of the most senior positions in the country if you very, very occasionally thrown us a bone.' and I think most people would go for it. How many rulings in a SCJ's tenure do they REALLY alter the way of life? I'd be surprised if it's more than 1 or 2. Selling out for that doesn't surprise me. Honestly, I'd probably do it, at least telling myself that when I was in the position I wouldn't necessarily have to do what I was told.
  10. The weird thing is I don't think that would be a lot better. I just want these people to do their jobs properly - governing for the American people rather than their particular party or ideology.
  11. I've bet on worse odds than that before.
  12. It doesn't need to be actually be a 'thing' to have the intended effect of raising a specter of doubt in some minds. Look at the last time this shit happened with Clinton's emails - NOTHING came out of it, but it was enough to torpedo her chances. Trump's team will KEEP releasing bullshit like this and will move onto the next one before the dust has settled from the previous time all the way up to the election. They don't care if it's true. All they care about is that it changes one undecided to a Trump supporter.
  13. It IS tempting. I do love the smell of Jet-A. And regularly working around spinning props I'm much less likely to get RSI from typing, so a safer working environment too.
  14. yoink


    Why does following Q instantly make people unable to use full sentences? You don’t sound secret and SPEC OPS when you talk this way. You sound retarded.
  15. I seriously hope the Democrats have learned this in the short term, but I actually doubt it. In the long term it's not a viable strategy for either party if they're serious about 'America' as a single unit - it guarantees increased social pressure and feelings of elections being meaningless. But then I don't think the Republican party gives a shit about what 'America' is. As you said, winning at all cost is all that matters. McConnell is the worst thing to happen to US politics as long as I've been interested. He's far worst than Trump because he's actually got a plan and knows what he's doing.