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  1. I said exactly this to some friends ages ago. The only problem with the scenario is that it would require Trump to acknowledge that he's done something wrong and I think he's pathologically incapable of that.
  2. yoink


    My rights are more important to me than your rights. Conservatism in a nutshell.
  3. yoink


    As my static line instructor said to me during my first jump course, “If yer gonna be dumb, yud better be tough.’
  4. ANY self respecting politician should be disgusted with Trumps perversion of the justice system. If he loses in Nov I’m half expecting him to try and preemptively pardon himself from all wrongdoing.
  5. yoink


    Sorry , that is so up it’s own arse as to be laughable.
  6. yoink

    Biden's VP

    This is my hope. I actually think Biden isn't all there mentally, but he's smart enough to accept help. Trump isn't all there mentally AND refuses to believe he isn't the world authority on absolutely everything.
  7. yoink

    Biden's VP

    I’m fine with that distinction. If Kanye West was the opposition I’d have to vote for Biden again, for example. I said a while ago that I’d love a president like NZ’s prime minister. 39 and crushing it.
  8. yoink


    Maybe he’s already had it. Would explain a lot.
  9. yoink


    Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms Just like a mild flu, folks.
  10. yoink

    Biden's VP

    At least let the guy get elected and actually have a chance at doing something before stating that you wouldn’t vote for him again?
  11. That’s put together very well by someone who understands Trump. I REALLY hope he watches it.
  12. yoink


    I saw this on the BBC a couple of days ago when the pubs reopened: 'Crystal clear' drunk people will not socially distance Well no shit, Sherlock. In tomorrow's news 'rain is wet'.
  13. yoink


    Don't worry, dude. The president told everyone that 99% of cases are totally harmless during an address from the White House on July 4th. So yeah. We might have nearly 3 million cases, but only 30,000 or the dead people must have been from the harmful virus. The additional 100k must be from something else, I guess. Oh, and hospitalization probably isn't classed as 'harmful', right? My math isn't great, but at the moment I think we're at about a 4.5% mortality rate. The really good news is that once all the vulnerable members of society are dead we'll see those numbers start to drop. Just the best numbers.
  14. yoink


    Maybe that brain eating amoeba from Florida has made its way to Arizona?