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  1. I hope he does. The tech firms with all the lawyers in the entire world will bury him.
  2. Those are rookie numbers! We gotta pump those up. 40 or 50% should do it. Maybe there's a lab in China that can help us?
  3. As you told me in the gun thread, a leftie asking a Republican to do something is only likely to result in a ‘fuck you’, for no other reason than it annoys you. At this point I’m starting to hope for a highly infectious variant with a massively increased lethality. Chances are that right now the vaccines we have will still prevent serious conditions, but if we start killing off those vectors that can generate new variants then eventually it stabilizes. Remember - no virus WANTS to be lethal, it only wants to be infectious. If a virus quickly killed everyone it infected then pretty soon it would die out itself. Thats probably the reason this WON’T happen - over time the virus is likely to become more infectious but less lethal, but hey, here’s hoping.
  4. yoink


    Yup. I didn’t have any during the lockdown, but have had 2 since restrictions lifted on June 16th. I attribute it to a combination of having a child at preschool and having a weakened immune response to the lack of any infections over the last year - my body has gotten used to not having to fight stuff.
  5. Honest question - Why do all these gun control discussions always seem to focus around Chicago? I’m pretty sure it’s a national problem that will require generalized solutions, not ones cherry picked for a particular locale.
  6. This sort of stuff absolutely baffles me - even more then the typical gun insanity. I mean, how many guns do you actually need? WHY do you need multiples? I'm pretty certain we send soldiers out with a gun and extra magazines stuck into their gear, not extra guns for each time they run out of ammo. Surely money would be better spent just buying one or two, maintaining them and buying ammo and mags? It's completely illogical stuff like this that has me convinced gun ownership is an emotional problem, not a legitimate 'I need protection' one.
  7. You’ve made me go and count my hammers…. I may need to downsize.
  8. yoink


    Thank you BIGUN & wolfriverjoe
  9. yoink


    aaand now I need to check the info on receiving a 2 dose vaccine after already having the J&J 1-shot.
  10. Deliberately messing with a system as complex as the atmosphere seems like a TERRIBLE idea. The consequences for getting something wrong could be catastrophic and I just don’t believe we understand it well enough to be considering something like that. Hell, we can’t even predict the weather reliably.
  11. He'd hang them back up on the trophy wall in half a nano second if it looked like Trump would do well again and he could be vice.
  12. They were not allowed to be in there. If security personnel ushered them in then that doesn't make it legal. It makes those security personnel culpable. oh, and lets not forget the people beating on cops, stealing stuff and shitting in the rotunda. Or do you just do that on every tour where you're from?
  13. ah. Although I wouldn't have been entirely surprised.