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  1. You might want to think about getting a mini-gun. you know, just to be safe.
  2. Being armed as a professional requirement is different to being armed at all times. I'm fortunate enough that my neighbor is on the security detail of a senior politician and we've had this discussion a number of times over beers. His comments reflect the same conversation I've had with special forces soldiers from several nations during my skydiving career. 1 - Leave it to the professionals. They train for it every day, and even they make mistakes. The idea that a civilian will hit their targets in a stressful situation is only a little short of fantasy. 2 - When it's not work time, they put their guns away. Because they're not afraid every moment of every day. (for the most part) Carrying a gun at home is an indication of insecurity, nor strength. To me, that says that civilians should not be allowed to buy guns barring a) exceptional lifestyle circumstances, or b) specific training and currency requirements, including mental health checks.
  3. I'll be honest dude, my son is starting school this August and I'm scared. Scared enough to consider that arming teachers might be a solution, even though intellectually I know it's not. Even though I know it's a fucking TERRIBLE solution. But what other options do I have apart from either having schools monitored like prisons, or arming my kid? This isn't going to change. Guns aren't going away and the depression rate among teenagers is only going up. Right now I'd love to hear some realistic ideas that don't rely on big-sky theory.
  4. You do know that your avatar doesn't indicate your gender, right?
  5. umm. Congrats? But then, Billy probably did too, I'd guess. And he murdered his entire family. And I'm certain he probably would have said EXACTLY the same things you have done. 100% I'll NEVER do that! It's for protection only. You might want to step away from the keyboard for the night. I'm still catching up with the 40 other posts you've made.
  6. Most places in the US you need to be at least 21 to rent a car.... 25 isn't unusual. You know. Because of the damage and liability you can incur. But owning a gun? Fuck yeah! 18 and up for a rifle. 21 for a handgun. But of course that's not insane.
  7. Homepage of TheOnion.com is brutally honest today...
  8. Yup. As is having a gun taken off you and used against you.
  9. This has absolutely solidified my opinion that guns have no place in a residential home. To those of you who do own guns and keep them around for personal protection, I'd ask you to honestly answer this question to yourself. What's more likely to happen to you at some point in your life - that you get attacked in your own home and need a gun to resolve the situation, or that you suffer a single bout of depression? Look at the statistics - this isn't an uncommon situation. It CAN happen to you. Studies have shown that suicidal impulses are (generally) fleeting. People who don't succeed mostly don't re-attempt, but when you use a gun you almost never get a do-over. .Jakee hit the nail on the head - Billy owned a gun for protection and killed himself and his family with it. That's the tragic bottom line.
  10. But, with respect, that doesn't mean he gets a free pass.
  11. It never occurred to me that he DIDN’T vote Republican. He’s a white billionaire who owns a global company, deliberately manipulates stock values and seems to court scandal. I’ve always assumed he was a GOP voter. *shrug Even the environmental stuff he’s done Iis never altruistic. It’s always done through the lens of profit. The guy is an asshole - I honestly thought everyone knew this?
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-61484222 And this is on (effectively) the Russian state news show. Personally I doubt it was unplanned, and it's very carefully worded. I guess we'll know if the retired colonel 'disappears' in the next couple of days.