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  1. yoink


    This whole thread (in fact, this whole pandemic) has shown just how poor the average ability to use basic maths or analyse data really is, imo.
  2. I hope there's a bit more calculation behind it than just yeeting stuff.
  3. I've always been a big believer in something like the SpinLaunch concept for repeatable moon launches. Forget any sort of chemical propellant and have a reusable, solar powered launch system up there. Obviously, this is way out there for a permanent moon presence though.
  4. yoink


    Deliberate and malicious ignorance. Shown here at its finest. ‘I take all the vaccines! I wear five masks based on the science! But let me tell you why they all suck and all the data about them are lies and you shouldn’t listen to any of it.’ PA removed.
  5. yoink


    And there you hit on the philosophical differences between people. 'My freedoms' vs ''sacrifice' for others'. (and 'sacrifice' is in BIG fucking inverted commas).
  6. yoink


    Tell that to a colleague of mine who's 7 year old is now paralysed from complications from catching Covid. Another friend has permanent loss of taste and smell - can you imagine how much less enjoyable life is like that? I think you're dramatically underestimating the imapct of long term covid symptoms - something we're still figuring out.
  7. yoink


    You have a 100% chance of being shot when entering a room. I offer you a 40% chance not to be. Do you take it, or do you go 'nah. That's abysmal. I'm waiting for the 99.99% offer.'? And who exactly is resting on their laurels? I can guarentee you that the pharma industry continues to pour billions into further research on treatments for new covid strains, if only because it will make them even more in the future. Of course everyone is hoping that what happens next is better. You're arguing against positions that noone is taking.
  8. You still don't get it, do you? If someone asks you to call them by a different name, gender, species or whatever, then it's simple fucking decency to do it, because doing it doesn't change your life in ANY way whatsoever. If a guy called Jake comes up to you and says 'hey dude, I'd like you to call me Sally from now on' and you say 'no, I'M going to decide what to call you', can't you see how that would make you a complete asshole? It's nothing to do with delusion, and everything to do with you not getting to decide something like this for other people that doesn't affect you and isn't your responsibility.
  9. Nor is simple decency, apparently.
  10. Edited to sleep on it
  11. Or maybe you’re just shit at stating your position clearly? Your penchant for superfluous elongation of discourse in order to facilitate the association of intelligence in the poster to the reader, provides no more than illusionary and self-delusionary camoflague for the lack of substance in your own posts.
  12. yoink


    No. NO. No they're not. Not even nearly. The range of opinions will be a bell curve with outliers, sure. But the vast, vast, VAST majority of opinions will agree. @mods Can we please get a disclaimer on Winsors posts? It's clear that he is spreading misinformation on this subject.
  13. yoink


    Are you getting the same type as your first one, or a different one? I saw something a few days ago that was suggesting mixing vaccines seems like it has additional support. It particularly called out a mix of Johnson & Johnson with a Moderna booster as being super effective. Edit: Quick NY Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/19/health/covid-vaccine-mix-match.html "The results for people who initially received a Johnson & Johnson vaccine were particularly striking. Those receiving a Johnson & Johnson booster saw antibodies go up just fourfold. Switching to a Pfizer-BioNTech booster raised antibody levels by a factor of 35. A Moderna booster raised them 76-fold" I'll try and dig out the FDA article I saw if I have time today.