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  1. A whole 7 semesters, huh? Wow. Truly. Your expertise on science is unparalleled.
  2. yoink


    There’s some anecdotal evidence coming out of my friends in the uk who are working in the vaccine Programme that the reactions with the astra-Zeneca seem worse after the first shot, while those with Pfizer seem worse after the second. There’s a lot of variability from person to person though.
  3. I think there’s a big difference due to age. Your brain learns better before 5 or 6. It’s a fact. The older we get the less plastic our brain becomes when you’re talking about learning new skills. So I think the impact on younger kids is probably greater than that on older ones.
  4. Ok. Yeah. The hardship of the last year doesn’t compare to the impacted lives of abducted child soldiers. I think that probably goes without saying. But I’m also reporting first hand experience and observations. There is a BIG difference in the kids that stayed in school vs those that didn’t. Will they catch up? Probably. I don’t know yet.
  5. I don’t know it’s that simple. Our 3 year old was in daycare throughout the pandemic. We were insanely lucky. Some of his old friends have returned to school recently after nearly a year of being away and it’s super obvious how far behind they are in their development. Losing a year of schooling at that age is a massive deal, imo, (as well as being a huge quality of life impact for the parents).
  6. Awesome. Just what we need.
  7. Why do you have people like that on your friends list for so long?
  8. yoink


    But if we get quicker at recognizing it, developing a vaccine and distributing it then we’ll do better next time. And the time after. And the time after. So yes, you’re right. Kind of. That particular virus now has a permanent place in the biosphere. But hopefully it’ll go the way of polio - still around, but not a major concern. You know that only 2 viruses have ever been completely eradicated, right?
  9. The only way people like Brent will ever change their mind is when they or someone they love die from Covie from their own selfish and stupid behavior, and sometimes not even then., There was a news story a while ago about a guy who was swearing ON HIS DEATHBED while dying from covid that covid was a hoax. I've no idea why you all still interact with him.
  10. Trump could turn up with no legal team, incriminate himself during his Senate trial and the Republican senators still wouldn't find him guilty. I'm still not sure if the Senate can actually speak about what is and is not constitutional. Surely that's the point of the supreme court?
  11. There's so much wrong with this post. Herd immunity via exposure can only be suggested by someone who doesn't understand how viruses work, or doesn't care about the cost of getting there or the risk in doing so. Let's forget for a second that some people have been infected twice (proving that exposure doesn't guarantee immunity), the bit you have to remember is that EVERY time a virus replicates in a cell there's a chance for a mutation to occur. In very rare cases those mutations become the dominant form if it helps the virus survive or spread. So yeah, it's small odds of happening, but small odds multiplied by an entire population increase the risk significantly. A mutation that invalidates the current vaccine or immune system-based immunity would be disastrous and would effectively set us back to the start of the pandemic. There is a very real risk of this. And for the record - a mask DOES protect you. It might not be 100% effective, but it absolutely adds protection. As do distancing and shutdowns. Brent, please - stop spreading misinformation like this. This isn't one of those things you can just have your own opinion on and pretend it's just as valid as actual facts and math.
  12. I'm really disappointed in Newsome. Early on he took the controversial but correct step to issue a stay at home order. He did what a leader sometimes needs to do - something unpopular but in the best interests of his people. Since then he's shown himself to be a politician, rather than a leader, flip flopping around while trying to appease everyone.
  13. I knew Kellyanne Conway was insane, but this passes through Deplorable and into properly fucked up. "Kellyanne Conway Accused of Posting Topless Photo of Her 16-Year-Old Daughter on Twitter" https://variety.com/2021/digital/news/kellyanne-conway-accused-topless-photo-daughter-claudia-twitter-1234892220/