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  1. Hi Paul, the one thing that concerns me is that Barron stated that no trustees or Board Members have experience managing design and construction projects of this scale. Could you please confirm is that's the case or not? If it is the case, I might be able to help out a little. I've been a design management consultant for 15 years on multi billion dollar projects and specialize in the planning and delivery of projects like this. Will
  2. What happened to skydivers having a thick skin? What's hilarious about this thread is that ZoeJD instantly got all bent out of shape with the first line of SB's reply (despite it seeming completely fair to me), but missed the unbelievably good advice contained after. Using skydiving as a tool to help get out of depression is fantastic, but the reality is that you can't do it forever, or even all the time you might want to. Having a backup plan to ensure you don't crash hard if you have to stop and are susceptible to depression is critically important.
  3. There have been crossbraced speedwings - The BioAir Ski'M and the GLX, to name but 2.
  4. Name one person who was killed because they did a high hook and their canopy collapsed specifically because of it. Provide me the URL to the USPA fatality report. I'm guessing ChrisD is rambling about toggle-whipping, as no other type of high-speed approach would leave a canopy under-pressurized after the turn or would be done at those altitudes. As usual he's best ignored. Regardless, there HAVE been a number of fatalities from canopies collapsing at various altitudes during a high speed landing, so he's right about that. Star Ruiz Bardavio in 2015 jumps to mind as one.
  5. It's also not the brightest idea in the world and we probably shouldn't encourage it. Sure, 5 or 6 years ago when we started we used skydiving wings but there are now so many specialist speedflying wings available, and there are so many people with experience who can loan you one and teach you how to use it that I wouldn't recommend someone just goes up a hill with their skydiving wing. You wouldn't use a skydiving wing for base jumping, would you? Still, that is some particularly sweet soaring in the video. Stuff paragliders are taught to do as a matter of course but is foreign to most skydivers; and I couldn't agree more about the teaching value of kiting ANY wing.
  6. Getting in front of the big spinny whirlygigs of death is always a dumb thing to do.
  7. Maybe the mods split it from that thread? Although it seems pertinent to the incident.
  8. What are you smoking? There are precisely 0 posts on the front page of this forum about checking in after jumping. None. Zilch. Nada. Even if there were, the fact that you simply haven't traveled enough to encounter the need wouldn't negate the need to talk about it anyway.
  9. You were told to follow the person before you in the briefing despite the DZ rule was follow the first down? Somehow I doubt that.
  10. I miss static line. Good times!
  11. A land owner attempting to confiscate my personal property, or having me arrested for trespassing in that situation would result in a very interesting interaction. If I land off, I am very apologetic and diplomatic. I support a DZ fine system where off landings result in a $5-$10 drop in the fine jar that gets spent on the neighbors at Christmas in some fashion to keep up relations. But if they want to be an ass, I will rise to the challenge. We really need a rolling eyes emoticon.
  12. I'm not convinced by this advice. A Dropzone will point out hazardous landing areas - lakes, shooting ranges, freeways etc, and tell you 'DON'T LAND THERE' but shouldn't ever bring the disposition of the land owner into the discussion unless they pose a direct hazard themselves. Once you have that information picking where you're going to land is up to you based on exactly where you are in the sky. Imagine these situations: By landing out you're already putting yourself in a more dangerous situation than normal. If at the back of your mind you've got a little voice saying 'I CAN land in this field but the owner is going to be cross... so I'll just make it over that barn to the one where the owner is a friend of the DZ.' then you're much more likely to make a bad decision. You have a mal and get your reserve out low. If a low experience jumper has been told that there are preferred outs then they may make a low turn or fly over hazards just to try and reach one of those. Once you decide that you're landing out your single priority is landing safely. Anything that happens after that you can deal with.
  13. About as well as a melon What sort of melon? One that bounces about 5 feet at terminal.
  14. You need to be a little clearer what you're looking for. Is there a way for a civilian to just make a big freefall jump as their first jump? No. Not that I'm aware of. There are good reasons for that. Can you jump out of an aircraft on your own as part of a course that teaches you to skydive? Absolutely - it's called static line, BUT you're not going into freefall as such. Your parachute will be pulled automatically by a line that connects to the aircraft. Look at it this way: Tandem: An instructor is there to help you through freefall and canopy flight. AFF: Instructors will help you through freefall, but you're on your own under canopy. Static line: There's no freefall but you exit the plane on your own and under canopy.