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  1. Money Weather Money again.
  2. What happened to skydivers having a thick skin? What's hilarious about this thread is that ZoeJD instantly got all bent out of shape with the first line of SB's reply (despite it seeming completely fair to me), but missed the unbelievably good advice contained after. Using skydiving as a tool to help get out of depression is fantastic, but the reality is that you can't do it forever, or even all the time you might want to. Having a backup plan to ensure you don't crash hard if you have to stop and are susceptible to depression is critically important.
  3. There have been crossbraced speedwings - The BioAir Ski'M and the GLX, to name but 2.
  4. yoink

    Skydive or BASE jump?

    I don't think there's any such thing as 'Heli-base'. If there was I'd associate it with 'Heli-ski' where a helicopter drops you off at the exit point. BASE jumping is defined by the object exited from (i.e. a fixed object), not the gear you're using or the height you open at. It wasn't long ago that people were jumping off cliffs and using skydiving gear. That doesn't make them 'skydives'. They were BASE jumps. If you'd posted the video on here saying 'look what I got up to!' you'd be getting everyone saying it was a cool jump, but by even trying to raise the question that you were BASE jumping to make it even cooler(!) it just cheapens the whole thing. I think that's why you're getting the push-back.
  5. yoink

    Skydive or BASE jump?

    It's a skydive. Of course it is. You jumped out of a helicopter... I've jumped out of a number of helicoptors and none of those were BASE jumps either. I don't understand how this is even a question? No matter how much you want to call it a BASE jump it isn't one. If any BASE jumpers were saying it is then they were humoring you because you were probably being weird and insistent about it.
  6. yoink

    Boeing 737 MAX problems

    You've got to wonder how the hell a plane that was out of control due to a systems malfunction and required intervention by a passenger can be flying again the next day with a full load of passengers. "The FAA last week said it planned to mandate changes in the system to make it less likely to activate when there is no emergency. The agency and Boeing said they are also going to require additional training and references to it in flight manuals." Awesome. Another cludge.
  7. What are the user numbers looking like on the back end? Maybe it's just me, but it looks like a whole bunch of people who I've not seen around here in ages have been posting more after the update.
  8. yoink

    Boeing 737 MAX problems

    I'm actually surprised that the FAA haven't jumped on this and it's really suspicious to me. Pretty much all other major aviation authorities have either grounded the 737 MAX or banned it from their airspace... Every single EU member state, India, China, Canada, Iraq - the list goes on and on. Look at the attached image: This morning there were only 33 737 MAX's flying and none of them were going to destinations outside the US.
  9. I’ve never understood the point of posts like these, on any forum. Its a free world. Nobody is making you post here so if you don’t like it anymore just move on. Why make a ‘thing’ about it??
  10. I disagree with the ability to have inline GIFs - at least in any forum except The Bonfire. They make for lazy forum posts.
  11. Having a ‘hover over to access’ functionality on a site that has been designed with mobile users in mind is a bit of a mistake. How do you hover when using a touchscreen?
  12. yoink

    Spiraling In The Holding Area

    Name one person who was killed because they did a high hook and their canopy collapsed specifically because of it. Provide me the URL to the USPA fatality report. I'm guessing ChrisD is rambling about toggle-whipping, as no other type of high-speed approach would leave a canopy under-pressurized after the turn or would be done at those altitudes. As usual he's best ignored. Regardless, there HAVE been a number of fatalities from canopies collapsing at various altitudes during a high speed landing, so he's right about that. Star Ruiz Bardavio in 2015 jumps to mind as one.
  13. yoink

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Likewise! Hope everyone has a cracking Christmas and gets a little relaxation time!
  14. yoink

    Ground Launching

    It's also not the brightest idea in the world and we probably shouldn't encourage it. Sure, 5 or 6 years ago when we started we used skydiving wings but there are now so many specialist speedflying wings available, and there are so many people with experience who can loan you one and teach you how to use it that I wouldn't recommend someone just goes up a hill with their skydiving wing. You wouldn't use a skydiving wing for base jumping, would you? Still, that is some particularly sweet soaring in the video. Stuff paragliders are taught to do as a matter of course but is foreign to most skydivers; and I couldn't agree more about the teaching value of kiting ANY wing.
  15. yoink


    That was my experience, as well. Horrible texture coupled with the fact that I grew up in So. Cal., where they are garden pests, make them very unattractive. Don’t see them as pests, more as readily available free protein. Starve them for a few days and then give the lettuce until you’re ready to cook them. If you’re gentle with the cooking and can make garlic butter they’re as good as any in a restaurant but much, much cheaper.
  16. yoink


    They’re ok. Pretty bland on their own and basically just a vehicle for garlic butter. To be honest I feel the same way about lobster, too.
  17. yoink

    Homeless Housing: Community Village

    Here’s another solution being taken to Thailand by a young engineer. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-46300790
  18. Getting in front of the big spinny whirlygigs of death is always a dumb thing to do.
  19. yoink

    Any plumbers here?

    Can't you take it back to the store for a refund? Nah. It was a custom piece.
  20. Maybe the mods split it from that thread? Although it seems pertinent to the incident.
  21. What are you smoking? There are precisely 0 posts on the front page of this forum about checking in after jumping. None. Zilch. Nada. Even if there were, the fact that you simply haven't traveled enough to encounter the need wouldn't negate the need to talk about it anyway.
  22. yoink

    Ban period?

    You were told to follow the person before you in the briefing despite the DZ rule was follow the first down? Somehow I doubt that.
  23. yoink

    Any plumbers here?

    Yeah, I found a flange with a wider diameter which let me get bolts to the subfloor. Worse news is that the glass panel I bought doesn’t fit my tile job. I did it in the wrong order... should have bought the glass to fit the tiles, not trt to do it the other way round. DOH! Anyone have any use for an 80x53” piece of 1/2” low-iron tempered glass? Going cheap!
  24. yoink

    Any plumbers here?

    Well that post has come a few hours too late! I used silicone sealant rather than a traditional caulk. Should be easy enough to cut through and I deliberately left a gap at the back just in case there is ever a leak I'll spot it there.
  25. yoink

    Any plumbers here?

    It has a plastic flange already embedded in it - makes it almost self-centering to the sewer drain.