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  1. The ability to redistrict like that is just utterly broken. It feels like it should be illegal to do that and totally disenfranchise the people who won’t vote for you. After burning the electoral college down, gerrymandering needs to be the next thing to go.
  2. https://www.npr.org/2022/11/17/1137265843/elon-musk-fires-employee-by-tweet "We are looking at one of the worst financial transactions in history, and possibly one of the worst executives in history." The fuller quote: "Musk's new belief that employees should take a "hardcore" approach to work is likely going to make things worse, Zitron said. "There's so much research out there that says if you overwork people, it literally kills them," he said. "And now he's turning to the remaining people, many of whom I'm sure have terrible survivor's guilt, who have to sit there and work these obscene hours to build products that they know will probably not generate the money that Elon Musk needs to keep employing them. We are looking at one of the worst financial transactions in history, and possibly one of the worst executives in history."" Worth a read.
  3. And then there's the 'workers must commit to working long hours at high intensity' email that just went out.... https://www.bbc.com/news/business-63648505 "Elon Musk has told Twitter staff that they must commit to working "long hours at high intensity" or else leave the company, according to reports." and " "This will mean working long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade," he said. Workers were told that they needed to click on a link by 17:00 EST on Thursday, if they want to be "part of the new Twitter"." I used to work for a guy like this - an absolute workaholic. He thought because he had no life and was working 16 hour days then it was normal for everyone else to as well, and would get pissed if I wasn't answering phone calls at 4am. Musk is going to have people leaving Twitter in droves.
  4. Buying a company, firing half the staff then hiring a bunch of those staff back doesn’t look like a plan. And yes, Twitter might survive, but I think it’ll be because Musk gets lucky in one of his impromptu ideas working, not because he’s a particular genius. Infinite monkeys, and all that.
  5. The democrats need to find who’s running for them, fast. Biden is a certain loss, I think. I’m furious they haven’t been developing a candidate over the last 2 years and have been resting on their laurels. Harris has been a complete non-entity and unless they find someone who can compete with DeSantis and Trump in terms of personality and charisma they’re going to lose badly in 2024.
  6. Don’t forget her stated plan to take a flamethrower to all those pesky EU human rights laws that came from our time with Europe. ‘You know what will help the poor? 20 hour working days!!! And no unions!!’
  7. It's the 'confront absolutely everyone about their beliefs' or 'ignore absolutely everyone' absolutism that's weird to me. You can and should treat different groups differently. I honestly think Winsor doesn't understand the concept of equality as it's discussed pertaining to social rights. If I know someone is cheating a bit on their taxes that makes them a criminal, but I'd still probably talk to them at a social event if they were there. If someone rocked up in a full KKK outfit to a PTA meeting I'd treat them differently.
  8. When encountering someone with a rainbow tattoo I ignore it completely and behave as I would with any other person. When I encounter someone with a swastika tattoo I don’t talk to them and leave BECAUSE THEY’RE A BLOODY NAZI and proud of it. The two aren’t even remotely equivalent. Your perception that they are is warped.
  9. Hey. Sanity check time. This is where we are. This is a tweet from a professional politician advocating murder of federal agents. FBI, IRS, ATF, whatever. If you can read this tweet and not go ‘however we got here, it’s fucked up and it needs to stop’ then you’re part of the problem.
  10. The document revealed that papers uncovered there were marked top secret, and some were so sensitive that they are only meant to be viewed in protected government facilities And I bet you STILL nothing happens.
  11. I really need to transition into gun manufacturing and design. The money in it is insane.
  12. GOOD! 5% is better than 0%! Thats 22,000 people that would have lived last year. Lets start with something and improve, eh?
  13. You’d kinda hope that inciting an insurrection and attempting to overthrow democracy would have been that point, but you know,… ‘MURICA.
  14. Holy shit. Right now in biotech in San Diego the STARTING salary for just about the most junior scientist position (RA) is $50-$60k. And that’s with a single undergraduate degree.
  15. I'm baffled and disgusted that you can somehow reason your way to this sentence. You could have the worst parents in the world - Ones teaching their kids to go out and fuck anything moving as soon as possible and you know who bears the responsibility if that happens? THE FUCKING RAPIST. The person sick enough to perform a criminal act on a child. It's not something you can pass off by saying 'oh, I didn't know it was wrong!' or 'but she wanted it!' Jesus fucking Christ.
  16. The United States! A country based on a shared constitution that aligns every state and codifies shared freedoms and restrictions. Apart from this freedom. And that one. Oh and that. Certainly not that. All of those are completely different depending on where you live. Can we just be done with pretending we're a country already?
  17. We REALLY need a sarcasm font.
  18. I’ve never deliberately spanked my son, but I’ve swatted him a couple of times in the heat of the moment and have regretted it both times. That is me failing as a parent. There are far far FAR more effective parenting methods imo, but it does take more effort. I also think Jakee hit the nail on the head - the kids who are really spoiled are the ones who act out. And that’s on the parents. Spank them. Edit - the measurement of patenting is tough. Our kid is 5 and we continually get told by strangers that he's polite and well behaved. I don't think that's soley down to how we discipline him, but also down to how we educate him and how he sees us treat each other and people around us. It's not a simple equation.
  19. Sorry, my knowledge of acronyms sucks. ( or maybe my memory!) BNF? At the time it was mostly linguistics, pure maths and programming. The latter was stuff like Fortran, Prolog and LISP. It was not the ability to build robots and take over the world that 18yo me imagined.
  20. I’d be interested to see those. Because I studied AI in it’s infancy about 21 years ago at UMIST, and back then the current thinking was that it was ALL about grammar and language. That’s why we studied linguistics as a big part of that degree. What was the purpose of the algorithms you developed, and how successful were they?
  21. You can't have a legitimate Federal election where the rules of the individual elections that make up the result are different for each state. For any conclusion that is based upon a set of data you HAVE to have a consistent set of rules to play by if the result is going to be valid. You can't have one set of data being generated in a different way to the others because it invalidates the whole data pool. That's what the supreme court is TRYING to do. Do you really want to live in an America where every single election is rife with deliberate manipulation?
  22. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2022/06/supreme-court-dangerous-independent-state-legislature-theory.html The beginning of the end, folks. The goal of the supreme court is to abolish democracy under the bullshit guise of ‘state rights’, it’s as simple as that. When states can deliberately manipulate election voting parameters to force a particular outcome or (another case they’ve agreed to hear) call elections invalid if there’s a ‘suspicion’ of voter fraud and then declare their own result, democracy and the Great Experiment is dead. Completely and utterly. And you republicans might cheer at this. The crying libs got owned. Fuck the Democrats and AOC!! But you know what history has taught us about dictatorships? It’s not the fucking rubes like you that come off well from it… You’re nothing more than a vehicle to power that will get used up and tossed to the side when you’re no longer useful. The last presidency proved that. I hope everyone is planning an out.
  23. It's been a few years, but that's not how I remember the first amendment going.
  24. End of the Trump era? In your dreams. Even if he’s not directly involved in politics in the next few years (and I think he will be) the damage he’s done to societal norms will be felt for decades, if not longer.
  25. Cassidy who? Never met her, Fake news. She may have fetched coffee once.