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  1. I say the same thing on this that I said when Trump did it. It’s inappropriate and demeans the office. At least Biden has the grace to sound embarrassed about it. I don’t think this displays the aggression the democrats need to win. I want political aggression, not schoolyard name calling.
  2. The sad thing is that as far as R are concerned, 2020 was a demo. A draft.A practice run. It showed that PARTS of the plan can work. next time it will be better orchestrated, and more successful. I’m aghast that so far nothing has be substantially done by the Democrats to prevent it ever happening again.
  3. yoink


    Antivax Czech singer deliberately contracts Covid to gain natural immunity. Says she is recovering. Dies 2 days later. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-60050996 *shrug. Can’t fix stupid.
  4. yoink


    I learnt a new word today!
  5. yoink


    If insurance was YOUR business, you’d simply pay all the expenses of any of your customers, regardless of the specifics of the policy? Out of the goodness of your heart? You’ve had a car accident? Sorry to hear that. Oh, you were driving on a race course? Then your standard auto policy doesn’t cover that. You need an additional high-risk coverage for that… but let me pay it anyway. Of course you wouldn’t. Just like skydiving is an additional coverage, so should Covid treatment be. With hospitalization and ICU care costing a fortune, and the data showing that if you’re unvaccinated you’re (what was it?) 15x(?) more likely to be hospitalized then it’s perfectly in line with the shitty business model of American health insurance to require specific coverage for the treatment of a current pandemic virus. PARTICULARLY if that requirement is preventative care.
  6. yoink


    And their insurance should refuse to cover them. Don't do a yearly check up? We can't renew your insurance. Don't see your doctor after a course of prescription drugs? We're not going to cover renewing it. Those things already exist. Don't get preventative care for Covid? Then you're not covered for covid treatment. It's simple. Even IF you survive, you're likely to be bankrupt. Good.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-59649066 100 degree heat recorded in the Arctic. There are WILDFIRES up there, which is bizzarre to think about.
  8. Free gun with every school registration! Sign up early for the 2022 year and receive a bonus magazine!!
  9. yoink


    This whole thread (in fact, this whole pandemic) has shown just how poor the average ability to use basic maths or analyse data really is, imo.
  10. I hope there's a bit more calculation behind it than just yeeting stuff.
  11. I've always been a big believer in something like the SpinLaunch concept for repeatable moon launches. Forget any sort of chemical propellant and have a reusable, solar powered launch system up there. Obviously, this is way out there for a permanent moon presence though.
  12. yoink


    Deliberate and malicious ignorance. Shown here at its finest. ‘I take all the vaccines! I wear five masks based on the science! But let me tell you why they all suck and all the data about them are lies and you shouldn’t listen to any of it.’ PA removed.
  13. yoink


    And there you hit on the philosophical differences between people. 'My freedoms' vs ''sacrifice' for others'. (and 'sacrifice' is in BIG fucking inverted commas).
  14. yoink


    Tell that to a colleague of mine who's 7 year old is now paralysed from complications from catching Covid. Another friend has permanent loss of taste and smell - can you imagine how much less enjoyable life is like that? I think you're dramatically underestimating the imapct of long term covid symptoms - something we're still figuring out.
  15. yoink


    You have a 100% chance of being shot when entering a room. I offer you a 40% chance not to be. Do you take it, or do you go 'nah. That's abysmal. I'm waiting for the 99.99% offer.'? And who exactly is resting on their laurels? I can guarentee you that the pharma industry continues to pour billions into further research on treatments for new covid strains, if only because it will make them even more in the future. Of course everyone is hoping that what happens next is better. You're arguing against positions that noone is taking.