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  1. Who is your suit from? I am definitely one of the anvil girls too. I am in the process of getting gear to help me fly better, right now I am in the 150 mph range when trying to slow down. I am still a newbie, super excited that there is a tunnel being built really close to my office. Also trying to drop some of the extra weight. Fast is fun, but it would be nice to spend more than 40 seconds in freefall.
  2. Did you have any of these documents with you? I am assuming you didn't and that they only had your word to go on? I would make sure the next time you have all of the documentation with you to show. When I flew with my rig I got pulled aside on the way home, once I showed them the Vigil xray card they let me through.
  3. Back in the news today ASHBURN, Va. — Thrill-seekers looking for an alternative to leaping from an airplane will soon be able to fly in a more controlled environment. By February 2016, customers of the iFly Indoor Skydiving center will take flight in its 45-foot tall, glass-encased cylindrical wind tunnel in Loudoun County. “It’s wall-to-wall air flow,” says Patrick Framel, vice president of development. “You can fly to the left, you can fly to the right, you can fly up near the top — you will not fall off that column of air.” The three-story building is several weeks into construction, and will eventually be outfitted with four huge fans in its ceiling, which will keep fliers airborne. “It’s exactly like a free-flowing sky dive,” says Framel. “I’ve done 500 sky-dives from an airplane — if you close your eyes inside that chamber you can’t tell the difference.” The facility is being built along Virginia Route 7 adjacent to the new Top Golf, less than a mile from the One Loudoun development. County government and business leaders were on hand Tuesday morning for an official groundbreaking. In an area stocked with offices parks, “what you didn’t have was real entertainment, unique entertainment, that would draw you to Loudoun – not something you could get in Anywhere, USA,” says Taylor Chess, president of development for Peterson Companies. The company and its affiliates operate at 37 locations with 13 more currently under construction. Framel says fliers have ranged in age between 3 and 103. All will have an instructor present until they demonstrate mastery of skills needed for safe flying. Most initially learn to fly on their torsos, says Framel. “The first thing you learn from your flight instructor is stability,” he says. “You learn the body position before you get in the chamber, and you’ll learn to fly in a stable position.” “Next you’ll learn to fly forward and backward by moving your arms and legs and to spin around.” After displaying proficiency, customers can fly with their friends in the chamber, he says. Chess expects the project will continue Loudoun County’s attempt to offer more than expanding residential communities. “What it needs is more entertainment and other reasons to stay here in Loudoun, as opposed to feeling you need to go into D.C. or Tysons,” he says. The price for a first-time flyer package is expected to start around $69 and includes two flights, training, gear and flight instruction with a certified instructor. Family and group/special event packages will also be available.
  4. any specific location? Blue Ridge Skydive Adventures does IAD training, its beautiful there this time of year!
  5. Two renderings of the site. First is looking at the site from Rte 7 (there is a little image on the bottom right showing where the image location is rendered from) Second image is the side of the property closest to Loudoun Co Pkwy
  6. Right at the intersection of Rte 7 and Loudoun County Parkway. It will be backed up against Rte 7, right next to the new Top Golf. I saw a rendering of the site from the developer, I will see if I can find it again and post the picture
  7. Are you saying you think a flat turn of at least 90 degrees at 50 feet should be accomplished by a normal toggle turn (pull left turn left)
  8. Concrete work in the hole. There is also a second concrete pad on the backside near Rte 7, can't get a picture of it though.
  9. resurrecting an old thread, are you guys still jumping these? do you jump the EP3 (filtered) or the EP5 (solid?)
  10. Construction is chugging right along... So far there is a construction trailer, a concrete pad, and a large hole into which I shall pour my money... The construction guys were definitely wondering why I was taking pictures!
  11. I agree with you about openings, I had one or two on my PD that left some bruises, so the idea of opening easy is a good one!
  12. Thank you for your thoughts! I have been thinking about trying a Spectre, or a Silhouette, due to the flatter glide, but wanted to see what else was out there that I hadn't considered. I will look into the Safire2. I agree that those characteristics are more student or conservative. I am hoping that resale won't be awful, since I am on a larger canopy and maybe would sell to someone coming off of student status. I plan on logging a good many jumps with this canopy, for sure! I just have zero desire to have a "zippy" canopy, as I jump just for pure fun, and floating around under my sky barge is plenty fun for me!
  13. I have jumped a Sabre 2, Navigator, and PD canopies. LOVED the flat glide of the PD, and the slow approach speed. Was not a fan of the Sabre2, didn't like how the end cells never opened, and was never able to dial in the two stage flare. I am planning a new rig for myself, and am trying to narrow down which canopies are most like what I am looking for. Slower on approach, flatter glide, good solid flare, but not "touchy". I like being under canopy, and am looking for something solid to get me safely back on the ground. Current out the door weight is 240. I am looking in the 230 size range for my comfort level. Thanks in advance
  14. as a follow up to this one, even if he gets through training and gets his license, trying to jump while falling like a cannonball just isn't as fun. I have this issue, currently compounded by extra weight from having just had a baby, and it is one of the primary reasons I haven't returned to the sky yet. It isn't always fun falling super fast, yet all alone.