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  1. photognat

    Sony a6300 for video

    For video it's rubbish. 4k has really bad RS, 1080p is super soft. The a6000 has better 1080p, or get an RX10ii if you want sharp 1080/120 and excellent 4k/30.
  2. photognat

    a6000 Cage and Remote Support

    Can't find the photo right now but the other simpler/cheaper/lighter option is to get a box of Plastimorph and make a little plastic spacer that hugs the cable and is held in place with a rubber band around the camera so that the cable is pulled tight and doesn't wiggle at all. For belly it's not necessary IMO but for WS/FF it's a good idea. Also I've tried a few cables and some of them fit a bit loose inside the multi port. FWIW my Skyswitch fits the tightest by far. The cage adds a bit of weight but it does offer some protection and lets you do silly stuff like this if you happen to forget your camera helmet :)
  3. photognat

    FAA class 3 medical. After a marijuana possession

    You'd have to list it on item 18w of the medical form and then it'd be pushed up the chain for review. If you were getting a medical to get into GA you may want to talk to an aviation lawyer first. It might cost a bit but it's definitely doable. Otherwise if it's just to be a TI, just send in the form and wait for them to contact you for clarification. They may want to see some kind of psychiatric evaluation or a few drug tests to see if you're a regular user. If you're just asking for a 3rd class I don't think the FAA cares as much, but it'll probably still take a few months.
  4. photognat

    Sony NEX-C3 remote switch

    The C3 doesn't have a remote release port. You can either sell it or hack it up if you're good with soldering:
  5. photognat

    Sony A5100 Fisheye Adapter

    I wouldn't trust that attached to the 16-50 PZ. Something's gonna snap. The 16mm pancake would be a better choice.
  6. photognat

    New Canon camera 1DX-II

    4K 60P is awesome and M-JPEG maintains great image quality but it's freaking huge: 800 Mbps (6GB/minute) is gonna get old really fast unless you're shooting a commercial. Also only partial readout in 4K, so your full frame is now APS-C. And since no 5D series has had 4K yet, it's unlikely that the 5D IV will have 4K 60p. It's more likely to be 4K 30p, and for that you're better off with an A7SII/A7RII with sensor stabilization (which the 5D IV won't have) or $1,000 for an NX1 with digital stabilization (which works pretty damn well). And all 3 of those do full sensor readout for 4K.
  7. photognat

    Sugru against snag hazards?

    Works great. Get Instamorph instead of Sugru, though. The plastic is better for this and it's way cheaper.
  8. photognat

    Sony A6000 for tandem?

    I use an A6000 for sky, BASE, and paragliding/speedflying. It works great. I have the 16mm pancake as well as the 0.75x adapter for a 12mm equivalent, which is close to a Gopro perspective. The 16mm pancake is fair bit sharper and has more contrast than the kit lens. More importantly, it's tiny and doesn't move when you focus or zoom. The kit lens extends and is kinda flimsy. I use Martin/Exit Equipment's tongue switch with a hacked up release cable ( that I converted to be a right angle micro USB plug. Martin's cable is the best, but it's kinda pricey. The A6000's 1080/60p is gorgeous and the AF for stills or video is the best I've found for this application. Highly recommended.
  9. photognat


    These guys are great. I walked in with my rig for the first time, was manifested within 10 minutes, and then got pulled onto the staff fun jump load right after. The hangar is cozy and clean, the King Air is crazy fast, very comfortable, and it's got speakers, and everyone's very friendly. My daughter ran out into the peas after I landed and no one yelled at her for going past the cones. Score!