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  1. you might want to put a day and time frame if you are looking to share a ride. Scott C.
  2. Can the schedule be posted to show the days of the Performance and Artistic events...
  3. sdctlc

    Contour Software

    How To Upgrade ROAM1 into ROAM2.. I was having trouble just recently with my Contour Roam Ver 1 (model 1600) FW version 1.1 It started getting a error and would stop recording in the middle of a record. Turn it on and it would just beep. Card (16GB) only half full so ended up having to reset a few times to trick it into working and was going to just get a new one cheap online so I figured I might as well play with this one some. Looking online I ran across this firmware upgrade and after reading a bit more decided what the hell. It was super easy and the below steps worked. Be sure to reformat the card while in the camera after the Firmware update. I now see all the extra lighting features (though it still sucks in low light so I should play with that some more) and I have Action HD which is 720p at 60fps which was not in the Roam 1 Software. Storyteller will see it as a Contour 2 Roam. If you would like to Upgrade your FW to 2.16, which is the one the Contour ROAM2 uses (it includes 60fps recording and many more upgrades), here are the steps. *Go to the contour homepage and download the current Contour2 Firmware V2.16 *Download Firmware V2.16 -> you get the file "ContourRoam2.bin" *Rename the file to "ContourRoam.bin" *Plug the ContourROAM1 camera into your computer using a USB cable. Check to see that the Record slider is not in the forward (or ON) position. Once connected, the Battery LED on the ContourROAM1 will turn red and the camera will appear as an external USB device on your computer. *On your computer, navigate to the camera which is mounted as an external storage device. *Copy the ContourROAM.bin file that you downloaded and renamed in Step 2 to the camera's microSD card. Do not put it in any subfolders on the camera's microSD card. *On the microSD card of the camera will be a file called FW_RTC.txt. The file may be hidden and you may need to enable the ability to view hidden files in your computer's settings. Open the FW_RTC.txt file with a text editor application. *Near the top of the file is a line of text that reads `UPDATE_FW:N'. Change the `N' to a `Y' so it appears as `UPDATE_FW:Y' and save the file. This will instruct your camera to update the firmware when it next starts up. *Unplug the camera from your computer. *Press and release the Status Button. The camera will beep and the Memory and Battery LEDs will flash while the update is in progress. When the update is completed the camera will beep again and turn off. *If the camera keeps beeping after pressing the Status Button, just format the SD Card once again, holding the format button with a clip for 15 seconds. *That's it, now you have all Roam2 functions on your Roam1 including 720p with 60 FPS. *If you want, open the StoryTeller App on your PC and check if a Contour Roam2 will be recognized under "Devices". Worked great so if any of you are using the Roam, this might be something to look at doing. Scott C.
  4. sdctlc

    Can anybody identify this suit type

    Looks like a Raptor from Tony Suits. Scott C.
  5. sdctlc

    Canadian Wingsuit Record Set

    Not a HUGE formation but absolutely a great start. As I told everyone that was participating, it might get broken but nobody can take away the fact that this group set the FIRST Canadian record for the CSPA. The Judges that were on site and showed a high interest in learning about WS'ing and requested some time to ask questions. They were genuinely interested in learning more and I was happy to oblige and think it was fantastic for them to be interested in getting more knowledge on this discipline. The entire weekend was filled with lots of learning on Flocking and included lots of Fun by all. If you have not been Eden North near Edmonton Alberta, it is a very nice facility with a great staff and DZO... A big thanks out to them and the ASPA for support over the weekend. Lots of pictures can be seen at: Scott C.
  6. sdctlc

    Sfly Fleet (and Fury soon)

    Looks like a cross between a Ghost3 / Havok (size looks in between the 2 but w/o grips) and S-Bird leg wing. Scott C.
  7. sdctlc

    What about S BIRD?

    Personally I loive my S-Bird. I find it is very comparable with the V series. Some say it might be a little slower forward but the float I find to be better. That said you can get it to go very fast forward as well. Really good I find also in Flocks. Try one if you really want to compare the two suits. I consider them in the same class just below the super big suits (X's, Apache and Venom suits) Try and decide for yourself if you can. Scott C.
  8. sdctlc

    Skydive Elsinore Distance Challenge

    I think you should have a 2 man team vertical distance challenge
  9. sdctlc

    S&M Bird!

    Nice! Sounds like your collecting suits...
  10. sdctlc

    V3 Hacky Handle?

    Search Hackey in WS forum and there are numerous hits. Here is one to save some time,;post=1503247;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25; You will find a lot of people use a hackey with out having had any issues but it has been implicated in some issues in the past. Will it cause a problem, not necessarily but read up and swapping it off for a different option is easy if you decide to switch Scott C.
  11. sdctlc


    send a message to "Stephanie Pinnell" she should be able to get you set up.. Scott C.
  12. sdctlc

    Stand alone cd/dvd burners?

    I have an earlier version of this that works well when I need to throw pictures or raw video onto a disk. easy and has all the needed card slots or can hook a camera directly to it.. Just an option as I think there are some other things as well..