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  1. Looking at the remote multi terminal attachment on the a6000, it looks a little weak. Trying to decide if it is worth it to get a cage and the support to hold the connection secure? Looking at the Small Rig cage. Curious if anybody has found that this is needed? Thoughts and any pictures are appreciated. seems pretty cheap insurance but curious thoughts of those that might be using this. Thanks Scott "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  2. sdctlc

    Pilot 7

    I love my Pilot7 for sure. I flew a Sabre for years as I never found a canopy for WS that I liked more. The Pilot7 gives me the opening I want with a wingsuit (big or small), on heading and positive but not hard at all. Good ability to get back from a long spot for sure. Super fun to fly and not at all what I expected when I first started jumping them for landing flare, very strong. I have a 137 but would be comfortable going down a size with its performance. That said, if you don't want to go smaller, you can basically go a size bigger in your existing rig if you get the LPV Bottom skin ZPX top skin option. As a bonus and not wanting to be stuck with multiple rigs for different types of jumps, I also use it for non wingsuit jumps and the opening are very good from "normal" freefall. Get a demo.. Why did not not jump one at FnD??? They were there ready to go... Silly Professor...... Scott #flyaerodyne #pilot7 "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  3. i shoot with the 16mm also. great lense! i have used it for over the top wingsuit record formations and close ups. couldnt be happier. that thing focuses like nobodys business! What switch are you using? I am looking to get a different still set up for 2017... thanks Scott "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  4. To each their own. I use my Pilot7 135 LPV hybrid on belly jumps quite often and have had fantastic openings. Go figure.. That is why I say to try a canopy.. "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  5. Lots of different views so try the canopy you are interested in before you buy, if possible. Don't forget to try the Pilot 7 as it has gotten lots of great reviews as well from numerous people. Each canopy has pros and you have to find the best fit for you. Scott "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  6. Congrats to all that were on the 33 and 42. Then a few months after that it will be replaced with a 61 way... (I think the 2 successful 50 ways wont be turned in) Taking nothing away from the previous Jumps, these are just recognized by the FAI.... Keep pushing forward.. Scott "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  7. Well then, that is a much clearer question compared to what is "closest" What are you looking for as that might be a help to point you in a direction. For example If you are looking for inexpensive jumps then Lodi would be your choice. "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  8. Go to the Dropzone Page on dzdotcom and search.. "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  9. "The couple of seconds you might gain opening your wings early out the door don't really mean much if you hit the tail..." "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  10. webbies!! Fun.... "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  11. Travis was the overall winner with a Rebel III 4.3 points separated the top 5 out of a total possible of 300 with 287.6 down to 283.3 Top 5 and the suits used Travis -> Rebel III Noah -> C-Race Chris -> C-Race Julian -> Jedei 2 Scott -> Jedei 2 Scott C. "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"
  12. that is a Prision.. The "Washington Corrections Center",-123.1626101,5429m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0x0:0xfb836b403fc0ff69!2sSanderson+Field!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0x3e035419c6ecc90e!6m1!1e1 Dont land there... Scott C. "He who Hesitates Shall Inherit the Earth!"