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  1. Niiiiice Sirob!!! Working perfectly! thank you very much!
  3. Hi Sirob, I don't see it in my gauge toolbox. Can you copy past it here? just click on it and drag it here or explorer so i can use it. Thank you very much ;)
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to find the way to display the total speed on dashware. Not the verticale neither horizontal but total. I can see the value in "analys by time" tab, but i cannot display it. Any clues? Thanks in advance
  5. plaiskool64


    They have a dornier so the load are very very fast!Leeloo is working hard to bring us up ASAP. Facilities are like the landing Area: Huge! Swiming pool, bar, restaurant, room on the DZ!
  6. plaiskool64


    4 stars for the good vibes.
  7. i Got the freak2 now, will put couple of jumps on it and then try to find a strix to fly as well so i will be able to compare.
  8. Guys have you tried the multiple selectable mode? """"To change which configuration file is being used, toggle your FlySight on-off-on quickly""""" Is it working for you? For me it's only playing the original config file sound.
  9. Thanks! i know it's kind of sensitive with all this marketing shit pros and cons, i just want to have personnal feedbacks, even if they might be not applicable to me because everyone's taste is different
  10. Hey gents, Very curious, Anybody here had a chance to fly both Freak and Strix? Any feedbacks and personnal feelings? Thanks you very much.
  11. Thanks all for feedback and feeling, this what i'm looking for, so i can have my proper's not easy to have possiblities to try them so...
  12. oh yep forgot this one....will check it out as well!
  13. hello guys, didn't see any post on Storm VS Epicene. ANy of you jumped both of them and want to share expericence pros and cons? Thank you.
  14. Thank you Dthames, indeed i didn't see this part about .wav. Still got some loud noise at begining but now it's pretty audible. perfect!
  15. Hey gents, im trying to add new sound on my flysight, the sound is played at startup but very garbled all i can hear is static noise. i know he has to be in .WAV but do i need to have certain option like Kbps or size in Ko? cheers.