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  1. WickedWingsuits

    St Patty’s Fitzgerald wingsuit peeps

    Flock n Dock isn't done, just taking a rest for 2018.
  2. WickedWingsuits

    Freaks, Fogheads, Hunters...oh My!

    Things have moved along in the last 3 years and now we are evolving into more of a "demo" model. We are excited to have now added Squirrel wingsuits to our existing fleet. Last season we added some R Bird Pro suits and now for 2018 we can meet more requests for demo suits, just drop us a line. The high-end race suits might be a challenge but if there is enough demand we will solve the problem. Next project is a website refresh... :)
  3. WickedWingsuits

    Save The Date! Flock 'n' Dock 13 @ Skydive City - March 9 - 12

    T-Shirt sales end on Feb 1st, so if you want one be sure to get your ticket by then!
  4. WickedWingsuits

    Collisions - two in a week

    Not necessarily related to all of these incidents but I have noticed a bad habit amongst newer wingsuiters where they are not turning out of the door. It is my belief that a turn of at least 45 degrees and ideally 90 degrees solves 2 problems for a group: 1) Gets the group off jump run so that if an exit goes bad the group is not underneath the plane. 2) Sets the divers up for success so that they can actually dive instead of having to put brakes on to kill altitude and speed getting back and down to the base. I also think that we have a growing number of 3D formations that could be a factor but if planned correctly shouldn't be. In general we also have more wingsuiters, so therefore there will be more wingsuit incidents too.
  5. WickedWingsuits

    Save The Date! Flock 'n' Dock 12.5 @ CSC - July 7 - 10

    Registration is live! Already 10 folks registered. Really looking forward to bringing the wingsuit love to a Summer venue. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/202277396825970/ Registration: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/flock-n-dock-125-csc-tickets-24943581925?aff=efbneb
  6. WickedWingsuits

    wingsuit nationals?

    There is a US Wingsuit Nationals but just like you I can't find the official info on the USPA website. I emailed some folks there to see if I am missing it. It is at CSC for sure and they have the dates for the entire event listed on their calendar. https://www.skydivecsc.com/events The event will include an Acro and Performance comp, both picking the USPT for World Championship of Performance and World Cup of Acro that will be in Zhills in November. We are organizing a wingsuit event at CSC Jul 7-10 that will include a Performance Camp which will be a great chance to dial in the DZ profiles. I would encourage all capable wingsuiters to go! We need to grow our discipline! Remember, taking part is about fun and learning and not just about getting on the podium. The last event was a great team builder. As an FYI, a Nationals has to be held more than 60 days prior to Worlds to determine the Team. This event is just over 60 days out so the team will be as competitive as possible.
  7. WickedWingsuits

    Data on canopy flight.....

    I log all of my jumps (mostly wingsuit) with a Flysight and I don't turn it off until I land. Heck, sometimes I forget and leave it on for hours! So, I have canopy data but it is from a 150 with a pretty tame landing. Is that what you are looking for? Simon
  8. WickedWingsuits

    Been trying to find a drop zone for thirty years...

    It will help if we know where you live, that could make a big difference to the recommendations you get. You might still be advised to travel somewhere but at least you will get closer options.
  9. WickedWingsuits

    New Canopy for WS

    I would hang tight a few months because I think there will be some interesting WS oriented canopies on the market later in the season. You should include the Epicene in your list also, I have buddies that are happy with it. On another note, if you are in a wingsuit how are you ending up coming up short of the DZ? :)
  10. It is really quite different to density altitude. QNE relates to pressure altitude. I am guessing that the setting on the N3 is to allow you to enter the local pressure which can be obtained from AWOS. QNE is how it referred to outside of the US and it is in millbars(mbar). In the US it is measured in inches of mercury (inHg). I don't know which the N3 expects but it probably changes if you flip between metric and imperial. Density Altitude takes Pressure Altitude and adjusts for temperature and humidity. It isn't an altitude you are at but a "performance" altitude. It does indeed make a difference to canopy and wingsuit performance so you are onto a valid direction there.
  11. WickedWingsuits

    Air to air communication

    I think it sounds great for coaching and team work but the last thing I want on most of my wingsuit flights is to be sociable!
  12. WickedWingsuits

    Flock n Dock 11 - Apr 30 - May 3 2015

    Here is a shorted URL: http://flockndock11.eventbrite.com
  13. WickedWingsuits

    Wicked Wingsuits Wambulance Tour hits the road!

    If you are wondering if it is fun.... http://youtu.be/eGOC866VZ2w
  14. WickedWingsuits

    Altitrack and S-bird

    My advice is you want to invest in a Flysight to get the best idea of your performance. You will get some advice on how to set your alto...but nothing beats the raw data you get from a Flysight. Great suit eh? S Bird is in my top 3 favorite suits.
  15. WickedWingsuits

    tonysuit scorpion v Squirrel colugo

    What are you thinking you would like to use it for?