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  1. Ok, That's why I don't come here that often because arguing with some people that are always around this forums is just pointless. Jarno you are trying to "prove" what suit I was flying and you are so sure and persuasive that you even make me question my self. At this point I really don't know what I was flying so Ill try to find an answer. I invite you to look at the bottom right corner of the picture you keep referring to: Do you notice the Probase water mark? I will guess that that picture was from another event. But you'r probably right, we all know you think you are always right. I have two identical suits, one a BIG MATTRESS wish I love (Apache Jedi) and a smaller one (Apache Scorpion). I switch suits half way in the competition to the Scorpion, I used the smallest suit in the competition. I was hoping that smaller suit with less drag would help me. I really think there is not such a thing as the fastest suit, what can be a fast suit for a pilot with X body type and X weight might not be a fastest suit for another pilot with Y body type and Y weight. I really don't know all the answer and I hope I will never get to the point of expending endless amounts of time pretending to win pointless arguments in a forum. Meanwhile I will be jumping, flying and doing what I love.
  2. Anyway, we are currently off topic. Lodi, is not a WS friendly place anymore. Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  3. Is funny, next time you can go first to the gearshop, buy a logbook, filled up the first page and signed and this would be more valid to them Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  4. We can usually go around the lack of a log book by calling the last DZ you jumped at to verify you're current, instead of needing a log book. However add in a WS and more is required, like a personal interview. For all I know 5800 of your 6300 jumps could have been tandems. A log book would have your FFC signed and dated, as well as other details about your jumps. To be honest it was quite entertaining, It felt like you guys where looking for excuses not to let me jump because I showed up with a WS. The log book: I showed a: D Coach AFF Instructor Pro Two different digital altimeters and even dated video to prove that I was current. I showed web pages where people referred to find Wing Suit instructors, I showed jumps I have participated on, a local WS jumper came to my help and toald the DZ manager and S&TA that I was qualify. The S&TA told that I had to exit while seated, wish I reply that I would be happy to do so. At that point was when the Dz manager started literally crying, shaking and saying that she was going to lose her job. So after waiting for almost 4 hours I decided I had better use of my time. Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  5. Let me enlighten you: 3 Months agoPI went to your dropzone. Few days prior to go to your DZ I call your dropzone and asked about the WS rules. I was informed to come a little early because I would have to be pre-approved. I show up, I was receive by the DZ Manager who called the DZO to come and inspect me he was out of the DZ. I filling up a regular waiver, show my licence and certifications, show my packing card, I was request to show my AAD, I was Request to turn on my AAD, I was request to show that my AAD was not a faulty unit (service Bulletin). After this I was force to proved that I was capable of flying a wing suit. When we got to the logbook I had forgotten my physical logbook, but I keep an electronic logbook in my computer, also I showed my Protrack and Alti track (Their dates match I had jumped a few days ago) I also show a dated video to prove that I was current, also all my licences and ratings where up to date. After doing all this and waiting already for 3 hours and a half for the DZO I decided to leave. My question was simple, why would you have a manager if they can't make decisions? Yes the situation in Lodi sucks, but when WS where allowed you didn't have to get bill to approve you, he had people to do so. Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  6. Getting back to the original question (The mediators of the forum could do a better job keeping in track the conversation instead of letting their bias lead their fingers) Yes WS are ban at lodi, we are experiencing more and more people showing up with high performance WS and not enough jumps under their belt. Also more and more people jumping incorrect set up for their WS needs. This lead to bill to prohibit WS to everyone. I have been trying to get him to consider more strict rules and regulations but it seems like he had had enough with wing suiters. We do a good job in here regulating, there is a good amount of senior WS pilots and we don't experience close call with stabilizer or non of that. People are always looking after each other. But, well you can't fix stupid! When Bill banned WS people quickly transfer to their tracking suits, we had a visitor jumper who was flying her tracking suit and her pattern was not good. She was informed by couple of senior jumpers that she needed to change her patter and try to get closer to the DZ. She end up landing out and hooking her self in. So after this, Bill decided No Tracking Suit either, in fact no tracking jumps either. So as it today: - You can't fly your WS in Lodi - You can track with a tracking suit in Lodi - you can't do tracking dives in Lodi I will be jumping and expanding to other dropzones around the area. More and more jumpers are going to Davis and we had 9 WS pilots the other day during a weekday. I hope this helps Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  7. You guys mean like this? Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  8. boooooo, the fun police :( We are skydivers, we can have a little fun every once in a while Somebody please delete his account. Edited, my comment due to a smart ass remark I did, not knowing that an acronym was in name of an another skydiver. Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  9. So this went viral: Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  10. Here we go guys, Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  11. Hi everyone, HELP our sport, if you have Twitter re-tweet the post below. Let's link @CBSSF with hashtag #poorjournalism. Lets show media that we are not going to allow them to walk all over our sport any more. I'm sick and tired to this sensationalist crap due to the ignorance of journalists and the stupidity of some. Let our voices be heard! Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  12. medusa

    Apache Wingsuit Modifications

    I have done over 700 WS jumps with the handles sticking out of my apache. I have own 4 different apaches and I have never had any issues with two outs, or missing handles. I have had 5 cutaways using this system with no issue what so ever. I have a competent rigger and Im super meticulous in my proces and my checks. Am I the exception? are this examples the rules? I have seen other wing suits with handle problems, handles that get sucked back in, zippers that breaks and so on. Bottom line I'm flying a WS and I know the consequences.
  13. We where all in cable cars going up witnessing some jumpers come underneath us and gaining altitud. Ask any of the competitors of the WWL. People can disagree and use all kind of arguments, but one thing is for sure. We are gaining altitude. Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  14. I know Jeb corliss is getting sustain 140 mph and I do know that Cliff is a super talented WS pilot I know he is completely capable to achieve those speeds. Remember, the fact that you can't do something, dosent necessarily means is impossible. Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  15. Thanks Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456