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  1. medusa

    Apache Wingsuit Modifications

    I have done over 700 WS jumps with the handles sticking out of my apache. I have own 4 different apaches and I have never had any issues with two outs, or missing handles. I have had 5 cutaways using this system with no issue what so ever. I have a competent rigger and Im super meticulous in my proces and my checks. Am I the exception? are this examples the rules? I have seen other wing suits with handle problems, handles that get sucked back in, zippers that breaks and so on. Bottom line I'm flying a WS and I know the consequences.
  2. medusa

    Guinness World Record

    Past WS records. Some of the fallowing records are posted as un-official or unknown due to two factors: A ) No entity or organizations had stand by the results or endorse the claim. B ) There is no sufficient evidence to support the claim. GPS Data or complete uninterrupted raw footage of the jump. At no point we are attempting to discredit any of the people feature in the un-official or unknown record, we are simply stating the fact that the record have not yet been approved by an organization or we have fail to find the GPS supportive data or the complete raw supportive footage.
  3. medusa

    pc10/pc1000 crisis

    You are screwed dude!! That camera box won´t fit anything else, you are better off by getting an other helmet with some other camera. Cya
  4. medusa

    Looking for WS coach in Z-Hills next week

    There is allot of really experience flyers and you should not have any problem locating them. Try to look for Jeff or Scott they will defiantly point you in the right direction Have funn body!
  5. Let the games begin !!! I’ll be there and I will try to get my self in as many problems as I can. It will be a blast, Beautiful chicks, good parties, awesome jumps!! Cya there
  6. medusa

    New Skyflyer

    Does it have semi-rigid ribs and back defflectors?? I don't see the wind intakes?? I'm confuse its this for real ?
  7. medusa

    Twin Falls info

    Ask Tom A. Probably you can camp under the bridge. Medusa
  8. medusa

    Magic moment!!!

    Hey brother, you are one lucky man!!
  9. medusa

    line twists on High performance canopies

    Congratulations on you first WS jumps. there is never a bad first When you deploy in a normal skydive, do you have to reach your riser and contra rest/fight your canopy opening?? If you do so, that canopy is probably a bad candidate for a WS jump. People are able to skydive and have perfect opening “no impute on deployment” on high loaded high performance “elliptical” canopies. Although, their opening are perfect on a regular skydive they might have a problem when flying that canopy on a WS jump. Remember, those types of canopies are really fast and your hands are restricted for any fast action. Even though , the zippers/Wing Cut Away System only take a few second to disable. This second can be a major fact when dealing with a high performance canopy. Once you get your self into a nasty flat spin, because of the centrifugal forces you might: A) faint “Blood drains out of your brain” B) You might not been able to pull your hands up. I’ve heard millions of stories of WS Cut Away due to high performance canopy. Ask Scary Perry he is an experience skydiver and probably one of the most experience WS pilots and an awesome guy. We all freaked out watching him going low in a matter of seconds. Due to a nasty flat spin on his high performance canopy. Get your self a docile canopy you can fit on your container. And fly for ever brother. Hope this advice helps you. Medusa
  10. medusa

    Do you deploy from full flight or ???

    You are not going to get killed, try it. Please deploy high, do not use a high performance/high loaded canopie. Be ready to clear some line twists Medusa
  11. medusa

    Bird-Man---- Impact Track System

    I will make the joke before any party popper does. This is a suit dessign for impact. The thing that is in the middle of your legs is to protect your knots frome any hazard! jeje
  12. medusa

    Alas sobre Colombia(Wings over Colombia)

    Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you are having a good time, and putting some more birds in the sky!! I want to see at lest a big 10 people flock when I come back Good work Scoot
  13. medusa

    Nuevo Pajaro!

    yesss, thats my hommy! well done ricky!
  14. Yess I was wrong, I check back and the lowest is like $ 1.085 Us. I don't know were I sow the $ 400 It was probably that night at the keys boogie Medusa .
  15. medusa

    When would you ground a wingsuiter?

    What are you talking about?? We don't know if this hole tread is truth, or if it is a fragment of someones imagination! .